Serendipity by LLB May 2016 Subscription Box Review

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serendipity by llb may 2016 unboxing

Another amazing Serendipity for just $10! I love it! Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly subscription that provides a little something extra in between the regular Little Lace Boxes, as well as a fun way to deliver serendipitous discoveries right to your door.

serendipity by llb may 2016 IMG_1070

It’s only $10 every other month – so it’s a bit difficult to resist this small indulgence!  This subscription isn’t meant to have a theme and is a box (or bag) of really fun surprises.

SPOILER ALERT! Spoiler for the June Little Lace box below – you can also go straight here to read the details on the June LLB!

serendipity by llb may 2016 informationThe information sheet gives quite a substantial amount of information for an inexpensive subscription, which is nice!

serendipity by llb may 2016 review
Everything in the May Serendipity by LLB!

serendipity by llb may 2016 wine glasses

Alfresco Stemless Wine Glasses ($7.99) Hooray! While they’re not monogrammed like my LLB glasses (yes, they sent monogrammed glasses a while back – heartbroken that I broke one!) these are super useful and much needed. I love my wine, and I love my wine in actual glasses – that must be stemless. Score!serendipity by llb may 2016 bag front

Pack-n-Go Insulated Tote ($6.99) This is basically an inexpensive promo item but I don’t mind, because it’s absolutely perfect for the front seat of the car. We have a lengthy road trip upcoming that involves an amusement park where this will also be welcome. My husband loves that he can use it too

serendipity by llb may 2016 bag side serendipity by llb may 2016 bag serendipity by llb may 2016 nail polish

Modish Polish in Apple of My Eye ($12)  Oh, this is a glam version of fire engine red, just a bit darker. I love the bottle and the polish itself is vegan, gluten-free, and 5-free.

serendipity by llb may 2016 polish

My Aunt Vicky (who writes most of our very popular vegetarian Hello Fresh box reviews) just sent me a text begging for RED polish and I’ll be sending this along to her, because it’s perfect!

serendipity by llb may 2016 popcorn

Annie B’s Popcorn ($2) Subscribers received (I think) caramel or cheddar. I would have gone for some Chicago mix (both those together) but this was really good – and super fresh. My son looked at it, puzzled, and I told him that it was popcorn with candy on it, and he popped it right in, of course! Apparently Annie’s doesn’t do Chicago – they do caramel, white, and cheddar “triple threat” and we will obviously have to try that. I just ate a large meal 2 hours ago but I nevertheless stuffed my own face with half the bag.

serendipity by llb may 2016 salt

Laguna Salt Company – Tuscan Rosemary ($6.95) MMM yummy! This is handcrafted sea salt with tuscan rosemary, and I have visions of sprinkling it on a thick steak, then all over some olive oil, and dunking some bread in it. Rosemary is my favorite summer flavor, next to basil, of course! (Ok I could name 50 summer flavors I love).serendipity by llb may 2016 liz and clarke

The box also included a coupon for Elizabeth & Clarke! Find a coupon, reviews, and more information about this fab subscription in the directory!

Love this subscription as always, it’s such an incredible value and fun too! The total value was about $36 and we’ll use everything! This subscription is currently sold out but we’ll post again when it’s available!

There are no coupons or deals on Serendipity (which is price-wise cheap!) but you can use the codes below to save on the regular Little Lace Box subscription! Check out the June LLB spoiler and annual subscription bonus box deal!

  • Save $15 on an 6 month subscription (3 boxes). Use coupon code HELLO15.

  • Save $30 on an annual subscription (6 boxes). Use coupon code HELLO30.

  • Take $10 off your first box. Use coupon code HELLO10.

Visit Serendipity by LLB to find out more or to subscribe!

The SubscriptionSerendipity by LLB
The Description: Get a fun surprise of delightful odds and ends in the “off” months of Little Lace Box in a dazzling red pouch!
The Price: $9.99 every other month
See Serendipity by LLB in the Hello Subscription Box Directory!
The Categories:Subscription Boxes for Women, Women’s Lifestyle Subscription Boxes.
The Reviews: See all our Serendipity by LLB Reviews.


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  • ?

    Would be nice if people could actually subscribe. They offer a coupon code and post on facebook about it today….but the subscriptions are closed? It’s not like they posted about it a week ago then I could understand that it is sold out. But they posted today, knowing they don’t offer it.

    Sounds like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Or they think that people are so into them that we’re going to keep checking back for weeks? It looks good but, meh on their organizational skills.

    • Brandy

      the coupon is for the regular little lace box. they told us they aren’t opening subscriptions right now because their payment processor charges right away for the subscription, and people get really antsy for the next box, which is in two months. i am sure they will see your feedback. i personally think they should keep subscriptions open until they sell out and it should be up to the subscriber whether or not they want to pay right away, but they must get a lot of complaints about it. i’m always ok with paying in advance as long as i don’t pay for 2 boxes on a month to month before i get the first. *everyone* hates that!

      • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

        The thing that puzzled me when I subscribed to this one was that they sent me a confirmation of the subscription immediately followed by a notice that my subscription had been cancelled. When I emailed themt it, they said that when they made their subscription not automatically renew, it triggered the processor to send the cancellation notices and they hadn’t been able to get the processor to not send those. I suggested they post something on their site so it wouldn’t alarm people (like me!) who had just started a subscription. On the whole, I find their customer support people very responsive and really enjoy this affordable little treat of a box.

        This one will mostly go to my grandson – I got the caramel popcorn, which I don’t care for, and I don’t drink wine or any other alcohol. He’ll get more use out of the nice little insulated bag than I would, too, and I’m not fond of rosemary so he can have the salt. I’ll keep the red nail polish!

        • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

          Argh, wish I could edit. I meant “emailed them about it” and somehow that got mashed together.

  • KBC

    I love, love, LOVE rosemary salt on fresh cherry and grape tomatoes as a summer snack. I highly recommend this to all of you. I was so happy to get this in my very first box since my current jar is running low.

  • Gabriela

    I received the same flavor on the popcorn (original caramel), but I saw that people received other variations (including sea salt caramel and jalapeño). I’m really glad with this flavor, not sure if I would like the others.
    Overall, it’s a great box. Everything is do useful!

  • Starlet

    I loved my first Serendipity box so much that I subscribed for a year. Alas, I have not received any notification that my May box has been sent out. I have contacted LLB’s customer service only to get the canned response and when I log onto my account I see that I signed up for my annual and it is showing fulfilled but there is nothing pertaining to the May 2016 box. I really love this box and this is disappointing. I can’t afford the LLB box. It looks like I was skipped over for this one.

    • Starlet

      An update….
      Thank you Brandy! You are the best!

      The team from LLB responded and I received my box today! As always this box is the best value for $10 there is. I received a cheesy flavored popcorn (haven’t opened it yet), nail polish in “Pop of Champagne” a neutral ivory color, and a green insulated carrier. l am looking forward to the rosemary salt and the little glasses are a lovely addition to my stemless collection.

  • PA Anna

    My box is the same as Brandy’s except I received cheddar popcorn. The Elizabeth & Clarke Code is on the back side of the card.

    • Ttacy

      Thanks for the clarification!!

  • Linda

    I just love everything in this box. I got an “inspired by pink” nail polish that I can definitely see myself using. Thinking of signing up for the annual subscription vs the month to month. Hate to miss a month. Thanks again for the review.

  • tracy

    Doesn’t look like a coupon for Elizabeth & Clarke. Looks like advertisement since their shirts are priced at $30/1; $25 each for 2 or $20/each for 3.

    Unless it is a coupon?