Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal June 2016 Subscription Box Review

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The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a monthly subscription box offered by That Daily Deal. That Daily Deal says that “The boxes will vary GREATLY month to month. Although we generally are relevant to the season etc, they are not “curated” to a theme like “let’s garden!” or “Let’s get physical!”. There are a lot of boxes out there that focus on that aspect, but ours is blowing your mind with variety and value :)”  The box is huge! This company is a company that is not afraid of shipping costs.  The box in the above picture is $24.99. Shipping is free!!!


So if you have children, especially teenagers,  you know what happens when you bring a big brown box in that has no label as to what it is. Yes that is right, they try to get in it before you. LOL! My boys are no exception, even my nephew got in on the fun.

NOTE: This review has been EDITED to remove the items from the MINI Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome that were originally shown in this review and also included in the same box. You can see those items here.



The first item in the box is one of my favorite candies….Reese’s!!!!


Reese’s Eggs ($7.01 – Post Holiday Price on Amazon!) This bag of Reese’s eggs are safely hidden from my boys. Easter egg shaped candy with a great peanut butter and chocolate taste.


VakuDisk 3 Pack Hooks and 1 Pump ($12.45) and VakuDisks 3-Pack Hooks ($3.74). These hooks attach to place using suction and saves you from having to put holes in your walls. Per the packaging, they are NASA tested. You use them on non-porous surfaces. I admit I had difficulty getting them to stick to my walls as I was needing a hook to hang my car keys but I did find another way to use it…a place to hang my apron.


Philips Cable Flexible Wrap ($7.99). It is a Velcro wrap that you use to keep all your wires together and looking neat instead of a hot mess. I used mine in my television, cable and wifi wires.


Well don’t that look neater?  I may just go around the house wrapping wires.


Otterbottle 750 ml Twilight Bottle ($16.99)   The Otterbottle is a stainless steel water bottle with a lovely design. My bottle size is 750 ml. Part of the sales of the bottles go to the David Suzuki Foundation and the company is based out of Canada. Looks like I have no excuse to not drink water now.

Honey Bee Milk Jug Style Glasses With Reusable Straws ($20). These adorable glasses come in a set of 6 with a straw for each. They have a cute honey bee design on the bottle. I don’t know if I want anyone to use these cute little things. I think I may just display them but if you do use them I think they would be great for specialty drinks at a BBQ.20160623_230029

Lumbar Bamboo Pillow ($14.99) I know a few of suffer from lower back pain especially from sitting at a desk all day. Well the next item is something to help with that issue.


I am using it right now and AHHHHH! Look it even comes with carrying case so you can take it on your travels.


Curl-A-Dog Hot Dog Slicer ($6.49). This kitchen item cuts your hot dogs into spiral dogs. This would be a fun lunch idea for those with little ones. It comes with a “recipe” book to show different ideas for your “dog”. I tried this one out today. I liked it but I did have a couple of  “dogs” that did not quite turn out well.  You can also use this an large sausage dogs as it comes with two cutters in different sizes. Skewers included.

Here are some photos of the results.


There was a coupon code included for and everything you order will be shipped with next month’s box (and they won’t ship it unless you’re a subscriber!).


Also included were some inserts about this month’s special items and next month’s items. There was also a coupon for

This subscription is $24.99 a month. The items in the box were worth about $90. What a deal!!!

What did you think of the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome? I enjoyed sharing my box with you and my boys.  Maybe next month I will get one of those SUPER prizes.

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  • Virginia

    I just saw the mini box and subscribed right away. I love gadgets even if I use them just once. I got that from my father who would have loved this box.

    • amy

      I love gadgets also…the squeal of that pig made me Crack up.

  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    You did get a lot! I got the glasses/straw set and the lumbar pillow, the wire wrap and the VakuDisk things (figured they’d be good for my college student grandson), but not the other things. Instead I got a set of Iron Man wall decals and a set of 4 automatic night lights that turn on at dusk, which is actually pretty useful for me. The Iron Man things will probably go to the nice kid who sometimes brings my newspaper in when he’s riding his bike around the neighborhood.