Sci-Fi Block April 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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sci fi block april 2016 box
Sci-Fi Block is a monthly sci-fi geek subscription box. It’s part of the Nerd Block family, and every month you’ll get 4-6 epic items plus a custom sci-fi themed t-shirt.

sci fi block april 2016 unboxingIMG_8272

This month’s featured item! And a bonus!
sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8273

The back of the info card.

sci fi block april 2016 review
Everything in my April 2016 Sci-Fi Block!

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8276

Funko ReAction Firefly Hoban Washburne Action Figure ($8.82) I love Funko’s retro ReAction figures! Subscribers could have received Hoban, Mal, or Kaylee.sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8277

A closer look! I  love how his dino comes with.sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8278

ET: Phone Home Magnet ($7?) I don’t care if it’s tiny or cost 50¢ to produce, I LOVE THIS! By far my favorite item in the box.


I wish I still had my Speak n Spell!

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8279

Mad Max Fury Road Max Part One ($4.99) I was happy to see this Jim Lee cover variant labeled as a bonus, because tbh, I never thought of this franchise as Sci-Fi! Do you classify post-apocalyptic drama as sci-fi or something else?

Max. The warrior Max. Haunted by his past and fated to wander the brutal Wasteland in search of his better self. To do so, Max Rockatansky enters Gastown, the only source of guzzoline for thousands of miles.  Here he finds the final piece that he needs to rebuild his Interceptor – the powerful Boss 351 engine. But in order to acquire the fabled V8 in a world where car parts are worth more than a man’s life, Max must survive a gladiatorial battle in a place called…Thunderdome Plus!

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8280

Star Wars Projector Pen ($5.70)  More Star Wars swag!sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8281

The side of the pen features Storm Troopers.

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8282

It projects a Storm Trooper on your wall! This is a fun pen to play with when you’re bored and don’t want to write anything.

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8285

BBC Doctor Who Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Head – Eleventh Doctor ($12.95) This is a super substantial bobblehead with really great details! I’m not a Doctor Who Fan but I did appreciate the quality of the item.

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8286

Whoops, I forgot a photo of the socks with the tag on!

Star Wars No-Shows Socks 5-Pack ($11.99) These are really cool. They fit sock sizes 10-13, so they are a little big for me and my husband is weird and likes ends to his socks. These would be perfect for me if they weren’t twice the size of my feet! The socks feature Kylo Ren, A First Order Stormtrooper, a Troop leader, a Tie Fighter, and a pair that just says First Order. Some subscribers received this set.

sci fi block april 2016 IMG_8288

Sci-Fi Spaceship Silhouettes T-Shirt from Shirt Punch ($10?) I love the graphic design of this shirt, but I wish the screening was better (the kind that doesn’t show through to the shirt underneath). We have NCC-1701, Battlecruiser, TARDIS, Serenity, Millennium Falcon, Colonial viper Mark 2, Klingon Bird of Prey. Still, SUPER GEEKY AND FUN!

FYI – All the Nerd Blocks are updating item information – if you have a current subscription, I suggest updating the information in your account! I would have loved smaller socks, so hopefully I’ll get a better match in the future!

Sci-Fi Block got off to a really strong start, but unfortunately the last two boxes were only so-so for me and my personal interests although all the items were nice, but I’m regifting most of the value of this block. I’m really excited about the Sci-Fi Block spoilers for May, though! Some actual classics in the block – something I’ve been really rooting for!

Visit Sci-Fi Block to subscribe or find out more!  Save 15% on the first block  by using the code SAVE15 (enter this after hitting the green review order button).

The Subscription: Sci-Fi Block
The Description: A monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with apparel, toys, and collectibles all themed around SCI-FI!!! Every Sci-Fi Block comes with a custom t-shirt (Has men’s regular, fitted, and women’s fitted tees – and youth sizes!) and 4-6 epic items for you to tear into! Also available – Nerd Block Jr (Girl & Boy), Horror Block, Comic Block, Arcade Block, and classic Nerd Block!
The Price: $29.49 per month
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