FL2 Fabletics for Men May 2016 Review + 50% Off Coupon

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FL2 is a monthly men’s sports and athletic clothing subscription from Fabletics.  FL2 offers a range of elite workout gear and lifestyle essentials in great high-performance fabrics for working out or wearing wherever. It’s a boutique/showroom subscription – every month you get suggested outfits, pick one, or skip (or be charged for the month). This sort of curated shopping experience still gives you choice while making selecting new items easy.

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Everything in my May FL2 Fabletics Men box!  Like traditional Fabletics, FL2 offers clothing items as both single pieces and as parts of sets.  I reviewed a pair of Byron shorts (striped shorts on right) previously as part of the Pikes Peak set.  I love them so much that I added an extra pair to my current set a la carte!

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All the items came bagged separately within the outer shipping bag.

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This sheet provides a list of all the items in my box.  Along with my Byrons, I ordered a Serengeti set, comprising the Geo Tee and Zip Shorts.

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Byron Short:  These are super-comfy, with a French Terry type feel and relaxed cut.  They have a drawstring waist, but the string runs within a waistband that is elasticized as well.  This combo makes for a very comfortable waist, as does the wide shoelace-style string.

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The short looks the same in back and front.  A rear pocket on the right zips shut to hold your gym card, id, or money clip safe while you work out.

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Each side of the short has a vertically cut pocket.  These are easy access while standing and work well for holding most things.  My one reservation on these shorts is the tendency of the side pockets to eject large smartphones when seated — the smooth interior of the pocket and surface of phone, downward orientation of the pocket opening, and the angle of my leg when sitting combine to ease the phone out.
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Poise Bonded Zip Short:  The Poise shorts are very different from the Byron in material and construction — the waistband, however has the same great drawstring and elasticized “belt & suspenders” approach.  The elastic serves the function of both gripping in absence of a tightened drawstring, and also spreading the pressure of the tightened string across a wider path, making the band more comfortable.  The drawstring is a braided nylon cord.

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The FL2 branding is discreet, sitting toward the back of the left leg.  There are no rear pockets, so the Poise is suited well for sitting, squatting, and high-mobility activities.  The material is 85% polyester and 15% elastane, so it is slightly form-fitting, with some drape, and it cleans well.  It is very smooth, with a bit of sheen. FL2 Fabletics Men May 2016 (7)

This model has no side pockets at the hip — a single pocket sits down at the outside of the left leg, just above the knee.   The top zipper holds everything in, and the pocket can accommodate a large phone or wallet.  FL2 Fabletics Men May 2016 (8)

Shell Series Geo Tee:  This tee has cool triangle jacquard pattern that adds some visual interest — the pattern is effected by the direction and style of the shirt’s knit, but the difference is undetectable by touch, the shirt very smooth and silky across its entirety.  The composition is 70% nylon, 30% polyester, and, despite the textured look, the fabric is uniformly very thin.  I like the beautiful turquoise color (it’s also available in a bright lime “citron,” orange “monarch,” and stone).  The shoulder seams run to the collar, instead of the edge of the shoulder — this reduces shoulder bunching when in an active posture, as the natural position of the sleeves is away from your sides.

The FL2 collection is great for workout clothing, but I also love it as casual and lounge wear — it’s ideal for playing with the kids or doing house or yard work — anything where range of motion and comfort is desirable.   Plus, it’s also sharp enough to run errands in without feeling schlubby!

Have you tried FL2? Let us know! Your first set is 50% off with this link.

Visit FL2:Fabletics Men to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: FL2:Fabletics Men
The Description: Premier pieces for men to work out, play and live in. Workout, sports, and athletic musts delivered to your door.  Buy suggested looks, your own picks, or skip the month.
The Price: $25.00 per month


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