Tokyo Treat April 2016 Subscription Box Review

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TokyoTreat is a Japanese treat box that is shipped directly from Japan. TokyoTreat has three levels of box, which seems to be the norm with snack boxes. Shipping is included with the boxes ($14.99 for mini, $24.99 for regular, $34.99 for premium). This is the premium box.


TokyoTreat has had a pretty big overhaul since I was subbed last year; the outer box is a cheerful orange, and the product information card is now a mini magazine containing not only translated descriptions of the included items, but also instructions for the DIY candy kits, a welcome/introduction letter, and some content about Japan. You can see the three levels of the box ranging from the smallest to the premium box.


April was TokyoTreat’s first birthday! 誕生日おめでとう! (Happy birthday!)


Most of the popular snack boxes have this sort of tiered system with three levels of size! Normally I take pictures randomly but this month I’m going to go through each level to give you a better idea of what’s included!

Starting with the small box!


Meiji Pucca I’ve raved about how much I love Meiji chocolate — it’s creamy, rich, and not too sweet. These little chocolates remind me goldfish, shape-wise. The biscuit layer is a lot like the Koala March cookies; it’s thin and crunchy.

Crunchy Panda Z These chocolate cookies taste like Fudgee-O cookies, which I’m not really a fan of. They are overly sweet and the cookie has a nice crunch to it.

Plum Pati-Chan Umeboshi flavoured pop rock candy, basically! Umeboshi is hard to describe, it’s sour and sweet at the same time.


Raw Ramune Candy I loooove ramune soda so much! The classic ramune flavour tastes like a lemon/lime soda but you can get all kinds of flavours. The candy tastes exactly like ramune, too!

Hot Chili Chips These have a sweet chili taste to them; they are pretty close our BBQ flavour here, but with that sweeter flavour rather than smoky. I really liked these and it was a chip brand I haven’t tried yet.

Baby Star Yakisoba Crunchy ramen already seasoned and broken up to snack on.

The regular box includes all of the above, plus:


Chocolate and Green Tea Mochi DIY Kit Add water to make your own mochi balls and then dip in green tea powder and chocolate syrup! I’ve done one of these that was chocolate and strawberry — so yummy!

Koala March Custard Pudding Flavour Japan loves their limited edition seasonal flavours! This is a custard pudding taste. I don’t normally like custard, but the picture on the front looks like a creme brule, and I love anything caramel. These are AMAZING. They have a caramel filling and I need an entire case of these before they go out of season.


Carrot Chopped Rice Cake This cute carrot bag is full of tiny rice cakes. Honestly, if you’ve had Sugar Crisp cereal, you’ll know what these taste like. They’re a bit lighter/airier, but the taste is that sugary sweet rice puff. I loved these!

Wasabi Grilled Seaweed I can’t stand dried seaweed (I don’t mind it in sushi) and I don’t like wasabi, so this is going into a pile for my friend to sample.

Baby Star Bonito Kelp Udon Yay, a little cup of ramen! I love when boxes include ramen. Unfortunately, this is bonito flavoured, and too fishy for me.

And finally, the premium box, which includes everything in the small and regular, plus:


Hello Kitty x Doraemon Coin Purse Four designs were sent out, and I’m happy with the one I got! It’s adorable. Love licensed merch when it shows up in treat boxes!

Sakura Pepsi I almost forgot how TokyoTreat was including this in the box — many reviewers have been screaming about it since they got their boxes. I liked it, but not enough to be having cardiac arrest from not being able to acquire it easily as everyone else seems to be doing. The refreshing taste of classic Pepsi isn’t anywhere in this bottle anymore — it’s a sweet floral that’s pretty overpowering to me.


I did post it on Instagram just to make everyone jealous, though!


Chocolate Monaca One of my favourites in the box! This is an aerated chocolate (like Aero) in a wafer. It’s a huge bar that easily breaks into pieces. I love it!

Calbee BBQ Flavoured Sapporo Potato Snacks Thankfully I got sent a different flavour than the veggie ones I kept getting stuck with. These are awesome! The BBQ flavour is much lighter but still tangy. These are addicting!


This box was awesome! I found some new favourites I hadn’t tried before, and it was fun trying the pink Pepsi. I also like that I got the cute coinpurse — it’s always nice to haeve something once all the snacks have been eaten and the box is finished!

Visit Tokyo Treat to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Tokyo Treat
The Description: Every month we’ll send you a mystery box stuffed to the brim with over two pounds of premium, full-sized candies straight from Japan. Treats in the box will include savory snacks and the ultra-HOT Japanese candy DIY kits, which let you build your own sweet confection-creations!
The Price: $14.99 per month


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  • Linda Sinclair

    Which box has the coin purse in it?

  • April

    Hey Valerie,

    I need some scoop on Tokyo Treat, please. My granddaughter has within the last year developed an interest in al, things Anime, therefore, all things Japanese. She would like to try one of these boxes and I would like to know how easy it is to cancel. I don’t expect to need a box every month. Thanks for any input.

    • Valerie

      Hi April!

      I can’t attest to TokyoTreat’s current setup as my boxes are sent for review, but when I had previously subscribed it was super easy to cancel – no need to email or make an awkward phone call to try and explain why you’re cancelling. I *think* (I can’t remember 100%) my subscription was managed through PayPal so I cancelled mine through PayPal directly, but it looks like TT has changed some things around.

      If you’re looking for some alternate options that offer one-time purchases without a subscription commitment, I’ve done reviews for Freedom Japanese Market and Candy Box Japan (not to be confused with Japan Candy Box!), both of which have sample boxes you can purchases just once to try.

  • Wendy Sparkman

    The May box has the Sakura Coke. Mine leaked (no edibles damaged, just packaging). I contacted Tokyo Treat and they responded immediately. They are putting an extra drink in my next box to make up for the problem which undoubtly occurred during shipping based on the amount still in the bottle. I was pleased with their responsiveness. Incidentally, the grilled seaweed was yummy – light and flavorful.

    • Valerie

      Oh my gosh, so there’s a Sakura Coke too? Ha, I love it. Still not my favourite, but that’s awesome that TokyoTreat customer service was so responsive!