Bluum June 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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IMG_5888Bluum is a monthly subscription box that sends out products for moms and babies. Bluum curates its boxes by selecting the highest-rated products geared for a child’s particular age. Boxes are available for pregnant moms and moms with children between the ages of 0 and 5.

IMG_5889Each box arrives well-packaged with attractive tissue paper and a card describing the box’s intended recipient–in this case, a 20 month old child.

IMG_5890June’s box contained a puzzle, book, outlet covers and a pair of flip flops.

IMG_5892These cute flip flops ($11.90) by Stephen Joseph were the only gendered product in this month’s box. My daughter doesn’t know anything about pirates, so she hasn’t shown much interest in these, but flip flops are a nice inclusion to protect little feet on hot summer days. I liked the fact that these came with elastic straps behind the heels. These flip flops fit children whose shoe sizes range from 9 to 10. My daughter wears a 6.5. While I love that Bluum included flip flops, I wish they had asked for my daughter’s shoe size first. I also wish that the flip flops had been decorated differently.

Note: Each month, Bluum sends out an email detailing the contents of their boxes. The flip flops shown in the email would have been more appropriate for my daughter–while still the wrong size, they were decorated in a blue, pink and yellow fish motif. My daughter would have loved those! I can just imagine her squealing “Fishy! Fishy!”

IMG_5894I thought these outlet covers ($5.36; $14 according to Bluum) were a strange inclusion in a box for a 20 month old. By 20 months old, most children have been mobile for some time, and those parents who intended to baby proof their homes already have. I think it would have made more sense for Bluum to have included these in an infant’s box.

The Please! Thank You! book ($5.99) was a huge hit. My daughter loves books, and this book’s message was perfect for her! She asked to read it repeatedly.

IMG_5897My daughter loved this cute block puzzle ($10; $14.95 according to Bluum) from BeginAgain! It was perfect for her! As a lover of blocks, puzzles and animals, this was a huge hit!

This was my first month receiving Bluum box, and overall I liked it! I thought the puzzle and book were great, and while I liked the flip flops idea, I wish they had been sized and decorated differently. I’m a bit concerned, however, that the values Bluum provided were so significantly different from the ones I obtained online. According to Bluum, the value of the box was just under $47. But according to the costs I obtained online, the value of the box is a bit over $33. This is a substantial difference. Also, I think a $33 valuation is problematic for a $34 box but Bluum has substantial savings for a longer term subscription making the price much better!

What do you think about Bluum? Have you been pleased with the curation and the relative value of the box? If you’d like to subscribe use coupon code  MRV3835U16 to save $10 on any plan!

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The Subscription: Bluum
The Description: Age-specific subscription boxes for babies and toddlers. Each box contains 5-6 full-size products revolving around a monthly theme. Earn rewards points for reviewing products or opting in to that month’s Bluum box to redeem for a free box. Pick this box as a Citrus Lane replacement!
The Price: $35.00 per month
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  • Adeline

    I think the value is fantastic for bloggers compared to regular subscribers. I’ve received close to twenty boxes now and I always receive a maximum of 4 items priced $1+ to $4 each. My overall box value has never exceed $20 ever. Definitely a buyer beware, you will only get good voices of you’re a blogger

    • Brandy

      Sorry you haven’t had a good experience. Have you tried getting in touch with them? We purchase this box for our review, it isn’t provided to us.

    • Megan

      Thanks for letting us know about your experience! I’m sorry it hasn’t been all that you had hoped! As Brandy said, Hello Subscription does purchase this box, and as past reviews have indicated, this subscription has been somewhat hit or miss for us too. You can find past reviews of Bluum here:
      In her time reviewing the box, Brandy found that the relative values of the box seemed to increase when Bluum selected products for inclusion. Still, they seem to be using original retail values and not the values you would actually expect to pay in calculating the value of their boxes. The other issue here is the curation: they sent me boy’s flip flops and outlet covers this month, which is a bit strange. For next month, I’ve asked them to focus more on toys and books, which is what I’m most interested in anyway. We’ll see what happens!