Petit Vour April 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Petit Vour Box April 2016 box

Hooray, April Petit Vour! Petit Vour is a vegan beauty subscription box. For only $15 per month you receive up to five cruelty-free beauty and grooming samples.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 unboxing

The cards from Petit Vour have been illustrated lately by Mia Charro, who makes wonderful and gorgeous art.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (1)

The information card gives details on each item.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 review
Everything in the April box!

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (2)

Kumari River Bath & Body Oil ($8.50) A beautifully scented organic bath and body oil – lavender, peppermint,  lemon, rosemary, geranium, frankincense, and chamomile in a grapeseed, sesame, olive oil base.
Petit Vour Box April 2016 (9)

This is an oil you want to keep on smelling, and nearly all of it is certified organic. It’s definitely calming and exactly what I wanted.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (3)

Juara Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail Balm ($2.50) The smell of Juara has to be one of my absolute favorite smells, so my eyes brightened when I found this in my box! It’s a rich coconut and shea based balm that’s absolute perfection, and good for more than just your skin – it’s also for nails and cuticles. The candlenut and buruti oils in this balm really give long-lasting hydration. I need more Juara!

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (4)

Bedrock & Bloom Smart Ash All Natural & Organic Teeth Whitener ($3) Smart Ash whitens the teeth by using Wildcrafted Activated Coconut Charcoal and is a fluoride non-GMO and of course vegan toothpaste alternative. I like the claim that it remineralizes so I’m going to have to suck it up and try it out.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (5)

Studio 78 Paris Organic Makeup ($32) I received this prettily decorated cream eyeshadow in Venice.  The name of the eyeshadow is “We Move Around Cream Eyeshadow” actually – translated from French, which probably loses something.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (6)

I love that this came with a compact mirror! It’s an interested dusty plum shade.

Petit Vour Box April 2016 (7)

Unfortunately it seems that the top was a little dried out – like the moisture wasn’t distributed evenly through this product and it really made a bit of a mess.Petit Vour Box April 2016 (8)

It was kind of… chunky to apply. Clearly there was something wrong with my product – I’ve seen swatches of this from others with no issues. Some subscribers received the 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge or 100% Pure fruit pigmented color cosmetics stain eye shadow and I haven’t heard any complaints about those.

The total value of my box this month was $46 and would have been great if the eyeshadow was OK. I did check in with PV and they haven’t heard any reports, so I’m marking it as a one-off unless I hear differently.

Visit Petit Vour to subscribe or find out more about this vegan beauty subscription box!

The Subscription: Petit Vour
The Description: Get 4-5 hand-picked luxury vegan beauty & grooming samples every month to apply, blend, buff, lather, soak and spray. A great way for anyone interested in luxury and cruelty-free products to sample, especially as these products can be so hard to find in your regular shopping routine.
The Price: $15 per month, $23 to Canada
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  • LC

    So Petit Vour isn’t sending the same products to everyone (except for color variations)? I took a break from them and then resubbed for 3 months. I got Ecco Bella lip gloss, Ursa Major face balm, and the same Kumari and Juara products you got.

    You should try the Smart Ash! It really works. I use it when I want to whiten my teeth (I don’t remember which sub box I got it from). I usually brush my teeth with toothpaste after using it. I don’t know if that is advised or not, lol.

    • Brandy

      No they don’t always. They said in a spoiler too that there would be variations. I can’t see how toothpaste after would hurt!!!

  • PA Anna

    I found my information card because I couldn’t remember what item I gave to my sister. I received the 100% PURE fruit pigmented satin eye shadow, Ursa Major fortifying face Balm, Kumairi River Bath & Body Oil, and Juara Hand & Nail Balm.

  • Jessica f

    I got the same box and had the same issue with the eyeshadow. I was really unimpressed and sent a bit of a scathing email to PV, but have not received a response. This product was overvalued and of poor quality. I’m pretty unhappy with this box and with PV.

    • Jessica F

      Update – PV customer service wrote back and will send a replacement product. Good on them. I don’t think the eyeshadow was meant to be chunky. Seems to have been some sort of defect.