Style Your Life Sprinkles April 2016 Teen Subscription Box Review

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Style Your Life Sprinkles is a monthly subscription box for tween and teen girls full of cute accessories and beauty items. You can pick between boho and girly style profiles. If you love Audrey Hepburn, Sparkle, Pink, Lipstick, Bows, and Kate Spade, pick the girly box. The bohemian box is for you if you like Urban Outfitters, Free People, Floppy Hats, and Coachella. This month, we got boho…and Style Your Life Sprinkles nailed it!

As always, I reviewed this box with the help of two budding fashionistas — my 14- and 11-year old daughters.  In every day life, they go back and forth between girly and boho, so it is always fun opening the Style Your Life Sprinkles package.


Inside the pretty mylar envelope was a tissue-wrapped package (pretty navy blue and red tissue paper)!  We opened up the tissue and here’s what we saw.  Look at those gorgeous colors – so bold!


We looked inside the woven Mexican bag and found a bunch more goodies.  Here’s a look at everything in the package this month.


The front side of the information card.  (I’ll spoil the surprise before the next picture…the theme this month is “Spring Break.”  This illustration is perfect for the theme!)20160428_090602

And here is the back of the information card.  In addition to listing the contents, Style Your Life Sprinkles provides some information about the goodies and how to use them, as well as retail prices.


Woven Mexican bag:  This bag is fantastic, and perfect for bringing sunscreen and supplies to the beach.  It’s a great size – about 14 inches by 16 inches – and has a nice long handle for carrying over the shoulder.20160428_110849

The bag is made of pretty woven fabric with dark, bold colors.  Here’s a close-up of the fabric pattern.  My girls loved this bag and are looking forward to using it for some of our summer adventures.  They really liked the textiles – this is a big trend now and we’ve seen it in a bunch of stores at the mall.  (Or should I say it’s trendy again – I remember having bags, blankets, and a poncho made of Mexican woven fabric like this when I was in college…but I’m not about to tell my daughters.  They run away screaming when I mention the word “retro!”  Anyway, this is one mom who is happy to see this back in style.  Love it!)


Bracelets:  Next up, two pretty silver bracelets.  The instruction card says they are perfect for layering, but we preferred them separately.  They are both pretty and delicate and super summery.  Just right for “spring break.”20160428_091038

Here is what they look like on.  The lacy one comes on an stretchy elastic band; the crescent-shaped one is on a metal chain with a typical jewelry latch.  Both of them are big enough to fit my wrist (as you can see), but can be made small enough for my daughters’ wrists.  Both are super cute!20160428_090802

Temporary Tattoos:  Next up is a package of temporary tattoos – the instruction card suggests that these can be worn to the beach instead of jewelry…smart!  Anyway, these temporary tattoos are colorful and metallic feathers – very delicate and pretty.  My younger daughter loves temporary tattoos, so these are a hit.

20160428_090748Mini Lanterns:  Last, but not least, are two tiny party lanterns.  These are about 3 inches in diameter when set up; they came flat in the package, of course.  They’re cute, little ornaments that create a beachy feel.  Fun!

Like I mentioned above, Style Your Life Sprinkles nailed it with this box.  The “Spring Break” theme was fun and the contents in the package are perfect for the theme.  My girls love it when the pretty mylar envelope shows up – always a hit!  One thing I really like about Style Your Life Sprinkles is that the goodies are age appropriate…”grown up” enough to feel special, but completely OK for teens and tweens.  It’s not easy to zero in on this age group, but Style Your Life Sprinkles is doing a really good job.  We can’t wait to see next month’s box!

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The Subscription: Style Your Life Sprinkles
The Description: A monthly box of style for teen and tween gals, each month your favorite gal will receive her Style Your Life “Sprinkles Box”, which will contain unique jewelry, accessories and beauty items!
The Price: $25.00 per month


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