Pusheen Box Spring 2016 Subscription Box Review

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pusheen box april 2016 box

Pusheen Box is a new quarterly subscription box with everything Pusheen Cat! Boxes hold a variety of Pusheen items with at least $100 in value, including exclusive products, pre-release items, and more. I am an AVID Pusheen sticker user on Facebook and just can’t resist Pusheen’s happiness in my life.

pusheen box april 2016 pusheen box tail

Is Pusheen Pusheen without a tail? Fortunately the box has one.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0046

The outer box is Pusheen as Box! I think it’s so cute with her pink little paws.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0051

Spring 2016 Pusheen Box! Pusheen embodifies kawaiiness. Pusheen also loves food. This box was all about the NOMS and SPRING!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0049

The info card explains what each item is and what it can be used for.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0082

Pusheen Baker Vinyl Figure: The packaging for this box is so overboard but just right. They really do it right, even for exclusive figures. Something decorates every side!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0083

Hi I am Pusheen the Cat and I am a Baker.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0085

I love this! She’s making biscuits just like my cat used to do (you know, by kneading?!).  I think it’s totally adorable and I’ve already told my husband when the kitchen is done, Pusheen goes in it. They really captured Pusheen in action.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0086

Pusheen’s backside. The base is also removable, although I’m not sure of the utility of that.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0078

Pusheen Cookie Cutter: Yay Pusheen Cookies!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0072

The cookie cutter impresses Pusheen’s features on the cookie simply by pressing down. We haven’t tried it, but we will. I imagine you need a pretty firm dough – those are some small whiskers.

pusheen box april 2016 cookie cutter

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0081

Here is how you should make your cookies (but also can you give me the recipe & directions?).

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0093

Pusheen Umbrella: Time to suit up, it’s rainy!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0055

This is just a regular umbrella in terms of utility (not automatic).

pusheen box april 2016 umbrella

OMG! This umbrella is great! Pusheen is smiling and happy and will make everyone else smile – even in the rain!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0068

Pusheen Snack Sticker Set: Now I can send real snack stickers to my friends and not just on Facebook! This makes me happy, because half of my communication about what I’m eating is via Pusheen stickers. I’ll have to stick to pizza, burgers, ice cream, and baked goods, but I’m ok with that!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0066

Pusheen Key Cover: I’m going to put this on my key right away – it will make me smile every time I take it out.

Pusheen Enamel Pin Set: When you are done with all your stickers you can still wear your pins! While I like stationery items I was happy to have Pusheen eating pizza to keep always. I feel like pins are really THE thing this year! I’m really hoping to not have to surrender these to my daughter, but I’ll be good and share.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0073

Pusheen Socks – 3 Pairs: Pizza makes everyone happy!

These are soft and cozy and perfect for hanging out on the couch. Eating, obviously.  They feature knit-in heels. And snacks.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0059

Again, the packaging is so cute that it must be documented!

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0061

Pusheen Mini Planter: This is so adorable to keep some herbs in the kitchen! The box gives the idea to use it for a little plant or for a desktop organizer.

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0062

What will you keep in your Pusheen planter?pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0063

Pusheen’s tail.
pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0064

And little feet (and drainage hole!).

pusheen box april 2016 IMG_0091

Pusheen Apron: I can’t believe there’s ANOTHER huge item in this box! Obviously I will wear this while baking my Pusheen cookies! This is the same graphic as on the back of the figure box.

pusheen box april 2016 review

I loved this box just as much as the first – they basically produce items that would be in any other lifestyle subscription but they Pusheen all of them. It’s so neat and fun and happy! The variety and quantity in the Spring Pusheen box is kind of astonishing – there’s just so much, and it’s all good. I just wished they had a sticker of Pusheen and baby eating nachos!

If you count the number of items (9) the box it’s only $5.55 per item, so it’s really hard to say no to this subscription. Next quarter I would like nachos and a plushie to appear in the box – is that asking too much? I would be satisfied with far fewer items with an exclusive plush.

What did you think of the Pusheen Box for Spring?

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The Price: $49.95 per quarter
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