Style Your Life Sprinkles May 2016 Teen Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Style Your Life Sprinkles is a monthly subscription box for tween and teen girls full of cute accessories and beauty items. You can pick between boho and girly style profiles. If you love Audrey Hepburn, Sparkle, Pink, Lipstick, Bows, and Kate Spade, pick the girly box. The bohemian box is for you if you like Urban Outfitters, Free People, Floppy Hats, and Coachella. This month, we got girly.  There’s not much more girly than PRINCESS – and that’s this month’s theme!

I reviewed this month’s box with my younger fashionista – my 11-year old daughter – since my older daughter was away for the holiday weekend.  My younger daughter LOVED the box, but we’re going to save some of the stuff for my older daughter too.


Inside the mylar envelope, we found everything wrapped up in this pretty black-and-white striped tissue paper.  Style Your Life always does a nice job with the “opening process”…there are always a few layers of  pretty packaging to open before you even get to the good stuff.

Here’s a look at everything in this month’s package.  Lots of pretty colors, and even though you can’t tell from the picture, this package smelled amazing!20160528_184500

This month’s theme is Princess.  My daughter is totally a princess, so she was super excited for this package.  The first thing we found was this card – my daughter loved this and she hung it on the mirror in her bedroom!

20160528_184524Unlike previous months, the content list was on a separate sheet of paper (rather than on the back of the theme card).  The content list includes retail prices.  And look – there was a surprise item in this month’s box – an extra bath bomb!  Score!


Queen of the Shower Cap:  Oh, my goodness!  This item caused all sorts of hilarity in our house.  What a fun, fun item!  To be honest, my daughter had no idea what a shower cap was for – as active teenage girls with long thick hair, both of my daughters need to wash their hair nearly every night.  However, this shower cap is perfect for the theme of the box and a lot of fun.


Here’s my daughter testing out the shower cap crown.  So cute – my daughter and the cap!


Cucumber Eye Masks:  Even princesses sometimes have a late night, right?  These are fun little reusable eye masks that you pop in the fridge or freezer for a bit and then can put on your eyes to remove puffiness or circles.  OK, maybe teenagers don’t suffer as much puffiness or eye circles as their mothers, but this is still a great product for relaxing, cooling off after a soccer game, or even helping calm stress headaches – all of which my teenage princesses need!

Dazzle Bomb Bath Bombs:  If there is one thing that my teenage daughters love, it is a good bath bomb.  Their current favorite store in the mall right now is one that sells bath bombs – so this was a big hit.  Even better, the package had an extra bath bomb as a surprise bonus!  Awesome!  Plus what could make a girl feel more “royal” than luxuriating in a nicely scented bath…spot on with the theme.

One small comment – although Style Your Life Sprinkles packaged the bath bombs in separate bags (with packing peanuts to keep them safe), the smells from the bath bombs still permeated the package — not a problem for my girls, but sometimes strong scents can bother people.  And bath bombs are particularly smelly!

This was another great month for Style Your Life Sprinkles.  The “Princess” theme may be a little younger than other months (like last month’s “Spring Break”) but the goodies inside were totally fun and perfect for the theme.  Both of my girls love when the Style Your Life Sprinkles package shows up — even though my older daughter isn’t home this weekend, we’re saving one of the bath bombs for her, since she loves them too.  Like I’ve said before, Style Your Life Sprinkles manages to hit the teen/tween sweet spot, finding themes and products that are grown-up enough to be interesting to this age group, but young enough to be appropriate and fun.  Another box that hits the nail on the head!  We love this subscription box!

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The Subscription: Style Your Life Sprinkles
The Description: A monthly box of style for teen and tween gals, each month your favorite gal will receive her Style Your Life “Sprinkles Box”, which will contain unique jewelry, accessories and beauty items!
The Price: $25.00 per month


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