May 2016 Snack Fever Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Original Box

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Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 box

Snack Fever is a monthly subscription box that delivers all-your favorite Korean snacks, as well as other hard-to-find Korean treats. Each month, subscribers will get  5 to 12 Korean snacks and treats, depending on their subscription. Snack Fever is available in three boxes, the mini box, the original box, and the deluxe box, and the subscription is $12, $20, and $40, respectively, every month.

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (1)

This information card breaks down the content of each box every month.  The Original box has everything in the Mini box and more. The deluxe ($40 per month) has different items – and Summer will be taking a look at that one! If you’ve read our Japan Crate reviews you’ll remember that we can show you what comes in each box in one review because there are different levels and they just add on. That’s not true of this box, so we need 2 people to eat all the yummy food.

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 unboxing

The box is fully stacked from top to bottom. I still can’t believe this is the original $20 per month box!

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 review

All the items in our Snack Fever Deluxe Box this May.  There’s so much food in this box!

Mini and Original Boxes had:

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (2)Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich: These taste exactly like they sound!

Vic Pie Strawberry Cookie Sandwich:  This was quite tasty, with jam sandwiched between 2 biscuits, and coated in chocolate!

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (5)

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (8)

Cream Chip: I wasn’t a huge fan of these. They’re cream flavored. Tom likes all white flavors, so I passed it along to him!

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (11)

Choco GanJung: This was the most fascinating item in the box – the card says it’s Korean style peanut brittle! It’s like a very crunchy peanut-buttery non marshmallowy rice crispy treat with a chocolate coating on top!

My Gummy Grape Jelly: I love Asian gummies, because the flavors are always SO good – these were no exception, and tasted like real grapes. The kids & I destroyed them in minutes.

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (3)Lotte Original Custard: A sponge cake with pillowy soft custard cream inside. Poor husband, the kids and I inhaled them.

Original Boxes also contained:

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (9)

San Grime Tea Company Balloon Flower Tea: The card tells me to “calm your day and fight the allergy with a cup of balloon flower tea.” I’m going to have my husband test these out. He drinks tea occasionally but has wicked allergies – maybe they’ll help!

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (10)

Yoger Yoger: These look like platinum-blonde puffed Cheetos, but they are slightly softer and a little bit sweet.  A yogurt-based topping glazes each puff, but it has more of a mild white chocolate flavor than yogurt.

 Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (6)

Paldo Suhl Lung Tang: Non-friend non-spicy noodle with beef flavored broth. I’m eating this as soon as humanly possible.

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (7)

Calbee Baked Ingeolmi Chips: The info card calls these rice cakes, but they’re more of a puffed rice snack, coated in soybean flavor. It’s a big bag and they have a pleasant savory taste with excellent texture.

Snack Fever Original Box May 2016 (4)Woongjin Peach Juice: With peach bits! Very common in Korean beverages!

This was another great box and it’s such a good deal. All together it wasn’t as amazing as last month, but still notable that most everything never left my office.

Have you subscribed to Snack Fever? What do you think about this box?

Visit Snack Fever to subscribe or find out more! Save 10% on your first original box. Use coupon code  NEWSF10.

The Subscription: Snack Fever
The Description: SnackFever delivers SURPRISE Korean snacks in a box to your doorstep once a month – anything from the popular Pepero, Choco Pie, candies to even seaweed and noodles! We’ll carefully handpick the snacks for you. Each box contains at least 10 FULL-SIZED snacks even including Ramen & Chapaghetti. Mini box available for $12 monthly.
The Price: $20.00 per month


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