Doodle Crate April 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Paper Lanterns!

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Doodle Crate April 2016 box
Doodle Crate had the most amazing project this month – craft your own mini Moroccan lanterns! Doodle Crate is a member of the KiwiCo family geared toward kids 9+.  It inspires young makers to learn new skills and gain creative confidence through craft and art projects by teaching them basic and intermediate techniques of a new artistic medium each month.

Doodle Crate is gender neutral and also excellent for anyone (even adults) wanting a craft subscription.  In our experience, this is the best “arts and crafts” box for older kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

Doodle Crate April 2016 unboxed

Every crate comes with everything you need to complete the project, except for a few basic items from your home, as well as a booklet.

Doodle Crate April 2016 review

All the supplies for the project – this month we made paper lanterns!

Doodle Crate April 2016 (1)

The booklet has excellent, textbook quality background on the subject matter of the project.  The booklet is loaded with high-quality pictures and illustrations to both give you ideas and help you along.  Doodle Crate is great at giving some perspective and inspiration for their projects.

Doodle Crate April 2016 (2)

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and broken down step by step, and my daughter reads every step before we begin.  There are lots of pointers and helpful tips located throughout.

Doodle Crate April 2016 (1)

This was an involved, time-intensive project requiring motor coordination that my 5 & 7 year olds didn’t have (this box is intended for older kids and teens). Doodle Crate April 2016 (2)

Embossing the lanterns involves a lot of time… and patience. You place the metallic paper over the stencil and emboss the patterns in with the tool by pressing down. And you do that 20 times! I came up with all sorts of patterns. It got easier after I decided that doing the entire lantern with the tiny diamonds was not the best plan.

Doodle Crate April 2016 (3)

Next you use the hole punch to add holes to let the lights twinkle through!
Doodle Crate April 2016 (3)

Punching holes seems easy enough.

Doodle Crate April 2016 (4)

There’s a lot of patterns to choose from for your paper lanterns in the booklet. There was a lot of inspiration!

Doodle Crate April 2016 (4)

We did make this a fun family activity and my middle child helped add tissue paper!

Doodle Crate April 2016 (6)

The individual lights are very cool. Doodle Crate April 2016 (8)

It took me a month but we finally finished!

Doodle Crate April 2016 (5)

The final steps include assembling and lighting up the paper lantern.

Doodle Crate April 2016 (9)

Here’s our finished project unlit.

Doodle Crate April 2016 (12)


Doodle Crate April 2016 (14)

They are absolutely gorgeous. Doodle Crate April 2016 (15)

The big kids are fighting over who gets to keep it! It was the most time intensive but best project yet!

This project was amazing and really well targeted for 9-16+ year olds although some of the younger ones might have needed help for this project.

Visit Doodle Crate to subscribe or find out more!  Use this link to save 40% on your first month of Doodle Crate!  (or Kiwi Crate and the KiwiCo family subscriptions Tinker Crate and Koala Crate).

The Subscription: Doodle Crate
The Description: Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for DIY projects that encourage kids to tackle new challenges and gain creative confidence! Kids ages 9 to 16+ (or for younger kids if they have an older person’s assistance!)
The Price: $19.95 per month


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  • Jenny

    What a fun project. Dry embossing is not my favorite in crafting so knowing you did so much is amazing.

    • Brandy

      it took me an entire month to finish!!!