May 2016 Mine Chest Subscription Box Review – Beta Chest

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Mine Chest May 2016 box

Mine Chest is the one and only monthly subscription box for all the Minecraft fans out there. It is officially licensed by Mojang, and only costs $29.99 per month + shipping ($7 US, $15 Canada, $20 everywhere else). You’ll get a box full of Minecraft inspired goodies, as well as a unique project and official merchandise. Boxes come with a t-shirt (with a full range of youth and adult sizes available) and are packed in a collectible and reusable box.

We ordered our subscription in October and were a little surprised that it took so long to get going, but it finally arrived and subscriptions are open!

 Mine Chest May 2016 unboxing

The outside looks like a block, the inside looks like a tree!

Mine Chest May 2016 (1)

Minecraft The Journey Begins Postcard: This welcome card gives a brief introduction about the box. It also briefly teased the theme for next month’s box – The Nether! Our daughter thought this card was hilarious. It says that the curator has gathered relics from The Beta Age. The “sheet of sticking” garnered so many laughs. If they keep on sending postcards we’ll have to get the kids a little scrapbook.

I should mention that my kids are Minecraft fiends. Every waking opportunity if they can swing it they’re playing Minecraft, a non-Minecraft but Minecraft inspired game, or watching YouTube videos about Minecraft. Their need for Minecraft information is insatiable. My daughter has the whole handbook series and a journal filled with copious notes.

Mine Chest May 2016 (2)

The boxes are thoughtfully designed, and are also considered collectable pieces. I am under strict instructions to never recycle this box.

Mine Chest May 2016 unboxed

The items are neatly stacked inside.

Mine Chest May 2016 review

Everything in our “Beta” May Mine Chest box!

Mine Chest May 2016 (4)

Minecraft Plastic Creeper Face Mug ($9.99)

Mine Chest May 2016 (5)

A lightweight and fun creeper mug! I think the children may be too interested in this to actually drink out of it – it’s already been spirited away to a prime spot in their collection.

Mine Chest May 2016 (6)

Mine Chest May 2016 (7)

Exclusive Minecraft CHANGELOG Notebook: A little notebook of unlined paper for taking notes on your mods or builds. It’s not the best quality but has been already taken and used for something Important.

Mine Chest May 2016 (8)

Exclusive Minecraft Floating Tree Stamp: This is a really awesome item – it’s a stamp that looks like a tree block and the image it makes is a floating tree!

Mine Chest May 2016 (9)

The stamp helpfully came with an inkpad and has been used many times over already. This was a hit and a well-made quality item.

Mine Chest May 2016 (10)

Minecraft Cave DIY Crafting Recipe: This crafting recipe takes your in-world crafting skills and makes you attempt to apply them to real-world objects!

Mine Chest May 2016 (11)

Can you make a block cave out of an actual box?


I feel strongly that Tom will be the parent drafted into this task. He’s really good at taking small squares and making Minecraft things (pin the tail on the pig from the kids’ birthday party 6 months ago!).

Mine Chest May 2016 (12)

Exclusive Minecraft “This is a sticker!” Sticker: The sheet of sticking is perfect for application on a laptop, window, or mirror. Our laptop is getting pretty full – I think mirror for us!

Mine Chest May 2016 (13)

Minecraft Beta Youth Tee: I thought the tee was a little boring, but it says Minecraft, so the kids were happy.

We thought this tee ran a little large and emailed Mine Chest customer service, who updated future tee sizes for us!

Mine Chest May 2016 (14)

Minecraft Foil Sticker Pack ($4.99) These collectible sticker cards each have a sticker and a puzzle piece on the back. I think a Minecraft scrapbook is sounding like a great idea.

Mine Chest May 2016 (15) Mine Chest May 2016 (16)

All the possible stickers!Mine Chest May 2016

While we were hoping for a vinyl collectible or something similar in this box, the kids weren’t disappointed at all – they’re hardcore Minecrafters and were thrilled with this box. We don’t have a photo, but we did, as part of our beta/early adopter 6 month subscription, receive 2 vinyl mystery minis at Christmas time. I think the value of the box is somewhat under the total price paid, but with the actual box itself (and would normally never include the box itself in the value – but… it’s Minecraft) I think it’s about even. I hope the value of the items improves and we get fewer stationery type items in the future, but again, my kids couldn’t be happier with this box.

The theme for the June box is “The Nether.”

Visit Mine Chest to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Mine Chest
The Description: Mine Chest, a new and officially licensed Minecraft subscription box, is a bundle of hand-picked, official Minecraft goodies, delivered right to your doorstep each month. They come in a unique chest that you won’t get anywhere else. Exactly what’s included each month is a closely-guarded secret, but expect a premium collectible chest, a unique project, and a selection of official merchandise.shipping ($7 US, $15 Canada, $20 everywhere else)
The Price: $29.99 per month


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