Popsugar Must Have Summer 2016 Limited Edition Box Review

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POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 box

The POPSUGAR Summer 2016 Limited Edition Box was a one-time box offered by POPSUGAR with stylish essentials made to keep you cool in every way and looking good outdoors!

If you’re unfamiliar with them, POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a monthly women’s subscription box. In the regular monthly box you’ll receive items from a mix of categories like beauty, home, accessories, jewelry, etc. It’s one of the most popular subscription boxes around!

Note that the delivery of this box has been delayed for some purchasers. I hope you get yours soon – they are supposedly compensating for the delay.

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 unboxing

The updated branding for the Limited Edition boxes is modern and fabulous! 
POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2566

The information card was hiding under the top layer of tissue.

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2567

If “cool for the Summer” is your seasonal mantra, then our Summer box is your perfect fit – curated to include the trendiest accessories that’ll keep you refreshed, stylish, and prepared for the heat, this box will keep you cool in more ways than one. Prepare to turn heads as you post up poolside!

I was a little confused as to the meaning of the phrase “post up,” so I naturally consulted the Urban DictionaryTo chill or stand at a spot (like a club or a street corner etc). To claim a spot. The term came from drug dealers on street corners, like light posts and street posts, and there you have it POST UP!

Okay then.

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2568

The information card was a 4-part foldout.POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2569

It contained all the information on the items in the box!POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 review

A beautiful selection of items perfect for poolside. Alas, this box is no longer available.

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 nail polish

Londontown Lakur Royal Wedding ($16) I love a good peachy coral polish for summer, and this one fits the bill! This polish is 5-free, vegan, and gluten-free. It was a wet formula but it dried really quickly. The polish directions (also supplied in 16 additional languages in the little booklet – it was so odd I couldn’t help but to include it) note that you should apply 1-2 coats of lakur after kur: nail hardener and to seal with their top coat or protective matte coat. It would have been cool to get the nail hardener or top coat (or both!) to make a complete set. Swatch below in bottle picture!

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 water bottle

Corkcicle Canteen ($27.95)  This 16 ounce insulated canteen will keep cold that way for 25 hours, and drinks hot for 12! It says there is no bottle sweat and I am looking forward to testing that out! POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2574 It’s BPA and lead free and has a non-slip bottom. This is great news for klutzes like me.POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2575The threads are in the inside, the bottle top is like a cork you screw in.

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 candy

Sugarfina Ice Cream Cones ($7.50) Imported from Germany, these little gummies are from Maria Sharapova’s high-style candy line Sugarfina. There are 3 flavors – raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla!POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2577

They’re tasty, extremely sugary, but most of all I love how they’re packed in like little sardines. POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 face mist

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist ($32) I love a good face mist and coconut, so it was a real bummer to find that it did indeed smell like what it says right on the bottle – rose hibiscus. I’m not a rose fan.


I really appreciated how the back of the box listed the benefits of each active ingredient as well as complete instructions, although I have never been known to remove any face mist with a cloth. Do you think I can overcome my rose aversion to get all these great anti-aging benefits? Probably – I really do love face mists!POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 bag

Hat Attack Twisted Stripe Tote ($95) A cute and handy raffia and leather tote with understated nautical stripes.  This tote is unlined, lightweight, and about 17.5″ high and 20″ wide when laid flat – when it’s open it’s about 12″ hide which means it’s roomy on the inside!POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2579

This tote is the perfect vessel to organize items that you’ve lovingly placed inside all the various pouches you have acquired. It will not only put them to use – it will keep all your items sand free!

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2580

The Chesterman circle towel by Tofino Towel Co ($74.99) There’s a reason that these round towels are all the rage this season, and I suspect that Tofino’s towels play a large role in that – This 100% cotton towel is super thick, fluffy, and weighty (which means that it’s perfect for the beach because a slight wisp of wind won’t pick it up!). Apparently the round towel was borne out of the idea to not have to move your towel to achieve the right angle of sun. I just think everyone likes it because it looks good in photos (and of course, wraps snugly around your body).

POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 towel

I was so impressed by this towel and I love the design. Unfortunately it’s night and raining so I couldn’t get a shot of this ginormous towel. This is almost 1/4 of it and it’s about 60″ in diameter.POPSUGAR must have box summer 2016 IMG_2582

The cotton loops are so thick that they’ll dry you right off. This item is such a winner, it’s one of my favorite things this year.

This box was a great value, with about $253 in items, and it was well curated. It’s hard not to compare to previous years ($325-$355 in value) because this is still a good box, but for my POPSUGAR Summer Limited Edition box, it felt like it was missing a little something (and a bit less luxe than last year’s!). A fun jewelry item (even a neon statement necklace?!) would have really finished off this box perfectly. And while the curation was good – it was repetitive to other boxes in the POPSUGAR family (namely the POPSUGAR Mini recently had a water bottle, the CFDA box has a water bottle, and there was a face mist in last month’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box!). Certainly the value is there, but POPSUGAR missed a bit of an opportunity curate a completely amazing box. Standalone though – this box makes me 100% happy!

Did you get a Summer 2016 Limited Edition Box? What did you think of this year’s edition? Unfortunately this box is sold out, but the CFDA Special Edition box is available!


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  • Laura

    I am super happy with the box. Yes the value is a little less than the past couple years but I think “retail” is highly subjective and just because they didn’t throw in a fake gold necklace that “retails for $100” or something like it that I wouldn’t pay more than 20 bucks for doesn’t affect the value to me. I actually think whoever is curating these boxes lately is doing a great job! I enjoyed my CFDA box as well. I don’t mind the second bottle since the CFDA one is 8 oz and this one is 16oz, so I can choose which size to bring based on my day. I am loving the nail polish since I was just looking online for a coral polish and almost bought one. I also love gummies so the candy is perfect for me! Also will use the towel. Its funny, the bag Im less excited about but everyone seems to love it. I will probably keep it unless I can use it as leverage to swap for one of my requested items.

  • Valerie

    Tofino is here in BC! I actually saw the surf shop next door to my work selling these today, what are the odds?

    That face mist sounds like it would smell amaaaaazing.