AKM Box May 2016 Subscription Box Review

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AKM Box May 2016 box

AKM Box is a monthly subscription box for all those who love magic! Each box costs $25.00 per month, and you’ll receive specialty supplies and instructions that will help you learn magic tricks. The items are all handpicked by Justin Flom and other magicians who wanted to share the joys of learning and experiencing magic. Justin Flom is the author of the hugely popular book Adventures of a Kid Magician. It’s so popular that we weren’t able to read it – it’s coming back into print and will be available soon!

AKM Box May 2016 unboxing

This little box holds three tricks, a puzzle, and a magician’s essential accessory!

AKM Box May 2016 (1)

As a subscriber benefit, you’ll get access to tutorials and other secret videos from the best magicians of AKM Box community.

AKM Box May 2016 (2) AKM Box May 2016 (3)

The information card lists all the items inside the box.  They tally the value of the items at $67.50.

AKM Box May 2016 review

Everything in the May box!

  AKM Box May 2016 (6)

Wonder Signal ($13):  This particular trick was not very amazing.  The three dots change miraculously as you wave your hand across, the secret being in the sliding handle of the paddle that switches both sides between their respective set of patterns.  This trick was probably much more impressive when it was first conceived, as it probably predated tiny LEDs — changing the color of a small light doesn’t seem like something the public would swoon over today.

AKM Box May 2016 (7)

This particular item was made in India, and the instructions were obviously written there as well — I can’t really figure out from the instructions how to show “both sides of the paddle the same by the paddle move pass your hand over the paddle.”  Each side of the paddle is unique, so I guess you pretend to flip it around.  The sliding mechanism allows you to effect the other transitions.

But all of this doesn’t matter in the hands of a magician!

AKM Box May 2016 (5)

My son was much better at this than me!   He really mastered the technique of nonchalantly brushing the sliding mechanism with a flourish of the hand.

AKM Box May 2016 (8)

Donkey Puzzle ($2.50):  This puzzle is a classic that plays upon our preconceptions.  Nearly everyone will instinctively attempt to solve the puzzle by placing the horses atop one another with the rider in the same orientation as each horse — this leaves the rider upside down!

AKM Box May 2016 (9)

The secret is actually to place the horses back to back and orient the rider card such that he is laying on top of each horse — the rider covers the backs of the individual horses, and a pair of new, dynamic horses appear perpendicular to the now partly obscured originals.

AKM Box May 2016 (2)

Here my daughter puzzles over the seeming impossibility of the puzzle.

AKM Box May 2016 (10)

Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square ($22):  This was a great trick, and the instructions were very clear as to how it was to be performed.  note bene:  you’ll want to wear pants with pockets for this trick!

AKM Box May 2016 (1)

With just a bit of practice, I was able to perform the illusion well enough to amuse the crowd.  You begin the trick with a single red ball.  The ball is discreetly swapped for  a “red ball” that is actually an inverted square wrapped around a black ball.  After some distracting gesturing and slight of hand, the red ball transforms into a black ball and a red square.  I am actually quite fond of this trick, because it is done in such a way that the audience thinks they’ve figured you out — when they move to uncover the red ball retained in your right hand, however, they find that it is not a ball at all!  I love the double reveal of the trick that fools both those casually watching and those trying to catch you.

AKM Box May 2016 (3)

This trick works best with slightly bigger hands.

AKM Box May 2016 (4)

Pop-Eyed Popper Deck ($22):  I’m not really sure where this deck gets its peculiar name, other than the wide-eyed expression of the face cards.

AKM Box May 2016 (5)

The box, and the deck itself, appears very ordinary.

AKM Box May 2016 (12)

Complete instructions walk you through two versions of the trick.  One version pulls the same trick card every time.  The second version, however, can be made to accommodate the mark’s picking of any card within the deck, allowing you to astound cynical onlookers.

AKM Box May 2016 (11)

The deck looks quite ordinary from afar.  If you look closely, you’ll see multiple instances of the same card.  AKM Box May 2016 (13)

The Jack of Clubs is actually makes up half the deck!  Every card other than the smooth-backed jacks is sanded slightly.

AKM Box May 2016 (4)

The rough back of the cards causes them to stick to each jack, completely obscuring half of the deck.  This allows you to know that the chosen card is the Jack of Clubs when performing one version of the trick, and it also allows you to move a decoy card when performing the alternate, face up version of the trick.  I found that I could also use the deck for a third trick, shuffling carefully and magically stopping on the chosen card (this version only works with the deck face down, and it can only be done once, since the Jack of Clubs is chosen every time).

AKM Box May 2016 (14)

JF Custom Bandana ($8):  The kit also comes with a JF insignia bandana.

AKM Box May 2016 (6)

Every magician needs a red bandana!

We got a real kick out of this box.  The tricks were a good difficulty level for a novice, as the prop pieces did most of the work.  Of the three tricks, only the stop light trick may receive a lukewarm reception — the others will bring down the house.  Magic accessories are pretty expensive, so the price on this box is quite reasonable.  I also think it is a great value add to have additional resources and insider video tutorials available online.

Visit AKM Box to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: AKM Box
The Description: Learn how to amaze your friends through easy to learn but powerful tricks with the AKM Box. The successful book series, Adventures of a Kid Magician, is about someone just like you! Zach gets in and out of crazy situations using his skill and love of magic. Join the AKM Box community to start learning and experiencing the wonder that comes with the joy of sharing magic. Justin Flom, along with other magicians, have hand picked every trick you will be receiving! Every month brings a new box with new excitement! As a special BONUS, subscribers will gain access to secret videos created by a whole community of AKM Box magicians! You will learn from some of the best!
The Price: $25.00 per month


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