Red Dirt Co. Surprise Box Subscription Box Review – June 2016

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Red Dirt Co. Surprise Box  is a monthly subscription box that features 5-6 handmade items from Three Rocks Farm in Central Virginia.  Enjoy handmade art and goods, which may include soaps, hand-printed greeting cards, hand salve, lip balm, seeds, loose leaf tea blends, that are inspired by nature. Purchase one month for $40 or six and twelve-month subscriptions at a discounted rate.


This box comes neatly packaged with little room to spare which made me feel like I’m a getting the most products possible.


The enclosed card has all the different  ways to shop for Red Dirt Co. products as well as ways to reach out to the company.IMG_1388

The second side has a list of contents and the planting instructions for Foxglove and filler paper.


Foxglove seeds! I love to garden but have never tried to grow these flowers in Arizona. I had to look them up and they are beautiful, I have some research to do in order to be successful.


Even the filler paper is usable! I can plant the filler paper and hopefully grow red columbine. I think it’s a genius way to add a little more bang for your buck and it’s so earth friendly.


Beautiful handmade Green June Beetle cards. These cards are hand painted on heavy rough card stock that helps add to the nature feel represented in the entire subscription. I love that each card is slightly different than the others, and solidifies the homemade aspect. IMG_1397

Herbal Insect Repellent, I’m both happy and sad to report that Arizona has few insects, happy because my bug bites are far and few between and sad because I don’t get to see how well this repellent works. Unlike traditional bug spray this has an appealing scent and is non aerosol.


Comfrey Salve brings back memories of my grandfather. He used salve for everything from  cuts to sunburns. This salve does smell a lot better than the ones he used and there isn’t anything medicinal smelling about it, I call that a win.  I did put some on my recently scraped knee in hopes that it helps with the bruising.


The Restoration Tea included smells like peppermint and all things natural. Just smelling the dried tea was enough to renew my weary soul. I can’t wait to brew a cup.


I’m so glad that someone was home when these hand-rolled beeswax candles arrived, it would have been a shame if they had melted. I have tried to make candles in the past but was a just failure so I understand the sweat that goes into taking on such a task. I’m so in love with these candles that I can’t imagine burning them.


I was so pleasantly surprised with Red Dirt Co. that I’m almost at a loss for words. The attention to detail and creating an entire box that goes together so seamlessly is amazing. I really felt like they were able to create a nature based box with usable product.

Visit Red Dirt Co. Surprise Box to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Red Dirt Co. Surprise Box
The Description: Handmade art and goods inspired by nature. For people who are interested in gardening, illustration, art, herbalism, botany, and entomology. Each box features 5-6 useful seasonally-appropriate goods that are made at Three Rocks Farm in Central Virginia. Items may include, but are not limited to: soap, hand-printed greeting cards, lip balm, hand salve, flower & herb seeds, and loose leaf tea blends.
The Price: $40.00 per month


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