Out Of The Box Sampler Subscription Box Review – April 2016

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Out of the Box Sampler
Out of the Box Sampler

Out of the Box Sampler is a fun box that brings the homemade market to you. Each month the box is filled to the brim with 15-18 sampler items such as “melts, scrubs, bath, body, tarts, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, discounts, cards and much more, from some of the best e-tailers on the web.” Out of the Box Sampler is a little different than the typical subscription boxes because each month is a one-time purchase. Occasionally short-term subscriptions are available.

April Theme

The April theme is Seize the Daisies! The sponsor is Sandi Pop Lollies. Out of the Box Sampler tends to go on sale the first week of every month. The May box will be available for purchase on May 2nd. Sometimes spoilers are listed on their Facebook Page. The boxes are highly scented and may not be for everyone.

Information Card
Information Card

There is not a traditional information card because each box is different. Not all companies and variations are included. This month I counted 26 companies that contributed to the Out of the Box Sampler.

All the Items
April 2016 Out of the Box Sampler

That is a lot of items! Everything except for the pink cupcake bag on top and the picture on the far left came in the brown bag.


I was first introduced to Out of the Box Sampler when my sister ordered me a box for Mother’s Day 2015. I have ordered around 5 boxes since then. We always look forward to the food! The food is packaged in a separate bag. I have never noticed any scent transferring over to the food. We lucked out that we received our two favorites this month! Peanut Brittle and a chocolate covered Oreo!!!

My husband loved the Ken’s Airy Crunch Peanut Brittle 3oz ($3.25). He ate the whole bag! All I could get out of him is that it tasted good.

I enjoyed the SandiPopLollies Chocolate Covered Oreo ($1.50).  I rarely eat Oreos even though I love them. It was a delicious chocolate treat.

Custom Antique Pet Photo
Custom Antique Pet Photo

The example of the Custom Antique Pet Photos was packed with care. It was packaged in plastic with a stiff board for protection. The photo measures 6″ x 4″  and is an excellent example of the type of work that can be ordered.

Scented portion of the review
Scented portion of the review

Now we are moving on to the items in the brown bag. I am always impressed by how much can fit in a brown bag.

Jasmine Lavender Linen Spray and Bee Friendly Seed Bombs
Jasmine Lavender Linen Spray and Bee Friendly Seed Bombs

The Jasmine Lavender Linen Spray has a light spray that is just right for linens. Mist pillows and sheets for a gentle fragrance. I like it!

The Bee-Friendly Seed Bombs also came with a For the Love of Bees zine ($3.00) that provided directions and information about the importance of bees.  We will be planting them in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see what comes up!

Top Row  – Nordica Lux Natural Beauty       Bottom Row – 1889 Beauty Copper Sun Tinted Lip Balm, Bared Naked Bath Solid Perfume, and Equine Organix Dog Shampoo

The NordicaLux products are in the top row. I am intrigued by the beauty line and may order a few products. Nordica Lux is a natural beauty line that uses Icelandic herbs and techniques.  My samples are the Miracle Moss Vitamin  C Day Cream – 8ml and the Arctic Pout Plumping Gloss 2 ml. It came in a blue organza bag with squiggles. The information card has the ingredients for both products listed on the back.

The 1889 Beauty Copper Sun Tinted Lip Balm felt moisturizing and gave my lips a little bit of color.

The Bare Naked Bath Solid Perfume Sample in Sultana came in the cutest packaging. It is the yellow box with an orange flower on the left side of the main group picture.  It has a floral scent and is easy to apply.

Wow! The Equine Organix Dog Shampoo is sold on Amazon! It is pH-Balanced, sulfate-free and tearless shampoo for dogs. I noticed that they also carry a dry shampoo for dogs that I may try out for Daisy, our English Shepherd. I am going to try the sample out on Bella, our Rat Terrier.

Lilly of the Valley Hand and Body Soap, Lemon Lavender Shampoo Bar, and Teas and Berries Sugar Scrub

The Lilly of the Valley Hand and Body Soap by Livinglena (apx $1.33) is a beautifully crafted soap. It contains cocoa butter and shea butter. The scent is not too heady. It’s the right amount that you can enjoy it without being overwhelmed if you are like me when it comes to floral scents. It came wrapped in black polka dotted craft paper.

What an awesome name! The Chocolate Chicken Lemon Lavender Shampoo Bar ( apx $3.50 -$5.00) is huge! It also smells good. My 7 year old will be using the soap because he loves shampoo bars. It came in a yellow organza bag.

