Anime Bento Subscription Box Review & Coupon – May 2016

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Anime Bento is a monthly subscription box for true anime fans! With this subscription you’ll receive Japanese toys, collectibles, and other swag from your favorite anime shows delivered straight to your door every month. Anime Bento is committed to sending only authentic products, too. Moe Chan, depicted on the cover of the box, is Anime Bento’s official mascot.

Moe Chan is a master chef and bento artist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her saucy get-up, but she’s a sweet 16.

She enjoys watching comedic anime and is often caught doodling when she should be working.  Her dream is to one day open a great restaurant where food and art can be equally appreciated.  She attends the local high school and is popular with her class mates.  Moe has very close friends that she works with and always makes sure that they always have a good lunch to eat.  When she is not working at a maid cafe in Akihabara or going to school, she helps run the Social media sites for Anime Bento.

Anime Bento May 2016 review

The items are neatly stacked together inside the box.

Anime Bento May 2016 (1) Anime Bento May 2016 (2)

This month’s box offers a fun smattering of anime goodness- let’s take a look!

Anime Bento May 2016 (3)

There was a card in the box reminding subscribers of A-Kon next month!

Anime Bento May 2016 (4)

Aiko-Chan T-Shirt

One of Anime Bento’s original characters graces the front of this month’s shirt.  Smiling and flashing her iconic ‘V’, Aiko-chan is sure to let everyone know that you are a lover of the Anime Bento!  The shirt as usual is soft and of good quality.

Anime Bento May 2016 (5)

Sword Art Online Poster Collection

Pokemon Keychain

Glico Giant Caplico

(All shown in more detail below!)

Anime Bento May 2016 (6)

We got lucky and got Pikachu himself.

Anime Bento May 2016 (7)

Pokemon Keychain

This little offering strongly reminded me of the popular Gachapon vending machines in Japan.  These machines offer a range of interests (though many of them are anime related), vary in prices, and dispense ‘blind’ capsules, leaving the user to wonder what exactly they’ll receive.  Anime Bento May 2016 (8) Our capsule contained the ever popular Pikachu and included a small paper that showed the other tempting possibilities. The little guy is well made and detailed; he’ll look adorable wherever I choose to hang him!  There is even a whole other second version of the same toys that have a different clasp that allows the toys to be strung together.  The Gachapon machines are extremely popular AND addicting!  A true Otaku must collect them all!

Anime Bento May 2016 (9)

Sword Art Online II posters

Sword Art Online, also referred to as SAO, is a popular light novel turned anime.  The first season begins the story of Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and how he and other players find themselves trapped within a newly released virtual reality game.  Dying in game and trying to disconnect from the game all result in the player’s death in real life so those trapped are faced with hunting down and taking out their enemy.  In season two, our protagonist returns this time to investigate homicides in virtual reality.  The villain, known only as Death Gun, has the horrifying ability to actually kill a player in real life if he can terminate their virtual persona.  Anime Bento May 2016 (10)Out of twelve possible posters, our box contained two, both showing the characters Asuna and Konno Yuuki.  Anime Bento May 2016 (11)The posters are nice, quality paper and will hold up well.  Their compact sizes will make hanging them easy and some of the landscape orientations will allow for interesting placements.  IMG_0346

Gilco Giant Caplico

This was really good!  Stylized as the ice cream that never melts, this treat is about the size of a real ice cream cone and tastes great!  The strawberry topping reminded me of the British candy bar, Aero.  It was fluffy, but still substantial, almost a frosting.  It gave way to a rich chocolate center, denser but also aerated in texture, and it continued down the tip of the cone.  The flaky cone itself is very much like a standard ice cream cone.  The English label on the wrapper labels it as being wheat, so those who are gluten intolerant take note.  On the whole, it was a worthy, substantial treat that is more than capable of sating the most demanding of sweet tooth!

Anime Bento May 2016 (12)

Gurren Lagann Boota Plush

It’s wonderful when a plushie is cute the whole way around and this guy certainly foots the bill in that regard.  Anime Bento May 2016 (13) The cuteness starts with a cute dot of a nose and huge eyes and ends….well, with the end!  Anime Bento May 2016 (14)Turn the plush around to reveal the cute pink rear end!  This plush is named Boota and he is basically the unofficial mascot of Team Dai-Gurren and the pet of Simon from the anime Gurren Lagann.  Despite his comical appearance, this little pig-mole has near-human intelligence and is also a bit of a pervert.  The plush is well made and represents the character well!

Another great box from Anime Bento! It was really fun to get a shirt.

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  • Valerie

    You can get Aero bars here in Canada, too. Best chocolate bar there is. Caplicos also reminded me of them!