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DegustaBox June 2016 Box

DegustaBox is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite food and snacks. This box originated in Britain but is now available in the US (with big brands from the US). The subscription costs $19.99 per month in the US, £12.99 per month in the UK and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 products and goodies!DegustaBox June 2016 unboxing

I love the design of the inside of the box. The items inside are well-wrapped with a brown tissue paper, too. This was a really big box and was filled with some air packs at the top.

DegustaBox June 2016 unboxed DegustaBox June 2016 (1)

The welcome sheet tells you more about the box, as well as the reward system that they are running.

DegustaBox June 2016 (2)

The information sheet provides more details about all the items included in the box.

DegustaBox June 2016 (3)

The back of the sheet also came with recipes you can make using the products inside.

DegustaBox June 2016 review

Everything in the box! I was a little surprised that it wasn’t British food!

DegustaBox June 2016 (4)

Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce ($4.99) I love this sauce and so does my family! It’s delicious for grilling and there aren’t any preservatives or additives!

DegustaBox June 2016 (5)

Brianna’s Home Style Italian Vinaigrette ($3.99) The recipe card has a really great looking pasta salad recipe for this, but I love Italian dressing for marinating grilled chicken. There’s plenty for both. Like the teriyaki sauce I’ve had this one before, and it’s really great with carefully balanced flavors.

DegustaBox June 2016 (6)

Elmhurst Harvest Plant Based Milk Alternatives Real Walnut Unsweetened Beverage ($3) A plant-based non-soy milk alternative, subscribers received either almond, walnut or pistachio milk. [Note this is not an allergen-friendly box!] I’m not a milk drinker (dairy or not) but the kids happily ate this in cereal, and it has the same amount of calcium as 2% milk. An interesting find!

DegustaBox June 2016 (7)

Vita Coco Coconut Oil (about 75¢) Unlike the rest of the products where I just used the values on the card (they were totally reasonable) I calculated the value on this one, because the card said they were worth $1.29 each, which is true I guess if you wanted to take them on an airplane.

100% raw, cold pressed coconut oil, certified organic. I find these useful to keep in a tin on the counter for when I need just that much to make whatever we’re making. I love cooking with coconut oil.

DegustaBox June 2016 (8)

Haribo Sour Gold-Bears Gummy Candy ($2.79) Not too tart – classic Haribo gummy bears dusted in citric acid for a nice sour flavor.

DegustaBox June 2016 (9)

Honees Cough Drops ($2.75) I can’t say that I expected these in a food box, but here they are! These cough drops have liquid honey centers to coat your throat and contain eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon for a nice cooling sensation. I loved that they found cough drops that are GMO and gluten-free with no artificial colors or flavors.

DegustaBox June 2016 (10)

Orchard Valley Harvest Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix ($1.98)

Orchard Valley Harvest Cashews ($1.98)

The box also included 2 nice selections from Orchard Valley Harvest – both are non-GMO verified and made with sea salt. They were tasty and since I try to assiduously avoid buying myself nuts (I eat them all) they were a very welcome treat!

DegustaBox June 2016 (11)

Topo Chico Mineral Water ($1 each) Two flavors were in the box – plain mineral water and twist of lime.

“The mineral composition includes sodium(promotes good bowel function!), magnesium(helps with digestion, brain function, and creates a sense of calm), potassium(functioning of the heart, nervous system, kidneys), and manganese, which serves as an antioxidant.” – Thrillist

Most importantly it tastes great in cocktails, and I’m trying that out as soon as humanly possible!

DegustaBox June 2016 (12)

Wise Popcorn 30% Reduced Fat Sea Salt ($0.75 each) To be honest, these were a little on the cardboardish side! But hey, they’re air popped with reduced fat.

DegustaBox June 2016 (13)

Wise Popcorn Cinnabon Popcorn ($0.75 each) These lightly-sweet cinnamon dusted popcorns were a yes for me!  I’m not a fan of sweet popcorn all that much (kettle corn is a serious no) but these were fantastic and tasty.

DegustaBox June 2016 (14)

Jif Peanut Butter Cinnamon Flavor ($2.99) I ate a lot of this to attempt to discern a cinnamon flavor. Unfortunately I tried it just after the Cinnabon popcorn and I can’t say that I thought it was particularly cinnamony, but it was hard for me to tell. It was creamy and Jif-y.

DegustaBox June 2016 (15)

There are also several coupons included in the box! The total value with my coconut oil adjustment was about $30 (realistically it’s probably more about $25) which is pretty great compared to a lot of snack boxes – and there were some nice full-size products to use for meals, snack time stuff, beverages, and sweets! I enjoyed their information card – it gave all the relevant details plus a few stories about the items and producers. The box curation was a little weird but I think pretty good for a not-too-adventurous eater that wants to discover some new brands. The curation was a little odd, but no odder than I see in most snack boxes. I think this subscription is one to watch as it grows here in the States – I’m just a little jealous of the boxes packed full of British treats (see them here under “Our Boxes” after switching the flag to GB).

FYI – according to their FAQ If you subscribe before the 14th of the month, you will receive your box by the end of the same month, so if you subscribe now you’ll probably receive this exact box!

Save 50% on your first box with coupon code DEGUSTA10 and this link to subscribe.

Visit DegustaBox to subscribe or find out more!

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    I love those mineral waters they sell them around here prepared with lime,salt, Chile powder and cucumbers, theyre so good