Upcoming Changes to the Birchbox Points Program

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The Birchbox points program is changing starting July 11. Here are the main points:

  • You will be able to spend points in any increment.
  • Beyond your first 5 sample reviews (total, it seems) you won’t earn points for reviews.
  • Points will expire 6 months after receipt.

This is a major change and reduces the value of a Birchbox subscription pretty substantially. What are your thoughts?

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  • Starlet

    My sub is still active. I am an ACE member and thought all of our shipping is free of charge. I logged on and ordered a Swell bottle with some of my balance and was charged 50 points for shipping and handling. Make sure you check your balance if you are a BB ACE member apparently that doesn’t apply to purchases made with your points. Have one other purchase to make and then it is bye bye BB.

  • Alexa Blue

    I am most definitely leaving like so many others. You should see the insanity on their Facebook page (I left a significantly long schpeel myself), we aren’t the only ones leaving. I’m pretty sure this move is going to put them out of business pretty quickly. Everyone, please be sure to hit their Facebook, Twitter and/or email to let them know where we stand! It can’t hurt!

  • Starlet

    Birchbox Customer Service is the best. However, after reading this I will be saying bye-bye to BB. They have explained to others who contacted them today that you will only be allowed 5 reviews a year to earn points for reviews. I am an Ace and I am so disappointed. I stay with them for the points and because I am an Ace. I will figure out what to buy over the next few weeks with my balance of points. I needed to cut back on my subs and had decided to say bye to Ipsy instead of BB as I have received more meh bags than meh boxes from BB over the past year. BB just made the decision for me. I wonder if they realize how many people will leave them now. The upside is I get Play! and am thinking about Allure in place of Ipsy.

  • April

    Well I guess it’s time to part ways with birchbox. The points were the only incentive to stay.

    • Haylee

      I agree! I never really enjoyed the boxes themselves because it was mostly just tiny samples you could get for free at other places, but the points system was fantastic.