The Cedar Creek Soaps Teas and Berries Sugar Scrub (apx $2.00) has serious scrubbing power. It has a berry scent with tea undernotes. I guess the scrub to be around 1-2 ounces. It’s an impressive size for a sampler box.

H & V Soap, Monster High Necklace, Mini Circle

The H & V Soap (apx $2.00) has olive oil and shea butter among its ingredients. It also contains turmeric which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The size is about half the size of a regular artisan bath soap. It should last a week or longer. I could not detect a scent.

I don’t have girls, but I did recognize the Monster High Necklace (apx $5.00). It’s a fun necklace that sits just right with a v-neck shirt.

The Mini Crochet Circle is a brightly colored sample of Jodie’s crafting ability. I love the color and am using it as a coaster for my insect repellent.

Candied Lavender Martini Tart, Sweet Pea Wax Tart, Foaming Bath Truffles

Sorry, you can not eat or drink the Candied Lavender Martini by Galaxy Candles. However, you can order candles and jewelry bars that have 925 jewelry in it. The tart smells great! It came in a purple organza bag.

The Sweet Pea Scented Wax Tart by Candle Confectionery is a wonderful example of their scent work. They make delicious looking bakery candles that I hope to see in subscription boxes!

The Pearly Sue’s Country Pure Bath & Body Foaming Bath Truffles have a beautiful design. The scent is sweet lavender and rose although it smells like chocolate or cocoa to me. My mind must be focused on the truffle part of the name.

Top – Wild Peach Poppies Tart Bottom – Wild Peach Poppies Wax Treat, Candle Tealights, Wax Melt Cup

The Kokopelli Candle Wax Tart is straight to the point. It has a scent that I love. Maybe Jasmine? Kokopelli Candle makes high quality soy wax candles.

The Wild Peach Poppies Wax Tart by Ugly Duckling Designs embodies the April theme “Seize the Daisies!” It has a delightful floral scent. The Ugly Duckling Designs is a dangerous website for those that love candles and tarts!

Two 100% homemade AbundaScendts Candle Tealights are included for our enjoyment. I am going to seal them and turn them into beautiful tea light candles floating in a bowl.

The Scent Logic Scent Shot Wax Melt Cup in Turquoise Sky is a gorgeous blue color. I sniffed it a few times thinking it smelled familiar. It reminds me of Inis.

Out of the Box Sampler is fantastic for trying out tarts, body and bath products, food, and more. There are coupon codes provided by most of the companies for when you fall in love with an item. Many times sneak peeks are provided on Facebook before the box goes live. It’s a fun, enjoyable box.

Visit Out of the Box Sampler to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Out of the Box Sampler
The Description: Get 17+ samples from handmade producers (mostly Etsy). Samples of melts, scrubs, bath, body, tarts, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, discounts, cards and much more. Mini samplers available too.
The Price: $22.00 per month
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  • Mailbox Junkie

    Holy fun Batman! I can’t believe this box is $22!! This is the beginning of a new obsession!

    • PA Anna

      It’s a hard one to break!

  • Pnut

    I am excited for next month! And August with our beloved beach theme! It will be interesting on how our reviews match up.
    That is a great idea using the coaster as a base for bug repellant! Pipsqueak likes Monster High and I wonder what flowers the seed bomb will bring! We just planted two seed bombs from a birthday party loot bag I did not know they were easy to make. The kitty magnet is hilarious! Also I believe Ken’s peanut brittle is being featured this month too I was drooling over their pralines on etsy!

    • Pnut

      *Squeals* They shipped yesterday!!! I bought a mug warmer to use for a makeshift tart warmer just for the occasion! I unfortunately had chucked my tart warmer. I am usually a hoarder and this is an example on how I should keep everything 😉

      • PA Anna

        And…Do you like it?

        • Pnut

          Went straight for the peanut brittle! Love the “airiness” of it! I think I would love their pralines more…

          I also got my mug warmer in the mail today you will smile when you see the review I will show it. Jeeze this will be a long review sooooo much stuff! I am going to light one of the candles tonight. I will start using the tarts on Mother’s Day using the new warmer since my gift (pasta maker) was delayed.

          This box should seriously do an LE candle box I would so jump on that in an heartbeat!

          What are your first impressions?

          • PA Anna

            My husband ordered the May bag for me to open on Mother’s Day. He went straight to the peanut brittle. I am impressed with May’s box! I look forward to reading your review.