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Last month I hosted an online thirty-one party and as one of my hostess rewards I got the hostess mystery bundle.  I had no idea that they even offered such a thing but I knew I had to pick it as one of my options when my party had enough sales. Since everyone loves thirty-one and mystery reveals, Brandy asked me to post what I scored!


Everything I ended up getting with my hostess credits, half price items and hostess exclusives.  I was ecstatic with all my items and I’m happily playing with them and using them now.  I already have many thirty-one bags here at my house but they are mostly the utility totes and I love them and use them all the time but I knew I wanted some more of the organization type items and that was when I contacted my rep to start my party.


Let’s start with my hostess exclusive items:

Convertible Organizer – This is the black bag above with Louthan on it.  The monogramming is free on the hostess items.  I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with this bag yet. I think it will be great when I’m packing for a trip and need to take snacks and other goodies like that with us.  I’m also thinking it would be great in the back of my car with a towel, jackets, change of clothes etc.  I also keep thinking I want it in my office but since I’m still working in there I’m not sure about this one yet. I do love it and it is really sturdy and heavy weight.

Mystery Bundle – The bundle says that they will choose two or more items for a value of at least $75.  I had looked online but people had gotten all kinds of different things so I knew I had to give it a shot.  I love the surprise of a subscription box so I knew I would love a mystery bundle.  I really got a great bundle of two current items which is awesome and actually some that I had looked at and had decided to add to a future list.  I got the All About the Benjamins Wallet in Putty Snake ($48) and a Canvas Crew Mini in Turquoise ($45).  Such a great mystery bundle.


The other items that I ordered:

Fold N’ File in Black Links ($25) – I work from home and I love files.  Right now I have them in a stand up magazine holder and that just isn’t working for me so I got this one to replace that and I can use some regular file holders.

Catch-All Bin in Taupe Perfect Pendant ($38) – This is another awesome tote.  At first I was thinking of using it as a bag to carry my scrapbooking stuff from place to place but once it got here I’m thinking I’m going to put my Project Life and pocket page products in it.  This would look great personalized which you can order from thirty-one but I decided not to do that incase it didn’t work our where I’m planning on using it and I wanted to move it somewhere else.

Made in the Shade Pocket in Turqoise cross pop ($10) – While this is something that looks like it can go on your car visor and it totally could it also has straps and snaps on the back and will fit through any of the totes that have grommets.  I have two of the large utility totes that I use for the pool and scrapbooking and I’m putting this one in one of those.  I love that it has some pockets that will hold my phone and keys and some cash for when I’m out and about.

24/7 Case in Black – shh don’t tell but this is for my hubby for Father’s Day.  He has a current dopp bag that I’m pretty sure he got when we were still in college or right when we got out which was a really long time ago. Needless to say it is a mess and the inside lining is flaking off and breaking so he is due for an upgrade.  My boys think this is great and we are going to get him some new travel toiletries to go in it and probably a gift card for the Art of Shaving.


Oh Snap Bin in Pink Cross Pop ($10) – This is going in my scrapping cart to hold pens, markers, etc.  I love the bright pink color.

Creative Caddy in Dotty Chevron ($25) – I love love love this pattern. My scrapcart is turquoise as you will see and this will go great.  I’m filling it with my scrappy goodies that I like to keep on my desk when I’m working like papersnips, SNAIL adhesive, glue dots, ruler, stamp block etc. This is actually the bag that I first thought of when I decided to have a party.

Double Duty Caddy in Charcoal links ($25) – Another scrapcart item. This one will be filled with my storage cases of items. I like to have the items on top of my cart in a bag so I can grab it and go if I’m scrapping away from home.

I finally got a chance to play around with my items and wanted to show some of my results.


I use an IKEA Raskog cart in my scrapping.  This is great and I’m able to wheel it to wherever I’m scrapping and take it to go when I go to a crop so that it keeps my table top clear for my work in progress.  As you can see it was a bit of a mess and I also had a table top bag that I wanted to try to works contents onto the cart.


And here is my cart as it stands right now.  I was able to use a couple of my of my new goodies and organize the cart. I’m not done but I was able to get so much on here and it is still very usable for me.  I’m going to need to get a couple other things for that bottom shelf though.


I can’t take credit for this one since my friend is the one who gave me the idea.  I’ve been having issues with my alphabet sticker organization and she said she used the caddy. I thought it was a great idea so I started pulling my letters together and getting them in here.  I’ve got more to pull from other places but this is going to work pretty well I think.


If you look at my before picture you can see the plastic shoe boxes on the bottom.  These are what I use to hold my project life pocket size cards.  I’ve been wanting to find another option for these and this works for now. I think I want to get a different kindof box that is maybe more square but this bin is a perfect size for my collection.  I have my cards in the showboxes and then the purple container is one I already had that has small doodads in it ad then I have some loose collections in front of that.  This is great since I tend to scrap with either pocket pages or full pages and when I’m doing pocket pages I will be able to grab this bin and be on my way.  So exciting!

I was really excited with all of my thirty-one goodies and being able to get some of my scraproom organized.  That was my plan when I decided to host the party and I was able to do just that. I also had no clue that they had a mystery bundle to choose from as a hostess and I was very happy with the options that I got and I would totally get another one.

Are you a thirty-one fan? Do you have a favorite item? Do you use anything in an unexpected way?


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  • Tracie Guadiana

    The monthly specials through Thirty-One are amazing as well. For the month of June they have the medium utility tote. This tote comes out maybe once a year. I love everyone of them that I’ve gotten. I store my Christmas lights and decorations in them. I use them for my daughter’s toys as well.

    • Jenny

      Tracie I totally agree. Most of the bags I’ve bought up until now have been the utility totes. I love the large one and have a couple of those. I have a medium one that I use for the park and playdates that is perfect. It is a great size for that.