Fuego Box May 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Fuego Box May 2016 box

What a box of hot sauce and one of them was all hot!  Fuego Box is a monthly hot sauce subscription box that brings the heat without being extreme, focusing instead on the best flavors (while still of course being hot – just without added heat extracts and the like).  They search out the best flavors to go with every type of food and discover new artisan hot sauce makers to bring to your door. Your first monthly box will be an introductory box (see our review of the Fuego Box intro box), with a tasting journal and two favorite hot sauces from Fuego Box. Subsequent boxes include 3 full-sized artisan-made hot sauces like this box.

Fuego Box May 2016 box (2) Fuego Box May 2016 unboxing

Fuego Box has pretty cool packaging that is efficiently and specifically designed for shipping sauce.

Fuego Box May 2016 unboxed

The card on the inside of the box has a bold Fuego logo, in case you missed it on the lid.

Fuego Box May 2016 (1)

The information card gives the details on each product – the flavors, the peppers, and where it was crafted. The card also gives food pairings for each sauce.

Fuego Box May 2016 review

Everything in our box this month!

Fuego Box May 2016 (2)
Once again, I had a family dinner with my parents and 2 daughters and their children.  Before we had dinner we did a tasting of Fuego Hot Sauces.  The pictures show that we like to sample the sauces with white rice, it just works for us.
We’re not really much of a hot sauce family, didn’t grow up using it.  So we can truly sample without having any kind of bias.  We rate the sauces on a scale of 1 – 10.  Ten being the best.  We had an age range of 9-82 years.

Fuego Box May 2016 (3)

The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce. This was my personal favorite. I thought it had a little bit of a tang to it.  My 14 year old granddaughter thought the color was gross.  I did a double take when she said that and I have to admit it is kind of a muddy green color.  I gave this sauce a 9 but overall the family said it was an 8.
Fuego Box May 2016 (4)
Isabel Street Heat Fatalii Hot Sauce. This has a caution notice of, “Very spicy!  This sauce is for the individual that has an addiction to heat.”  The second I put this even near my mouth I could smell and tell that it was very hot.  I told my youngest grandchild not to try it, it would make her cry.  We discussed the use of the word spicy.  We didn’t think of it as spicy, being with a lot of spices, we thought it didn’t have much flavor at all, just a lot of heat that lingered.  We rated this a 5; but if you’re just into heat it would rate a 9 or 9.5.
Fuego Box May 2016 (5)
Jersey Barnfire’s Black Garlic Hot Sauce. This was the family favorite.  The family liked the tomato flavor and my mother thought it reminded her of teriyaki sauce.  We could see why this one won an award, lots of good flavor.  We rated this an 8.5.

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The Subscription: Fuego Box
The Description: Fuego Box is a hot sauce of the month club focused on craft and small-batch hot sauces. They search for perfect artisanal sauces you’ve probably never heard of. They avoid insane heat, gimmicky labeling, and extract-based sauces, focusing on dynamic flavor accompanied by the appropriate amount of heat. A hot sauce club for people who love food. Get 3 hot sauces per month or per quarter, or opt for just one hot sauce every month.
The Price: $29.95 per month or per quarter with free shipping, or $12.95 per month + $5 shipping for one sauce per month.
The Reviews: See all our Fuego Box Reviews.


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