Enjoy Leggings Review + 50% Off Coupon – May 2016

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Enjoy Leggings May 2016 box

Enjoy Leggings is a monthly subscription  dedicated to all legging-lovers out there! The subscription costs $16 per month, and each month will have a fun and fashionable pair of leggings. The leggings are curated and tested by a team of legging-lovers to make sure that you’ll also enjoy your own leggings.

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Enjoy Leggings May 2016 review

This subscription is great for anyone caught up in the leggings craze! I love print leggings.

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A welcome card is included in every box to tell you the latest news about Enjoy Leggings. There’s also an invitation to join Enjoy Leggings’ monthly contest. Awesome shot!

There’s also a short Thank You note at the back of the card.

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This print is even more fun than last month, is that possible? They are soft like Lularoe leggings and I love the pink and blue with just a little bright yellow.

Enjoy Leggings May 2016 (3)

These leggings are polyester spandex and are a “one size” pair. I think LuLaRoe only has a couple of sizes so it’s no big deal, but you sign up for S, M, L or plus with this subscription. It would be neat to have sized leggings. If you’re wondering if you should get large or plus, go with the plus.

Here’s the chart so you can find your best fit at checkout. Sizing chart: Small: 2-4 Medium: 6-8 Large: 10-12 Plus: 14-18

Enjoy Leggings May 2016 (2)

The construction was ok on these leggings but they’re very soft and comfortable and a mid-weight – neither too thin nor too thick. Suitable for the price!

Enjoy Leggings May 2016 (4)

Even the inside is soft & fuzzy! Even though these are a bit too big for her my daughter snapped these up in a heartbeat – she’s leggings crazy!

What do you think of Enjoy Leggings? Are you a leggings fanatic?  Save 50% on your first month with coupon code HELLO.

Visit Enjoy Leggings to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Enjoy Leggings
The Description: When you sign up with Enjoy Leggings, every month you’ll receive a pair of fun, fashionable leggings delivered right to your door. Every pair is hand selected and tested by our team of leggings fanatics to make sure you truly ENJOY your leggings.A portion of all profits goes to support various charities that help promote positive body image for girls and women. At Enjoy Leggings, we believe in #healthynotskinny
The Price: $16.00 per month
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