Universal Yums May 2016 Subscription Box Review – Greece

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Universal Yums Box May 2016 box

This month, Universal Yums takes us to a land of famous for its mythology!  Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box.  Every month you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new snacks.  Yum Yum! There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($13) and the Yum Yum ($25).  This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a really solid subscription that shines each and every month.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 unboxing

This month we were treated to some true delicacies from Greece.  The beautiful information booklet provides some extra insight into Greek history and culture.  The box always has a tissue paper flag inside, too.  It’s a cool touch that sets the stage for you culinary exploration of culture.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (1)

This month’s introductory note reminded us of some of the great contributions Greeks, both ancient and modern, have contributed to civilization — philosophy, theatre, the olympics, and possibly most important, gyros!  The booklet also has fun stuff, like trivia to test your knowledge of Greek culture.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (4)

The booklet really enhances the experience.  It has a cultural note, a Greek recipe…

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (5)

Plus photos of the beautiful Greek islands and a playlist of Greek music you can stream!

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (2)

And of course, there is an in-depth description and background on all the items in the box.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (3)

It has a handy ingredient/potential allergen breakdown on it, and lots of details on the snacks.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 unboxed

The Yum Yum box is filled with good stuff, and it usually has two or three big bags right on top, with smaller items packed below.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 review

Yes, there’s a lot more at the bottom of it.  I love removing the big bags of snacks that are on top, because there is always a treasure trove of goodies underneath — one of the great things about Universal Yums, particularly the Yum Yum box, is the actual experience of unpacking the box.  Though it varies from month to month, you usually get several over-sized packs that would qualify for King Size status in the States.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (7)

Tottis Garlic Bread Chips:  Crispy and flavored with olive oil and garlic, these tiny rounds are much like bagel chips in taste and texture — they even have a hole in the middle!

Mikio Sun-dried Tomato & Olive Breadsticks:  These are amazing!  They are a bit like cheese straws in textured, as they are completely saturated with olive oil.  The tomato and olive flavor is really natural tasting — the kalamatas are the more potent flavor of the two.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (11)

Tottis Oregano Chips:  These chips have a nice potato flavor, but I had difficulty tasting much oregano seasoning — mostly just a bit of salt.

Orino Soft Nougat with Peanuts:  The fluffy nougat is so soft, that it reminds me of Fluff.  The peanuts are softened from sitting in the nougat, and they actually provide much more flavor than crunch.  Each side is lined with a thin and no longer crispy strip of wafer, making a pleasantly neat place to hold the sticky treat.  It contains 5% honey added for flavor, on top of the first two ingredients being kinds of sugar!


Tottis Bread Chips and Oregano Parm chips, along with a Mikio Mini Breadstick.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (8)

Ion Noisetta:  These lovely little truncated pyramids are filled with hazelnut creme and coated in milk chocolate — they even have a whole hazelnut in the middle!

Ion Assorted Chocolates:  We received the Moka, rich coffee filling coated with milk chocolate, and Nougatina, a chocolate covered nougat that tasted a bit like hazelnuts.  The filling is very smooth and sweet — it is a bit like eating a spoon of frosting!

Pavlidis Gioconda Chocolates:  With a Mona Lisa adorned wrapper, these look like chocolate covered cherries from the outside.  They have a thick disk of dark chocolate truffle, with a lighter chocolate creme on top that contains a whole almond or two, and the whole affair is coated with a thick layer of chocolate.  Very tasty!

Ouzo Candies:  These hard candies celebrate the Greek’s cherished liquor.  Though ouzo has a bit of a spotty reputation, these candies are actually very tasty.  They have a light licorice-like flavor.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (12)The candies unwrapped.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (9)

Rose Mez Pastilles:  Our youngest chowed these!  They are a really chewy and dense gum drop style candy with a rather intense rose flavor.

Saffron Herbal Tea (Bonus!):  This tea has a bit of treasured saffron to add a nice flavor and rich color.  Also with mint and lemongrass, it is a very nice tea to drink when you have a cold.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (10)

Serenata Chocolate Croissant:  This thing is called “Max” for a reason.  This soft croissant is huge and filled with a rich cocoa creme.

Serenata Chocolate Wafers:  The best-selling bar in Greece, this is a classic wafer bar layered with chocolate creme and coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

Pavlidis Chocolate Ygeias Orange:  Rich dark chocolate with orange peel.  The quality of the chocolate is exceptional.

Universal Yums Box May 2016 (6)

Can you guess which country is featured next? Based on the clue, it seems like we’re about to experience a taste from home, the USA!

Universal Yums is always lots of fun.  Because the snacks are sourced from the featured country, even familiar types of candy have a unique style and interesting packaging.  The snacks are always delicious, unique, and authentic.

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  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    I got the other tea, with sage and lemon verbena among other things. Just as well, since I don’t care for spearmint, which is what’s in the one you got. I’m afraid I didn’t take notes on which flavors I got of the chocolate candies – I do remember one was Moka, but I ate the others too fast to remember them. Loved the orange rind in dark chocolate bar, too. Since I’m not a huge fan of olive oil and specifically don’t like Kalamata olives, the breadstick things were my least favorite in the box. And, like you, I don’t think I could have identified any oregano flavor in the chips. They were good, though.