TeeBlox June 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Marvel T-Shirt

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TeeBlox is a pretty neat monthly t-shirt subscription box for a very low price! Every month you’ll receive a 100% authentic licensed shirt, plus 2 items from the collectible categories of posters, comic books, stickers, and decals. You’ll choose a style when you sign up – Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, cartoons, games, movies & tv shows, beers & liquors, or “hot meex” (a mix of everything). Then you’ll choose your size – Small to 2XL for all categories except for Disney. Disney sizes are Junior Small-XL – and check out for $9.99 monthly plus $2.50 shipping.

TeeBlox recently introduced new categories of licensed shirts they are offering for their subscription. Check out the Disney t-shirt in Brandy’s May Review.

First Look
First Look

It’s become a game between T, age 17, and I to guess the t-shirt. I guessed Hulk while he guessed Avengers.

May 2016 Teeblox - Marvel
May 2016 TeeBlox – Marvel

This month T was more excited about the comic book than the t-shirt! He liked both the t-shirt and comic book in the May 2016 TeeBlox box.

Welcome to America Poster
How to Make it in America Poster

How to Make it in America was a 2 season comedy-drama that ran on HBO from February 2010-November 2011. T is unfamiliar with this show due to his age. Fans of executive producer Mark Wahlberg will love this piece of nostalgia. You may want to pull out possible objectable material if you are ordering TeeBlox for the under 18 crowd.

X Men #1 Legacy Comic Book
X Men #1 Legacy Comic Book #001 – Front Cover
X Men #1 Legacy Comic Book - Back Cover
X Men #1 Legacy Comic Book – Back Cover

The X Men Legacy # 1 ($3.99) begins the series of Legion, son of Professor  Xavier, embracing his legacy. It takes place after Avengers vs. X-Men. It was published in November 2012. T is excited and can’t wait to read the comic. He is also interested in learning more about the Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Wii U version. He was so excited about reading the comic book that I had to reclaim it to take pictures which is why it is bent.

Marvel Red Skull T-Shirt
Marvel Red Skull T-Shirt

T thought that the Marvel Red Skull T-Shirt ($11.99 on Groupon, $20.00 Retail) was unattractive. He is not a fan of skulls to begin with and thought Red Skull looked creepy on a red t-shirt. He would have preferred Red Skull on a black t-shirt.

Licensed T-shirt
Licensed T-shirt

I found the licensed Marvel t-shirt on Groupon (sale over) which surprised me because I usually have a hard time finding it. T loves Marvel t-shirts which tend to cost me  $20.00-$25.00 per shirt. This shirt is the same quality as the ones we buy at Hot Topic, Kohls, Target, etc.

Wearing a Medium
Wearing a Medium

He plans to use it while doing yard work. I wonder what the neighbors will think? Red Skull is the archenemy of Captain America.

T loves Marvel shirts, but there are only so many I am willing to buy. He does buy shirts occasionally at Hot Topic. We both agree that the $12.49 price is excellent. The shirts are comfortable and are true to size. T can’t wait to read the comic book. He is hoping that they will include more Marvel comic books. We haven’t been fans of the poster which is fine. We expect that there will be likes and dislikes. The poster and comic book are free extras which we will never complain about although T would love to see a Marvel poster at some point. It all depends on what you like! The Marvel Edition arrives early in the month which helps breaks up the “no boxes until the middle of the month” blues. If you’re a huge Marvel fan, don’t forget to check out all the best subscription boxes for MARVEL fans!

Did you receive a June TeeBlox? What genre? Share below!

Visit TeeBlox to subscribe or find out more! Save 15% on your first month with coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION. $11 total!

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