Bumby Box June 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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IMG_5496Bumby Box is a monthly eco-friendly toy and book subscription service for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that tailors their deliveries to each child’s interests and developmental needs! When you sign up, they send you an email asking you what your child’s favorite activities are. They also ask whether your child is approaching any significant milestones, such as potty training, moving into a new house or becoming a brother or sister. Based on your answers, they curate a box especially for your child.


What’s amazing to me is that even after this initial correspondence, they continue to stay in touch. They ask whether or not you were happy with the previous box and what new interests your child has developed so that they can “adjust the items (they) send to keep up with each child’s pace.” “It helps (Bumby Box) know when to send something a bit more challenging for (the child) to try.” The folks behind this box care a lot, try really hard and are extremely successful as a result!


Each box contains approximately 3-4 eco-friendly toys and books. Included toys are always free of phalates, PVC, BPA and other harmful plastics. Paints and inks are either water or soy-based. While all included manufacturers support their own communities, treat their workers well and provide them with fair wages, Bumby Box strives to do the same as well: it donates toys to nonprofits that help families and children in times of crisis. This is a box to feel great about! Bumby Box promises that the total value of the box will always exceed the amount paid for the box.


Each box of toys and books arrives well-packaged along with a letter that includes  information and ideas to help encourage playtime with your child.

IMG_5500This month’s shipment included two books, a doctor dress up outfit, a doctor’s set, a stuffed duck and an informational letter.

The included letter lists the contents of the box along with ideas to help foster play with your child. This month, the folks behind Bumby Box offered lots of helpful suggestions about what to do at and bring to the doctor’s office. They offered suggestions regarding using puppets in story time. They also have their own Spotify channel. How cool! My family will be checking that out tomorrow morning!

“A Visit to Dr. Duck” by Rosemary Wells ($7.99) is a delightful story about a sick boy who goes to see his doctor. Initially scared because he thinks his mom can’t come in with him, the boy is soon reassured. Dr. Duck gives the boy some magic syrup and the boy feels fine again. He even asks to go to the circus! I loved how this book tied in so well with the duck finger puppet and the doctor’s kit and dress up set this month.

IMG_5501This adorable duckling finger puppet by Folkmanis ($9.99) chirps cute, soft chirps as it’s moved around. The second I opened this box, my daughter made a beeline for this doll and was extremely displeased when I told her she had to wait long enough for me to take pictures of it before playing with it. She started screaming for her daddy to come give it to her. Surprisingly, it took a while to calm her back down.


Once I had finished taking pictures, though, she happily took this doll everywhere. She kicked a football holding it. She took it to bed. She watched my son do his Green Kid Craft box with it. This has not left her side in the past 24 hours.

IMG_5512The Doc Haba doctor set ($29.99) is a soft, plush, gorgeous doctor play set. The blood pressure cuff squeaks when you squeeze it. I couldn’t be happier with this set! I only wish we had had it when my son was my daughter’s age!


The Doctor dress up outfit by Aeromax ($11) has velcro closures and fits my nineteen-month old daughter well. When my son was my daughter’s age I remember searching for days for dress-up outfits that fit him, all to no avail. Leave it to Bumby Box to find one! My daughter enjoyed wearing this very much for hours. She did not want me to take it off!

IMG_5634 (2)The doctor’s in the house!

IMG_5621 (2)

Clearly, ducky needs his temperature taken. It’s a good thing he has a friendly doctor to take care of him!

I was so happy to receive “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney ($4.69)! This was one of my favorite books to read to my son when he was little. We read it so much and he loved it so much that when he went through a book eating phase, this book was one of his primary victims. My daughter prefers reading uneaten books, so I’m delighted that now she has her own copy! For those who haven’t read this book, a father rabbit and his son take turns telling each other how much they love each other. It is very sweet. I highly recommend it!

This is the second month in a row that Bumby Box has delivered a fabulous assortment of books and toys to my home! I cannot imagine a better curated toy and book box than Bumby Box! And with a value that exceeds the cost of the box by over $13, I thought this was a great deal. My daughter and I cannot wait to receive next month’s shipment!

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Visit Bumby Box to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Bumby Box
The Description: BUMBY BOX is a monthly and quarterly subscription service delivering a box full of fantastic activities and toys designed to stimulate your child’s mind. The contents of each BUMBY BOX are carefully curated by our experts to be developmentally appropriate for your child.
The Price: $49.95 per month


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  • Lindsey Valentine

    When did you get it. Im still waiting and havent heard anything from them

    • Megan

      I’m so sorry to hear that! My box arrived 6/13, so it’s been awhile. Have you tried contacting them? They’ve been very responsive to me.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve been having some issues with my mail lately–my May Tonttu box never arrived, for instance. To make matters worse, Tonttu box got a confirmation that the box had been delivered! A couple of weeks later, the box was returned to them. If I were you, I’d let Bumby Box know that you haven’t received your box yet and wanted to know when to expect it. I’ll be interested to know what they say! Good luck!