Artisan Brew Club April-May 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Artisan Brew Club is a bimonthly subscription box that delivers all the ingredients a home brewer need to brew a delicious beer. The subscription costs $29 every other month, and you’ll get to choose from different recipe kit styles to brew at home. First time subscribers will get a basic starter set of equipment, enough to make a gallon batch of beer.


The box opens and you can see a teaser for the beer to brew.  None-the-Weisser is the clever name for this box.


Here are all of the items inside the box.


The ingredients come with a little story of how the brew-masters came up with the beer.


The wheat and malts used for None-the -Weisser.  They were kind enough to include the sock.

118 124

Bottle caps and carbonation tablets.  I didn’t need the bottle caps but the carbonation tabs came in handy.

127 123Hops and yeast.  More of the essentials for brewing beer.

So now that we have seen the items, let’s see what can be done with them.  I don’t have all the equipment, but I knew exactly where to bring this subscription box.  Chris Erickson from @TempeClosetBrew has a great brewing set-up and made this a most enjoyable process.

004 (2) 008 (2) 010 (3)

We started boiling the hops inside the house on the stove top.

015 (3)Chris and I were brewing two different beers that day.  The stove top was taking a long time so when the other beer we were brewing was complete, we were able to use the outdoor propane tank.

023 (3) 025 (3) 033 (3)After the boil, we needed to bring the temperature.  Most people starting out in the beer brewing world would use a bucket of ice but Chris has been at this for a while and we were able to run cold water through copper tubing.  Having the cold water go through the tubing made reaching the desired temperature that much easier.

005 (4)

The color is great and the taste was even better.  This was a great introduction for me into the Artisan Brew Club.

The Beer Czar made an appearance for the first tasting.  The carbonated tabs had not fully taken effect but he was still quite pleased with the beer and had this to say, “Fruity, almost tropical flavor to it, light, easy drinking. Thin mouth feel, but I think after another week or so on the shelf, it would be quite good!”

Brew-Master Chris added, “This service seems to be geared to someone that is interested in getting into the hobby or someone with limited amount of space.  The beer is definitely a step up from many of the extract beer kits out there with the addition of steeped specialty grains to the extract boil.  This addition definitely adds to complexity of the overall flavor of these kits.  The only thing that I think could be improved is either the size of the batch or the price.”

For those that are new to brewing beer, this is a great box.  It’s not a large batch and the beer is so much better than most of the starter brew kits that I’ve found in stores.  Artisan Brew Club also can get you pointed in the right direction in putting together a brewing kit.

Visit Artisan Brew Club to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Artisan Brew Club
The Description: Artisan Brew Club is a subscription box for beer home brewing recipes and ingredients. Visitors to the site can select from different recipe kit styles and then receive everything needed to brew beer every two months. First-time home brewers also have the option to include a basic starter set of equipment to brew a one-gallon batch of beer.
The Price: $29.00 every other month
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