Doodlebug Busy Bags May 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Doodlebug Busy Bags is a monthly subscription service that sends fun seasonal crafts for kids. Each Doodlebug Busy Bag contains 4-8 crafts that helps children develop their fine motor skills, creativity and confidence. This subscription service is run by Kidable Adventures, who also produces the Little Thinker Box. My son loves the themes of the easy-to-assemble crafts, and I appreciate the tips contained on the detailed instruction sheets. New subscribers receive a nice big red bag, perfect for holding lots of beautiful Doodlebug crafts.

IMG_4169 (2)

Each month’s box arrives with a general overview of all the crafts as well as color pictures of the finished crafts.

IMG_4168 (2)Every box contains neatly organized bagged crafts along with any other supplies that might be required, such as glue dots and magnets. This month’s theme was Mom! All six Mom crafts piqued my son’s interest. He chose to start with the Wild About You Mom placard. Since I received this box shortly before taking a vacation, I brought our Doodlebug Busy Bag along with us on the airplane. We were able to complete all six activities with a leisurely pace and (a little) time to spare during our 2.5 hour flight.

IMG_4170 (2)All of the activities were pretty straightforward this month, including this one. Simply peel and stick and presto! You’re done. I helped my son with letter placement. My son sounded out the words as he affixed them.

IMG_4620I thought this was really cute. And I loved that, once complete, all these gifts could be presents for me!

IMG_4171My son decided to decorate the card with stickers. My daughter was fussing in the seat behind us, so once he was done, we passed the stickers along to her. Suddenly, her fussing turned into happy giggles.

IMG_4632My son was very deliberate about the placement of the stickers.

I really liked the card.

IMG_4172The Mom necklace is a nice activity for discussing symmetry and fair share.

IMG_4623After stringing the O, my son alternated sides, placing the same bead on each side one at a time.

IMG_4625He wore his necklace proudly at his seat. When it was time to disembark, he asked that I hold it for safe keeping.

IMG_4173This hanger was a nice reversal: after singing “You are My Sunshine” to my kids daily, now I get to be my son’s sunshine. Nice!

IMG_4649This activity required lots of peeling and sticking.


It’s interesting to us that a different technique is used for all of the hanging ribbons. For this one, my son used a glue dot with tape placed over it.

IMG_4638The frog hanger required more peeling and sticking.

IMG_4641I thought this was absolutely adorable! My son was careful not to cover any words with flowers or butterflies.


My son is a huge fan of puns (he takes after his father!), so he thought this was hilarious.

IMG_4652The final craft was the most involved of the bunch. It was the only one that required minimal adult help.

IMG_4654After threading a pipe cleaner through the leaf and petals, my son passed the pipe cleaner to me to secure.


After more peeling and sticking, my son passed his bouquet to me to fasten with a tie. The result was really sweet!

Thanks to Doodlebug Busy Bags, our flight home went by very quickly. We’ll have to remember to bring a bag with us on our next vacation!

We can’t wait to receive next month’s Father’s Day-themed Doodlebug Busy Bag! If it’s anything like this month’s bag, my son’s Father’s Day gifts will be covered.

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The Subscription: DoodleBug Busy Bags
The Description: A monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 8 that will keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity.
The Price: $16.00 per month
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