Love Goodly April-May 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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love goodly april may 2016 box

Love Goodly is a bi-monthly vegan and eco-friendly subscription box. Every box features 5-7 cruelty-free and non-toxic products just for you – beauty, lifestyle, home, wellness, jewelry and accessories, and cosmetics. Every purchase supports a cause – February’s is Cure Cervical Cancer. The side of the box describes what’s inside: Eco. Natural. Healthy. No Animals Harmed. Curated with Love.

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The box was guest curated by Alicia Silverstone in support of Farm Sanctuary!love goodly april may 2016 unboxing

FYI – You can still grab one of these boxes until they sell out!

love goodly april may 2016 review

I loved how the green squiggles looked like grass!

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8250

The information card details each of the full-size items in the box.

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8253

mykind B12 Vitamin Spray ($10.17) This b-12 spray is obviously perfect for vegans – and it’s organic, non-gmo certified, and it’s made from whole foods. This is a nice raspberry spray, which should absorb well – I love that it’s not made from chemical isolates!

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8256

ZAO Organic Makeup, Organic Volume Mascara ($33.2) I love all the packaging for Zao products – from sustainable bamboo! This is a great vegan mascara that actually did a a really nice job on my lashes. I was incredibly surprised! A really nice pick from a fantastic brand – and if you love it, you can buy refills! So neat.

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8252

OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream ($44) When I squirted this out I could tell right away it was algae based – it has that great sea smell! The cream uses a blend of dermal proteins to protect against and repair environmental damage.

The information card calls algae seaweed, which led me down the rabbit hole of “are algae vegan?” And then I discovered that laminaria are kelp, which kind of blew my mind, because I always put seaweed in the plant category in my mind (you’d think I didn’t grow up on the beach?!). I’m sure it’s vegan but if you want to know more about the reproductive cycle of brown algae, go right ahead.

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8254

KooShoo Organic Hair Ties ($6) A couple of sturdy hairties made with organic cotton and natural rubber were included.

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8259

So nice that this vegan box can include an organic version of this classic subscription box staple!love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8255

They also make these wild pants for kids that I’m going to have to check out!

love goodly april may 2016 IMG_8258

Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Walnut Flaxseed Truffles ($3.98) I always enjoy Nicobella truffles!  They’re so chocolately and this version included 2 rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids – so I can pretend that I’m doing my body good while I’m eating it!

I thought it was so cool to have a huge vegan celebrity curate this month’s box! I think Alicia Silverstone only puts her name on quality and the contents (or the value – about $97) didn’t disappoint!

Visit Love Goodly to subscribe or find out more! Use coupon code HELLOLOVE for $5 off your first vegan lifestyle subscription box or shop purchase.

The Subscription: Love Goodly
The Description: Every other month you’ll receive 5-7 cruelty-free, natural, vegan products, including a mix of full size products and deluxe samples of nontoxic beauty and skincare, healthy snacks and eco style accessories.
The Price: $39.95 every other month


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