Sleek Treat Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Pre-Launch Box

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Sleek Treat Box April 2016 box

Sleek Treat is a new monthly subscription box dedicated to sweet-loving dessert lovers. The box is full of low-carb and no-sugar-added sweets like chocolate bars, cookies and candies. Sleek Treat is ideal for those who are pre-diabetic, diabetic and those who only want to live healthy by choosing only organic and sugar-free desserts. The box costs $35 per month.

Note that this box is a pre-launch box. We have updated our review guidelines for boxes and now will review a pre-launch box under the following conditions: that they send a note for us clearly noting that it’s a pre-launch box, that the review will be clearly marked as a pre-launch box, and that they also send at least their first box available to regular subscribers for review. We think this gives new independent subscriptions the opportunity to get feedback on their subscriptions and of course, find their first subscribers!

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 unboxing

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (1)

The information card shows the theme for this box –  Spring Renewal.

I was impressed with this card. It lists the item, its characteristics (gluten-free, etc), the sweetener, and the serving sizes.

The card clearly suggests not overeating items sweetened with sugar alcohols, which is a good idea if you have sensitivities!

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (2)

The information also card shows all the details about the goodies included in this box.

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (9)

Everything in this month’s box! I was really excited to review this box because although I’m not diabetic I do watch my sugar intake as much as possible.

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 unboxed

The heat sensitive items were packed in mylar bubble wrap!

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 review

I was excited when I opened the package because it was full of chocolate.

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (3)

Darlington Farms Oatmeal Sugar Free Cookies ($0.44)

Darlington Farms Chocolate Chip Sugar Free Cookies ($0.44)

These are a bit dry, but tasty. They’re a good single-serve item to help limit your portion size, and remind me a lot of the special cookies you get at a restaurant or a theme park when you ask for a diabetic friendly or nut allergy friendly dessert. (These are also Kosher). Sweetened with maltitol.

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (4)

The Good Chocolate in Himalayan Salt Chocolate & Mint Chocolate ($4)

The Good Chocolate specializes in making organic fancy chocolate without sugar! This is a fabulous brand discovery! The Good Chocolate is a great name, and they combine premium chocolate with organic erythritol and organic stevia. I would totally get an entire box of these for a daily chocolate fix!

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (5)

Amberlyn Dark Gourmet Chocolate Sugar Free Truffles ($0.61) This was a super-yummy non-dipped truffle. I’ve had this brand of sugar-free chocolate before and I love it.

Amberlyn Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Bar ($1.80) I had this bar before, but I broke into it anyway for a tasty sugar-free fix. I love the raspberry taste to this bar and it doesn’t taste AT ALL like it’s sugar free.

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (6)

Godiva Sugar Free Milk Chocolate With Almonds ($2.95) Fabulous Godiva chocolate made without sugar? Yes! This one was tasty and had a great mouthfeel plus it included yummy almonds. This one was sweetened with maltitol.

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (7)

Chocolite Cookies & Cream Protein Bar ($1.72) I was happy to see a chocolate-themed treat in this box with a little more nutrition! It’s VERY tasty with 9 g protein & 9 g fiber!

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (8)

Boston Fruit Slices: These are SO good and I’m so sad they’re gone – I’m definitely buying more. Jelly candies like this are my favorite (well, next to chocolate covered jelly candies) and these are just fantastic.  I found these at Netrition and Amazon but would love to just get them from a single place (I think the Amazon price is inflated). These have 4 sweteners – maltitol, polyglycitol, erythritol, and sucralose. I guess that combo works because they were so good!

Sleek Treat Box April 2016 (10)

Eda’s Premium Hard Candy ($2.59) Note this price is based on a bulk pound. This was probably the most traditional candy in the box – something my Nana totally bought (she was diabetic).  I liked the taste of it but it wasn’t say, my fruit jellies. This was the only item in the box sweetened with sorbitol, which is a little old school I think, but everyone’s bodies reacts differently to different sweeteners.

I loved everything I received in this box – it really tickled my tasting fancy! The value of this first box is under the monthly price and I’m hoping that long-term subscriptions will be heavily discounted. The price-value of the items doesn’t include the time hunting for different sugar-free goodies to try and the shipping costs, which can be substantial. Plus, some of these items really only come in bulk (and are reflected in the prices) or large packages. There’s still a lot of value in being able to try out these sugar-free treats and see which ones tickle your fancy (fruit slicesssss!).

I’m particularly hoping for a shop to buy more of your favorites at reasonable prices or have them added on to your next box, especially for the items that aren’t sold at retail. It bears repeating that sugar free goodies are often not sold in regular stores (or they only sell the terrible ones), so there’s a lot of money saved in shipping.

What do you think of Sleek Treat?

The Subscription: Sleek Treat
The Description: Sleek Treat arrives monthly at your door with a hand-curated selection of gourmet, artisan treats. Sleek Treat is for those trying to live a healthier life without all the added sugar and carbohydrates in treats and is a wonderful complement to a healthy lifestyle. It can be a snack-replacement for Pre-Diabetics, Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics, those observing a Ketogenic diet or LCHF diet. The snacks included have many beneficial properties and can aide weight-loss. Sugar-Free snacking is versatile and has benefits for those in all walks of life!
The Price: $35.00 per month


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