POPSUGAR Must Have Box May 2016 Review & Coupon

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POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 box

POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a monthly women’s subscription box. You’ll receive items from a mix of categories like beauty, home, accessories, jewelry, etc. It’s one of the most popular subscription boxes around!

FYI – at time of posting this box is still available! Also don’t forget to enter the giveaway for this box!

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 unboxing

The Popsugar Must Have Editors come up with inspirations every month which guide the box curation. The theme for this month is Fitness, Relaxation, Health, Hydration! POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0315The card was 4-fold this month and gives brief summaries of each items and why they were selected on the other side.

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 review

Everything in the May box!POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0288

Spongelle Spongology Body Buffer ($20) I’m super excited about this one! Of course Spongelle has been in POPSUGAR before, but this is a totally new product – made to exfoliate, buff, and mositurize with organic lavender & eucalyptus extracts and sulfate-free cleansing ingredients. This product smells fantastic!

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0302The buffer has a nice hanging loop and lasts 20 washes!POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0289

Cute little reusable jewelry bag!POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0295

Bluma Project Capri Bracelets ($44) These bracelets are handcrafted in Guatemala by Bluma Project, which features globally inspired designs with a modern twist. Obviously the modern twist is the tassel (please stop, 2 boxes in 3 months with tassel jewelry is enough!).

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0296

If you hate the tassel I *think* you can snip it off, but it’s going to be tricky. I don’t mind the tassel so much, they’re pretty dainty. The beads on the bracelets are glass and 24k gold.

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0291

Happy Spritz Breathe Deeply Spray ($25) Shake this up before spraying, otherwise it doesn’t smell like anything! Even if you don’t do yoga you can take some nice deep minty breaths. This spray is invigorating and soothing, plus you can use it on your yoga mat. Or your face, room, or in the bathroom. Whatever you want to smell nice and minty or be soothed and balanced.POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0292

A portion of the proceeds from this product benefits animal rescue!

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0297

Kocostar Foot Therapy ($10) This is a paraben-free foot treatment and when I saw this I totally thought FabFitFun copycat, but it’s totally different – it’s an AHA exfoliant (with 33 botanicals).

IMG_0316I noticed after I got them on my feet it’s a 1.5 hour deal, so I guess I’m blogging for a while tonight because I wouldn’t want to walk down the stairs wearing them. They’re tingly. I’m expecting MAGIC! I really like this, especially if it’s not a 3 week sloughing process like BabyFoot!

FYI – there’s no outer bag, the two booties are heat sealed down the middle and you cut them apart. Use the little sticker tab to seal those puppies on your feet.

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0298

JimmyBar! Peanut Butter Clutter Bar ($2.49) No artificial anything, with dates, PB, crisp brown rice, peanuts, almonds, and honey. This bar is gluten- and preservative-free. It’s  common box item and it’s tasty – I’ve eaten it plenty of times!

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0301

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat ($24.95) This mat is compact and ultra-lightweight and in POPSUGAR exclusive blue. I’ll be shipping mine off to Anna, our yoga reviewer, because I can’t think of a use for it besides yoga. Any ideas?

Special Extras: Theh following items are bonus items to the box and although they don’t spell it out, they are sponsored items. I’m always ok with this – it means I get more stuff!

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0293

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara ($9) I tried this out tonight against a Smashbox mascara. The Smashbox one but this was good enough for me to hang on to.

Hint Caffeine Kick Water ($2) All hint waters are flavored but with NO sweetener. Not even stevia. It’s good but my daughter loves it – so I’ll have to make sure this gets put up high because it’s infused with SIXTY mg of caffeine and it’s spicy.

See the details on Hint Water’s subscription & get a 50% off coupon in the directory!

POPSUGAR must have box may 2016 IMG_0300

There was also a coupon (shouldn’t be stackable – one per customer) from Half Hitch Goods. “Put this credit toward the purchase of a quality-crafted gift for yourself or someone you love.”

This shouldn’t even be listed on the card, the prices are nearly obscene! The $19 honey is sold out and I’m sure the $17 (for less than 8 oz!) jam is sure to follow. I’m holding on to my code (good through 6/30) in hopes that this $10 value set returns.

In looking at this box and the last it seems to me that POPSUGAR is taking box theming quite seriously and presenting more focused collections of items. This is really fun for long-term subscribers, but a miss if you aren’t into the theme. This box was pretty yoga-heavy, but there’s only one “won’t use it” item in the box for me (unless someone comes up with a suggestion for the mat!). The total value was about $137.5, although some of the items seem to have steeply inflated retail values.

What did you think of May’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Visit POPSUGAR Must Have Box to subscribe or find out more about this box. You can use the coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

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