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Hamptons Lane is a luxury monthly subscription box catering to cooking enthusiasts. Each month Hamptons Lane sends out themed recipes along with 4-7 curated artisanal ingredients and a kitchen tool that you can use to make delicious food at home. Once you sign up, each month you’ll receive an email describing that month’s new box. You can choose to skip that month without any penalty (no later than the fifth of the month), substitute another box for the current offering or, if need be, you can cancel at any time.


This box’s theme was pizza! The plainly decorated box arrived well-packed with a gorgeous recipe book, a pizza peel, a pizza cutter, pizza dough flour, pizza sauce, pizza spices and yeast.

IMG_0337This Epicurian Wood Fiber Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter Combo Pack (I couldn’t find the combo pack anywhere. The peel retails for $30 and the cutter retails for $20 when bought separately) is the perfect vehicle for transporting your pizza to and from the oven and for cutting it once it’s done. Despite the fact that the cutter is not constructed with metal, it cuts pizza very well.


I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive Scarpetta’s Pizza Sauce ($10)! I’ve been searching for it for months!

Here’s the roundabout backstory: One day about four and a half years ago, I was pregnant and hungry and had about an hour to kill before meeting with my realtor. I looked across the street and saw two restaurants: Scarpetta and Bouchon. Knowing how much Bouchon costs, I strolled into Scarpetta in search of a quick, inexpensive lunch (Ha!). Anyhow, despite spending about six times what I had hoped to on lunch, Scarpetta was absolutely wonderful.  It was the best Italian meal I’d ever had. About a month later, I saw the Scarpetta line in the grocery store and wondered if it were affiliated with the restaurant. I looked it up online, and though I found out that the two are, sadly,  unrelated, I learned that this is the shelf stable version of the pizza sauce made by Sauces ‘n Love. To my delight, my local Whole Foods in California carried the latter, and for the next four years (even across states!) its pizza sauce was my go-to pasta sauce. Anyhow, ever since my local Texas Whole Foods stopped carrying Sauces ‘n Love about six months ago, I’ve been stuck! Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive Scarpetta’s pizza sauce in this box!

Scarpetta’s pizza sauce is a delicious combination of tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. Since relatively little is required for making a pizza, I made my kids’ favorite dinner, pasta with meat sauce, with the rest.IMG_0336I was thrilled to receive Red Star active dry yeast ($2.50) along with pizza spices from Raw Spice Bar ($7). I’ve been eyeing Raw Spice Bar ever since I started writing reviews, and everything they put out sounds great on paper. This was my chance to try it out for myself, and I must say, I’m so happy these spices were included! This delicious blend of garlic, black pepper, sundried tomato, onion, oregano, basil, cayenne pepper, fennel, rosemary, thyme and other spices took the pizza to a whole new level.

IMG_0335Antimo Caputo’s The Chef’s Flour Tipo “00” (10 for $41.85 on Amazon) is widely regarded as the world’s best pizza flour. This high-protein flour is produced in Naples, Italy, and shipped worldwide to those who desire excellent and reliable pizza crusts.

IMG_4193The trickiest thing for me about making the pizza was the timing. Once you make the dough, it has to sit in your refrigerator for eight to twenty-four hours. Hamptons Lane then recommends letting it rest for a half an hour before baking. Since we wanted pizza for dinner, either I had to make the crust the night before, presumably after dinner when all I ever want to do is rest, or first thing in the morning. I chose the morning.


In addition to the ingredients contained in this box, you’ll need to have some sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and all purpose flour on hand to make the dough. When I make the dough again, I’d like to see whether or not leaving it in the refrigerator longer will impart more (yummy) flavor. I’d also like to play around with the amount of time I let the dough sit after removing it from the refrigerator. Even after 30 minutes as directed, the dough felt pretty cold to the touch. And, after figuring those out, I’d love to learn how to toss the dough in the air!


I assembled my free form pie on my new pizza peel. My husband and I can never agree on pizza flavors, so I made this one half pepperoni and mushroom and half sundried tomato and feta cheese. We used a fresh buffalo mozzerella for the main cheese.


Before turning on the oven, I sent my husband out to Target to pick up a pizza stone. After warming up the stone in the oven, I slid the pizza from the peel onto the stone and baked it at 450 degrees until it looked done.


The result was delicious! My husband liked his half better than any of our local pizzerias’ pizzas, and I loved mine! As I play around with things more, I’d like to see what happens if I turn the heat up as high as it will go without turning the broiler on. Also, next time, I’m not going to share my pizza with my husband. He can wait for round two!

I’m loving these Hamptons Lane boxes! They’re so fun that I’d like to buy some of the old boxes on my own to try out new skills and recipes. So far, every recipe I’ve made with them has been absolutely divine.

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