Tennis Trunk June 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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IMG_5257Tennis Trunk is a monthly subscription box that sends tennis balls and other essentials for the tennis enthusiast. Developed by tennis players for tennis players, this box equips you with all of the gear you’ll need to skip last minute store runs and head out to the courts instead!

IMG_5258They have multiple plans available, so you can choose what will work best for you and your game. While you can choose a plan that sends out 3, 6 or 9 cans of tennis balls each month, you can also choose either a men’s or women’s box containing balls and other gear. My husband chose the men’s box containing balls and other gear.

IMG_5259 (2)Before this box arrived, my husband told me what he really could use were balls, a towel, strings and grip tape. Needless to say, he was thrilled at what he saw!

IMG_5262Here’s everything in the box: two packages of balls, strings, a towel, hydrating mist and a protein shake.

The box also arrived with pointers on how to stay cool in the heat. This will come in handy as our temperatures continue to escalate in Texas! The USTA league he’s playing in now continues into the summer.

IMG_5264My husband was thrilled with these Wilson US Open tennis balls ($7.50 based on the cost of 24 cans)! In his last league, the captain always brought balls for everyone. Now that my husband is responsible for his own, he’s thrilled that he doesn’t have to keep running out to Dick’s to buy more! These balls are made for Hard Court players like my husband. Produced with premium high-grade wool, they offer superior playability, consistency and durability. Thanks, Tennis Trunk!

IMG_5267This Frogg Togg Chilly Pad Cooling Towel ($11.71) is soft and cushiony–a bit like rubber. What makes it especially cool is that, once wet, water will evaporate off the towel, cooling the towel off. In fact, this towel can maintain a temperature 20 °F less than the ambient temperature! I have a feeling I’m going to be hearing a lot about how awesome the towel in this box is as the summer progresses!

IMG_5268My husband just got his primary racket restrung about a month ago, so hopefully he’ll be able to store these Diadem Solstice Power 16 strings ($13.95) for a while (he plays 1x/week max). Then again, if he becomes really committed to performing his best, maybe he’ll use these sooner rather than later. Either way, he’s excited to have these handy for the next time he wants to get his racket restrung. They are intended for “big hitters looking for a tighter grip on the ball.”

IMG_5269I’m excited that my husband received this Evian Facial Spray ($7.50 based on the cost of 2) in his box! Let’s face it–facial spray just isn’t his thing. Lucky me! This neutral-pH moisturizing spray will set makeup and bring new life to dry skin. It can also help restore balance to skin by removing salts and even chlorine! The small size is airport travel friendly.

IMG_5271Just as facial spray isn’t my husband’s thing, neither is breakfast. He’ll eat exceptionally good pancakes, french toast or breakfast tacos without eggs, but that’s about it. He refuses to try this Mobius dark chocolate breakfast drink mix ($4.50 based on bulk purchasing), and its caffeine content makes it off-limits for me. That being said, I think this mix’s inclusion in this box is great! You can drink your breakfast, get hydrated and get a little pick-me-up en route to an early morning game. Perfect! My husband plans to pass this along to one of his teammates.

My husband is really excited about this box! He loves that the value exceeded the cost of the box by about a third, all while saving him precious time now that he no longer needs to keep running back and forth to the store. He loved the balls, towel and strings and can’t wait to see what they send out next month! Now if only the folks behind Tennis Trunk could figure out a way to up his game to the next level, he would be thrilled!

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The Subscription: Tennis Trunk
The Description: You love tennis. We love sending you great tennis equipment. In tennis terms, we call that Love-Love. Every month, you get a box of great tennis gear; some things you expect, and others that come as a total surprise. Two cans of PREMIUM Tennis Balls. Gear tested and tried by PROFESSIONAL players. Other items vary based on monthly THEME
The Price: $34.99 per month
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Tennis Trunk

Tennis Trunk aims to provide tennis players with essential equipment they need to keep practicing on their forehands, backhands, volleys and everything in between. In fact, they'll deliver equipment you can use on the courts every month, right to your door.

Their team scours the country every month for the best tennis products so you can be prepared next time you step on the courts. Beyond just tennis balls, their unique boxes contain all sorts of fun and useful items you can use to have more fun and be a better player including: over-grips, electrolyte packets, towels, protein bars, wrist bands, energy gels, sunblock and so much more

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Shipping $7.95 Shipping to the US
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