Gwynnie Bee May 2016 Review + Free Month Coupon

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I am always excited to see my Gwynnie Bee box in the mail. It has been a great way for me to keep my work wardrobe interesting.  There are so many dress options! That being said, the month I prioritized some of the more casual items – less work travel means I can wear jeans more!


Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service. My body shape makes me a perfect candidate, as they specialize in sizes 10-32, and I am a 14-16.  When I started I added about 25 items to my closet (it’s a lot like creating a Netflix queue back when DVD subscriptions were their main business model, except there is no specific order) and they sent me the first three that were available. They recently added a feature that lets you prioritize items, so I have some control over which items are more likely to show up. Then, when I return items they send more!

I really like that I have a lot of control – I pick the specific items that are in my closet.  I can go outside my comfort zone if I feel like it, or I can stay well within it. Overall, I put several items that would be a stretch for me in my closet, but also put plenty of items I think I will like so that any given shipment is likely to have something in it that I will wear.  

TBAGS LOS ANGELES Sleeveless Deep V-Neck Top (1X)

Sleeveless Deep V-Neck Top

I liked this print a lot when I saw it on the model, and the neckline was appealing.  This was a bit of a disappointment in person, though.  Really roomy – I think that was intentional, not just a sizing issue, but it was just huge on me.  And too short in front, but a good length in back.  And then there was this….


WWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYY? I just don’t get this design choice. Sure, I’d put a cami under it to save the world from my glaringly white stomach, but this just feels unnecessary.  Spend an extra minute sewing it shut or something. This wasn’t clear from the model and I doubt I would have put this in my closet if I had known.  That being said, the fabric was nice and breezy and I did like the print in person.

TBAGS LOS ANGELES Deep V-Neck Tunic (1X)

TBAGS Los Angeles Deep V-Neck Tunic

I know it says tunic in the name, but I couldn’t decide if this was a dress or a tunic when it showed up.  For me, too short to be a dress, but I am sure it is plenty long for a shorter person (I am 5’10”, 33″ inseam, for perspective).  But it felt a little too much like a dress to be a tunic.  The construction is very dress-like.

TBAGS Los Angeles Deep V-Neck Tunic

I could have tied the sleeves before I put it on, but I didn’t, so then the boy had to. Boys don’t know how to make bows.

TBAGS Los Angeles Deep V-Neck Tunic

I really like the print on this. The bows are a little fussy, and oh-my-my is it a deep-V (clearly I need to look more closely at the names of items). It is stretchy and forgiving, and did I mention I like the print?

ELVI Green Boatneck Sweater (size 1)

ELVI Green Boatneck Sweater

This is a nice lightweight sweater. The green in the photos above is most true to the color.  While it isn’t exactly exciting, it is the kind of thing that I consider to be a good staple.

ELVI Green Boatneck Sweater

And what could be more appropriate to wear on my trip to Ireland! My cousins and I finally found dates that worked for all of us and we just got back. It was a great trip, but don’t underestimate just how much it rains there.  We were very wet for the majority of the time. Too bad Gwynnie Bee doesn’t have rain pants.  Below, a rare glimpse of sunshine.

Paint me like one of your French girls.

My closet is starting to get low, so I need to go add some more items to make sure my shipments can come in a timely manner.  Plus, it’s about time to set aside the wintery stuff and get some pretty spring things!

Currently when you sign up for Gwynnie Bee you can get your first month for FREE, (no code needed, just use the link) which is an awesome way to just try it out and see if you love it.

Visit Gwynnie Bee to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Gwynnie Bee
The Description: Plus size clothing subscription rental service. Unlimited exchanges, free shipping & returns. Hot brands for curvy ladies sizes 10-32!Because this is a rental service, this is not quite a plus-size Stitch Fix. However, you can purchase the items you love, usually at a significant discount. We recommend trying it out for a month!
The Price: $49.00 per month
The Coupon: Currently when you sign up for Gwynnie Bee you can get your first month for FREE, (no coupon code needed!)
A couple things to remember (besides free laundry!):
  • you can mark your shipment as outgoing so your items ship out faster
  • you can purchase items that you love at huge discounts
  • use the community at Gwynnie Bee to help you select the best items for your body and the right size for that garment.
  • All the garments are inspected and I’ve never really had an issue with anything I’ve received in terms of condition.
  •  It’s also worth a mention that the clothes are higher end clothes, so they all have better construction and fabric than what you might normally purchase for yourself.
  • The plans are as follows:
    • 1 item/ $49 per month
    • 2 items/ $69 per month
    • 3 items/$95 per month
    • 5 items/$139 per month
    • 7 items/$179 per month
    • 10 items/$199 per month


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  • PA Anna

    I love the Ireland picture! Great review 🙂

    • Jen

      Thanks! I think it has a certain “Paint me like one of your French girls” quality.

  • Jordan

    That shirt is definitely way too big for you! But I actually really like the tunic with the jeans! I can see how it could go either way, but I think it looks great with the jeans and boots!

    • Jen

      Thanks! You’re too kind!