eSalon The Match-Up Subscription Box Review – June 2016 + Free Trial!

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The Match-Up is a subscription box by eSalon.  Receive your choice of 3 hair care, styling, or brow and accessory items for only $30 per order (plus $4.95 S&H), saving you up to 45% off retail prices on all non-hair color products.  Also, add up to 2 bonus items for an additional 25% off each add-on.  All products have a 100% guarantee.  You can control the frequency of your Match-Up deliveries (from 4-12 weeks), modify your ship date, or skip any upcoming order.  Try your first Match-Up for $15!

Choose between two options.  Your Pick allows you to personally mix & match your own products every order.  With Expert Pick, the hair professionals at eSalon make tailored suggestions based on your hair care needs and styling habits (you’ll create a hair profile).  Through your account page, you can switch between modes anytime before your products are due to ship.  For this box, I opted for Your Pick.
match upMy product information card included a brief description of each item along with my savings.  There’s also a brief hair tip or “Love Note” from the eSalon team.  On a side note, I noticed that I wasn’t using all of my products up between shipments and changed my deliveries from every 4 weeks to every 6 weeks (don’t forget you can space deliveries out to as much as every 12 weeks).


First look in.  You’ll find your information card right on top. I love to be greeted with savings!


All of the items were wrapped in tissue paper and packed into this reusable cloth bag.  Tip:  Use the bags to store hair tools when not in use.


Here are the products I chose for this box.  


Cute Couple Brow Enhancing Serum ($19.00): Serum that helps brows appear fuller and healthier. Oops, I meant to select eSalon’s brow color and chose this by mistake.  No worries though.  My brows look full, but in reality, I have sparse brows with long hairs that fill in the gaps.  So, this serum will come in handy.  I just started using it, and there hasn’t been enough time to see results.  I’ll have to let you know how this works in my next review.

We believe good brows are worth committing to. Our daily conditioning serum helps sparse or over-plucked arches look fuller, healthier and younger. Enriched with SymPeptide ®, this daily brush-up helps to promote the appearance of thicker, fuller brows by up to 25% in as little as 12 weeks. Top it off with Two Of A Kind Temporary Brow Color for gorgeous results.


Tinted Love Color Enhancing Treatment – Chocolate ($15.00):  Salon treatment that temporarily intensifies, enhances or neutralizes hair color. Ideal for color-treated hair.  In addition to spacing out my Match Up, I also lengthened the time between my eSalon color treatments.  I’ve got a little brassiness from working in the sun and some grays are poking through.  This should help even out my tone until I color my hair.  I noticed a slight difference with my first use, and am hopeful that the results will intensify with another treatment.  I thought this would be more like a cream, but, as you can see, it’s a glaze and it really foams up when used.  Use this after shampooing and before conditioning.

Welcome to your colorist’s anti-fade secret. Our temporary, professional-grade treatment allows you to refresh and maintain beautifully vibrant hair color between applications. Keep a rich shade vivid, tone down brassiness or enhance natural hair for a colorful look.


Paddle Brush ($15.00): Soft tip bristle brush to detangle wet or dry hair without tugging or breaking. Ideal for all hair types.  This felt good on my scalp and was able to get through my curls with minimal effort.  I just got rid of my old brush – the bed came out of the handle, and have been working with just a wide tooth comb because I knew this was coming.

It may look like your everyday brush, but really it’s a must-have multi-tasker. We weld this to detangle damp hair, manage thick or coarse hair, provide a sleek, straight blowout and frame the perfect bangs. The soft-tip bristles effortlessly breeze through tangles while gently massaging your scalp — without causing any damage.

Purchased individually, these items would have cost me $49.  By using The Match-Up, I essentially got the paddle brush for pennies.  I like that I am able to have salon experts select products for me based on my hair profile, but I can also choose to pick items for myself based on my needs or wants.  This subscription saves me from sifting through the large range of products in my local store.  Plus, I get the convenience of having everything delivered straight to my door.

Have you tried eSalon’s The Match-Up yet?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

If you haven’t tried it, you can get a free trial of the Match Up Box! Use this link to get the deal. Just pay $4.95 shipping! Or, if you want to save 50% on your first order, use this link! No coupon code required for either deal.

Visit The Match Up to subscribe or find out more!

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  • Jenny

    Oh I need a new brush. I’ll have to look at one for my next box. I’m a little obsessed with the tinted color. I now have two different shades and I swear it really works. I love it.