Loot Pets April 2016 Review & Coupon

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Loot Pets Box April 2016 box

BACONNNN! Loot Pets is a monthly subscription from Loot Crate! Every month they select an assortment of geeky gear for your dog that matches the Loot Crate theme for the month.  I love the pawprints on the box! If you’re wondering the color of this box is dark taupe, not black.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 unboxing

This month’s theme was Quest for BACON! I was relieved that the box did not have to be folded inside out and excited to scratch and sniff, which I did excitedly before even taking a photo.
Loot Pets Box April 2016 (5)

Loot Pets has lost the magazine and the information card shows the items included in the box.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (4)

The card can also be cut into collectible cards, although I am not sure if anyone would collect these! I was totally fine without the magazine.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 review

Everything in the April Loot Pets box!

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (6)

BATTLEPUG Volume One (on Amazon listed as a hardcover for $11.24)

The epic tale of blood and drool begins here! Join Molly and her dogs Mingo and Colfax, as she recounts the legend of “The Warrior and the Battlepug”—a tale of a fearless barbarian, his trusty and freakishly large pug, and evil baby harp seals. This volume collects the first year of Mike Norton’s Battlepug—the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the fan-favorite webcomic by Mike Norton, Allen Passalaqua, and Crank!

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (7)

This is a FUN comic! I totally loved it and I’m not a regular comics reader. The art is fantastic and the entire thing is incredibly witty.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (8)

The whole thing made me laugh – especially riding Battlepug. The pugs are all adorable. Great comic for geeky pet lovers.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (2)

Questrips Beefy Treats ($8?) Beefy Strips for Epic Doggy Trips! One of the things that Loot Pets nails every month is the treats! Lindy samples loads of treats each month and is always wild about all the Loot Pets goodies.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (3)

Made in the USA, no gluten, soy, corn or grains. And Two Paws Up!

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (9)

Jakks Pacific Bacon Plush Toy ($10?) With crinkly insides and squeaker – this got Lindy running upstairs superfast! It’s definitely already a favorite, and I just love the construction and details on the bacon – it’s plushy instead of being printed!

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (10)

Exclusive 20-Sided Dice Shield Charm:  This is a great version of the one we got in April’s Loot Crate! Perfect for wearing on the quest for the perfect patch of grass.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (11)

Adventure Time Makin’ Bacon Pancakes! T-Shirts (Human & Doggy – $20?): These are great!! Geeky, fun, and something that we want to wear!

Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes,
Take some bacon and I’ll put it in a pancake,
Bacon pancakes, that’s what it’s gonna make,
Bacon pancaaake!

Since Lindy was upstairs she wore her shirt right away.

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (14)

Loot Pets Box April 2016 (13)Another shot (in front of the kids’ Minecraft mural!). She’s such a good dog and loves hugs. (She will also check all of the kids when I walk through the door – she must be first!)

This month is Loot Pets first month with a matching dog and human shirt. I really appreciate Loot Crate’s willingness to experiment and change their boxes in response to consumer demand. It’s impossible to value this subscription – everything is basically exclusive (the shirts weren’t labeled exclusive and the book might be a different edition but was nearly half the cost of the box) but I’m definitely getting my money’s worth and it’s just FUN! I was a little bummed there weren’t two treats this month but I loved the comic and the toy (who doesn’t love bacon and/or pugs?!).

FYI – you can see the spoilers for next month on our Loot Pets Spoilers page! The theme is POWER! Also, international subscribers should know that Loot Pet replaces the treats with a different item for international shipment.

Visit Loot Pets to subscribe or find out more! Save $3 on your first month with coupon code SAVE3 or, save 10% on your entire subscription with coupon code  HELLOSUBSCRIPTION!

The Subscription: Loot Pets
The Description: Every month, Loot Crate carefully curates and deliver pop culture gear for your pet, such as pet toys, accessories and more, all valued at $50+ USD! This doggone great crate has an item that coordinates with the human Loot Crate.
The Price: $24.99 per month


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