April 2016 Level Up by Loot Crate T-Shirt & Women’s Size Update – Quest!

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Level Up is a monthly subscription from Loot Crate with exclusive geek and gamer premium wearable accessories themed along with the current Loot Crate theme. You can purchase Level Up separately from Loot Crate – and the wearable items (the shirts/hats/etc) are available in ladies’ sizes, but not the socks. The complete spoilers for April are shown in this review! Be sure to see the Level Up Reviews for reviews of each subscription!

There are now four options:

  • Socks: 2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99
  • Shirt: 1 shirt for $8.99
  • Accessories: 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99
  • Wearable: 1 wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99

You can also bundle the wearable + socks for $20.99.

goonies shirt

Finally the shirt.

Level Up Womens Box April 2016 (2)

Level Up comes with an entire booklet showing every item for the month. The Loot Crate theme for April was Quest!

Level Up invites subscribers to unlock this month’s quest in the new “Experience” part of their website. This is quite a bit for them to take on, and stuff like the magazine hasn’t been updated yet.

Level Up Womens Box April 2016 (1)

A short letter about the theme accompanies the photo of each Level Up item!

Level Up Womens Box April 2016 (3)

I’m going to be honest, when I pulled the shirt out I knew it wasn’t going to be a good review.


Heavyweight Gildan. Ewww. Note that it says size 3XL. This isn’t my size (but you know, if it was, I’d expect the shirt to be the correct size) – it’s my Loot Crate size, because their larger womens shirts run very small. A few months ago the Loot Crate rep told me to just size up “a few sizes” because of their shirts. Hence, my constant reminders to size up for women’s Loot Crate sizes.

size comparison

It was quite honestly, very very large, which I could tell when I pulled it out of the package. The shirt on top is a 3XL from the same subscription. There’s 14″ of extra fabric on this shirt compared to previous months.


What a great graphic!

The great news is that Level Up now accommodates a larger size range. I see this as a positive. What I don’t see as a positive is the complete lack of communication to its subscribers about this change.  I want to know when they add fourteen inches of fabric to clothing. I also want to know if this sizing extends to all the crates! I have reached out to Loot Crate and will update.

Please let us know in the comments what size you ordered and if you got a soft shirt or not and if the sizing changed from previous months!

See the Level Up spoilers page for May for which fandom is for which subscription before subscribing. However, I have definitely noticed a trend to more mass-appeal items in this subscription, so I wouldn’t hesitate to go for a longer term sub if you’re a serious geek like me.

Visit Level Up at Loot Crate if you’d like to subscribe or find out more. Save 10% on any Level Up subscription with coupon LVL10

The SubscriptionLevel Up from Loot Crate
The Description: Level Up is a set of four premium apparel subscriptions from Loot Crate. Themed along with the regular monthly crate, get socks, a shirt, ladies’ accessories, or a premium wearable item.
The Price: Starts at $8.99 per month
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The Reviews: See all our Level Up Reviews.
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  • Angie Rush

    Yeah, that’s not going to make me happy either. I specifically don’t buy men’s shirts anymore because they don’t fit right. So sending me one that’s close to my size won’t help. I think I’m done with Level Up. I don’t understand how they can send consistent shirts with the regular Crate, but not with Level Up, but it’s just not worth it anymore.

  • Angie

    I actually found this article while trying to find last month’s sizing information because of how ridiculously large this month’s shirt was. I actually had scaled back to a 2x because the 3x’s in level up have been too large (while 3x in the core crate is perfect) and then THIS showed up. It looks as big as a men’s 3x, even though it clearly says ladies 3x on it.

    • Brandy

      duh! i looked again, it totally says LADIES. i am in contact with someone from loot crate, but they don’t seem to be getting the problem.

      • Angie Rush

        I’m in contact with them as well. I am *not* paying for shipping to return an $8 shirt when I had actually ordered a 2x, and even this 3x is ridiculosuly large. I’ve already skipped my May sub and I may just cancel altogether. Not one shirt this year in Level Up has fit me correctly.

        • Brandy

          they don’t make you pay for return shipping, they send labels – i returned shirts before when i ordered my size (i wear a women’s XL in ALL OTHER SHIRT SUBSCRIPTIONS – or a men’s M or L depending how i feel that day). by the way, this is what they said: I am able to either send you a men’s size, an extension of your subscription by one month, or a refund

          that makes me unhappy too, because i wanted a women’s shirt. i dont like the men’s high collars.

  • Ricki

    Did they send you a men’s shirt by mistake? Mine’s a Gildan Softstyle Women’s XL and looks the same as the rest I have received since January.

    • Brandy

      i thought about it, but looking at the collar, it’s less wide than men’s styles.

  • Jenny

    Oh no. That is such a great shirt too. 🙁

  • Erin

    That is very strange! I ordered a large in both the core crate and the level up tshirt. Both of my shirts were soft, and the level up one was Gildan Activewear, not Heavyweight.

    I wonder if they have different suppliers for different sizes?