Gymbag March 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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GymBag is a monthly fitness and workout subscription box.  It is designed for very serious athletes, particularly those who focus on body composition (such as builders and fitness competitors).  Every month you’ll get 6-8 macro-friendly snacks, supplements, gym accessories, apparel and more, with an $80+ retail value. The box comes lined with orange tissue, which is a pretty fancy touch for a very utilitarian subscription!


The box comes with a few motivational items, like this card with an inspirational quote.


There’s also a workout song list shown at the back of the card.


The information card shows a brief description of what’s included in the box.  Note that in this subscription a significant part of the value arrives in the form of one expensive supplement.  This month that was Evolution Nutrition BCAA Energy.

This box ships at the end of the month (or at least for reviewers). The March theme is the summer “Cutting Season,” where all the gym goers prepare to get cut.  Naturally, this box focuses on metabolic and energy enhancers.


Everything in the box! The back of the curator’s letter had the retail value for each product, and a bit of information about each. The values added up to $95.78, well worth the price.


Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy Blue Raz & Fruit Punch ($56.97):  BCAAs bypass the liver, so they go directly to aiding muscle repair instead of being broken down.  Studies suggest that they also affect levels of sertonin, cortisol, and insulin in ways that reduce fatigue and soreness, as well as increasing energy levels.  This Gymbag came with 20 servings of the Blue Raz and 10 servings of the Fruit Punch flavor.  Both BCAAs tasted quite good, and the sample size was big enough to try it out for a long time!


Cellucor C4 On The Go ($3.58):  This is something that, as a fitness enthusiast, I’ve heard of but hadn’t yet tried.  I liked the Blue Razz flavor, and it gave the usual vitamin b “tingling” sensation.

5-Hour Energy Pink Lemonade ($2.42):  I was less enthusiastic about 5-hour energy, which is a product you can get at almost any gas station, but I suppose it’s a decent reminder that it can be used for fitness endurance not just staying awake at work!


Fitlosophy FitBook Six Pack Fitness Edition ($24.95):  With all the electronic tracking devices out there now to measure almost everything and upload instantly, I have to say I was surprised to see an old-school fitness journal.  The book contains room to track 12 weeks of workouts and track your fitness level over time.  There is also guidance on how to track your fitness and set your goals.  Though many who are deep into the modern day diet plans and workouts have found digital fixes for their tracking needs, this item is pretty popular with old schoolers… for those that are more old than old school, the font could be LARGER!


Charged Chocolate Tasty Energy ($2):  For me, this was an interesting to try once type of item.  If you usually get your caffeine via chocolate, I’m expecting you aren’t the type who orders fitness boxes, but it is a fun way to cheat a bit and get an occasional chocolate fix.  This bar has the energy of two energy drinks, so if you usually rely on the sugar-sweetened variety of energy drinks for your go, this could be a fair swap.  I did like the taste quite a bit.

Viter Energy Mints ($3.99):  I also enjoyed the flavor of the mints.  They are sugar free, and each one has 40 mg of caffeine and a dose of B-vitamins, so they are handy if you want to catch a little zip while tending to your breath.

Gatorade Prime Energy Chews ($1.87):   These come six in a pack, and you are supposed to portion it depending on your energy needs.  The chews provide carbs and B-6 for energy.  I’m not sure Gatorade products are different enough to get too excited about – these show up at any grocery store or racing event.

This box had good value for someone like myself who uses supplements for targeted training needs.  The value of the flagship item, the BCAA, alone covers the cost of the box.  I couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for a couple of the more common items, because I can obtain them so easily myself, but I did enjoy trying out the C-4 and the novel sweets.  To the extent I record my training, I prefer digital, but the FitBook is a good score for those who like to keep a manual record.

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