Japan Crate May 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupons

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Japan Crate May 2016 box

Japan Crate delivers a pile of Japanese candies and snacks, all in their original, super-kawaii domestic packaging.  A mini subscription is $12 with 4-6 items per month, a regular is $25 with 8-10 items and 1 guaranteed DIY kit, and the premium crate is $30 with 12-14 items. The premium crate includes a drink, DIY kit, and will have a surprise item ranging from a bag of Japanese chips to a Premium DIY kit or gashapon figure/keychain.

Japan Crate May 2016 (1)

This month featured a new look for the Japan Crate box and slighter larger dimensions!Japan Crate May 2016 (2)

We get the Premium subscription, because it has everything in the Regular and Mini tiers, and we can’t stand the thought of missing out on the Premium tier items!

Japan Crate May 2016 unboxing Japan Crate May 2016 unboxed

Our massive Premium box. Everything has the distinctive Japanese packaging, covered with manga-style cartoony imagery.

Japan Crate May 2016 (3)The theme for this month is Carnival!

The little booklet comes with a short manga feature, some additional product info, fan pics, giveaways and contest results, and other items of interest.

Japan Crate May 2016 (5)

This helpful chart provides info on each item in the box.  Here, you can peruse contents of other tiers to see if you would be just as happy with a lower tier, or if you want to spring on a higher tier.  Each higher tier comprises both its own items and the items in the tier below it.  Getting the Premium box would ensure you get everything — except there are alternate items in the Regular and Premium tiers, and you get one or the other of these alternates.

Japan Crate May 2016 review

Everything in our Premium Box.

March 2016 Japan Crate Mini Box

Japan Crate May 2016 (9)

Puku Puku Taichoco: We’ve sampled this multiple times but I was happy to see it in the mini box – it’s a wafer fish filled with bubbly chocolate!

Mochitto Kinako Mochi: These were a unique treat to find in a box – I don’t recall getting mochi before in any box! It’s a sweet jelly like pod made of soybean flour with mochi inside!

Sour Cider Gum

Big Bar Z White Choco: We’ve seen a lot of chocolate soaked treats in the boxes lately and this is one of them – a large crispy bar completely covered in white chocolate.

Nori Shio Potato Chips or French Salad Potato Chip: This is covered in seaweed, so I passed it to our reviewer Sara! I admit that I can’t stand anything fishy! There’s always someone who appreciates it!

Japan Crate May 2016 (10)

Here’s a closer look at some of the treats in the mini!Japan Crate May 2016 (11)

Hello little bunny! The booklet contained a whole backstory on the featured item this month!Japan Crate May 2016 (12)

I saved this bar for my husband, who is crazy about anything white chocolate. I love this international trend of soaking items in chocolate.

Japan Crate May 2016 (13)

We received the salted seaweed variation. I wish we had received French Salad, which is flavored liked a vinegary niçoise. I would have still shared with Sara!

March 2016 Japan Crate Original Box

Everything in the Mini Box plus…

Japan Crate May 2016 (14)

Nomuccho Jelly: The monthly DIY, which comes in all original & premium crates! I saved this to make with the kids, we love making fun DIY kits. This one is jelly flavored and the more you stir the gooier it gets!

Hachimitsu 100% Honey Candy: This is not nearly as sweet as I expected. Honey is a traditional treat worldwide and it was fun to see these hard candies in the box!

Pandaro Cookies: Delightfully buttery, with 5 different faces!

Tohato Caramel Corn: Ahoy Cap’n!  These little curls may look like puffed Cheetos, but they taste like Cap’n Crunch, except they are just sweet and puffy, not razor sharp.

Saku Saku Panda Cookies: These little cookies feature different cute faces imprinted on the chocolate that coats the biscuit.

Japan Crate May 2016 (15) Japan Crate May 2016 (16)

I love getting the individually wrapped candies.Japan Crate May 2016 (17)

This one was a little sad, but he was still delicious.Japan Crate May 2016 (18)

Everything is the cutest with these cookies, even the cranky pandas.

March 2016 Japan Crate Premium Box

Everything in the Original Box plus…

Japan Crate May 2016 (19)

Pachi Pachi Panic Cola: Cola popping candies mixed with ramune fizzy tablets. I loved this! It mixed sweet and sour and two physical sensations in your mouth.

King’s Lost Crown: This is a “crown” shaped chocolate and butter cookie with a cocoa inside!

Kajirittyo Cola Candy: Cola on the outside, cider on the inside. Not sticky! The texture is like gum but it dissolves instead of being able to continue chewing forever.

Big Mashuro Marshmallow:  A great big giant and soft fluffy marshmallow!

Nagai Sawa Gumi Strawberry: I expected this fruit rope (which is a bonus item and not in the booklet) to be chewy, but instead it was soft and jelly like. I love jelly candy so I was really excited by that.

Kitty Cups Gachapon: This Gachapon was in all crates! That’s great for subscribers to the lower levels, but it made my premium box feel a little less special since the bonus was just a jelly rope (although it was really good)

Hajikete Grape Cider: The premium box always has a drink, which my family always takes (or we pass along to Sara). I don’t drink sugar drinks but it sounds good – a grape carbonated cider.

Japan Crate May 2016 (20)

Cider rope!Japan Crate May 2016 (21)

Inside of King’s Crown.Japan Crate May 2016 (22)

Adorable kitty cup gachapon!

Have you tried Japan Crate? What did you think of this month’s box? Save $5 on your first regular or premium crate with coupon code CANDY5. You can also save $5 on your first Doki Doki with code HELLO!

Visit Japan Crate to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Japan Crate
The Description: Every month receive a mystery box stuffed with premium full size Japanese candy, snacks and DIY kits. Receive anything from a sushi candy making kit to soda jello! A mini subscription is $12 with 4-6 items per month, a regular is $25 with 8-10 items and 1 guaranteed DIY kit, and the premium crate is $30 with 12-14 items. The premium crate includes a crate, DIY kit, and will have a surprise item ranging from a bag of Japanese chips to a Premium DIY kit or gashapon figure/keychain.
The Price: $25.00 per month


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