Kloverbox April 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Kloverbox First Peek

Kloverbox is a fun and unique natural and organic beauty and lifestyle subscription box delivering the purest in beauty, nutrition, health, and home essentials.

Kloverbox Information Card
Kloverbox Information Card

The April theme is Celebrate Earth Day Every Day! There is a twist this month! A Kloverbox overstock item is included. The information card contains details about the products, websites, and provides discount codes.

April 2016 Kloverbox
April 2016 Kloverbox

The April box looks great!

LoveSnack Pouch Goodie Bags
LoveSnack Pouch Goodie Bags

I ran outside in between April showers to take outdoor pictures. My Love Snack Pouch Goodie Bags ($8.00) did not soak through! The snack pouches are top rack dishwasher safe. It is made out of polyester with a PEVA food-safe coating on the inside. I love the colors! It has a velcro closure. My family will be using the snack pouches often!

Go Green Miracle Balm
Go Green Miracle Balm

The Go Green Miracle Balm ($17.99) is effective for dry and cracked skin.  Among the ingredients are shea butter and coconut oil. It rubbed in gently into my skin and only a small amount was needed. I did not detect a scent. No walking around with dry legs in the spring and summer. I may try it out on my hair ends as the website suggested.

Kali Organic Tampon Sampler and Wipette
Kali Organic Tampon Sampler and Wipette
Closer Look
Closer Look

The Kali Organic Tampon Sampler and Wipette ($3.00) is a great introduction to the Kali Organic Tampon subscription box. The tampons are free from chlorine bleach, chemicals, synthetics, and pesticides. A super tampon, a regular tampon, and a wipette are included. It’s a great way to try out a healthier alternative for those that are using tampons!

Goodness Knows Very Cranberry Snack Squares
GoodnessKnows Very Cranberry Snack Squares

The Goodness Knows Snack Squares Very Cranberry ($2.00) has luscious dark chocolate with cranberries and nuts. The bar smells as good as it looks!  It has a crunchy, tart, cranberry taste mixed with a dark chocolate flavor. It even comes in bite size squares!

Kloverbox Overstock - Dermadeli Calm Chamomile Exfoliating Scrub
Kloverbox Overstock – Dermadeli Calm Chamomile Exfoliating Scrub

The last item is a Kloverbox Overstock with a value over $5.00. I read of people receiving two items if the value is low. I received the Dermadeli Calm Chamomile Exfoliating Scrub ($20.99). It made its first appearance in the December 2015 Kloverbox. The scrub is dry; it needs liquid added to it. I am going to add almond oil to it and use it as a body scrub. I’m happy with what I received.

I noticed a few boxes experiencing delays in shipping this month including Kloverbox. It did arrive in April! The items selected remind me of why I love Kloverbox. It’s the variety of items – snack bags, body products, and even a snack. How cool is it that we received an overstock item during Earth Month? That, to me, celebrates the essence of what Kloverbox and Earth Month is seeking to accomplish. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in May’s box.

What do you think of the April Kloverbox? What overstock item did you receive?

Visit Kloverbox to find out more or to subscribe. Save 10% on your whole subscription with coupon code HS10!

The Subscription: Kloverbox
The Description: Each month you will receive premium products to sample, each from top brands and hand-picked by our health conscious curators. From what you eat, to how you clean, to the products you use on your body, Kloverbox helps you learn about new eco-friendly options every month.
The Price: $25 per month


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  • Natalie

    Anyone else get their May box yet? What a letdown. 🙁

    A small sample of Harvey Prince shampoo and conditioner, a stick or Breathe Balm and some bug spray…that’s it. There wasn’t even the little post card to tell me how to use it.

    I agree about their customer service. I emailed them about a month ago to find out if I could use the coupon code when I redid my 3 months subscription and I never heard back. Once this quarter is up, they aren’t getting any more money from me.

    It’s too bad because I’m sure a lot of these companies want to get their name out there but KloverBox sure isn’t helping them while the boxes get smaller and junkier.

    • PA Anna

      I was away when my box arrived. I received the same items and will be writing a review within the next couple of days. It’s my understanding that an information card will be sent to us via email.

  • Go Green Miracle Balm

    Hi Sara,
    Thank you for your feedback on my packaging. I really do appreciate it. I am a small business, and I make each jar by hand. My product is of the highest quality standardsand ingredients. Buy yes, I do recognize that I need to work on my packaging, so thanks again! I would be interested in hearing your feedback on the actual product as well. It is for dry skin, eczema, split ends, dry patches etc. It can be used any where on the body. It will immediately absorb and not leave you feeling greasy. Feel free to contact me anytime! [email protected]

    • Andi

      I’ve been using the Go Green Miracle Balm for several months now, and it’s my favorite item from the April box, and one of my favorites from Kloverbox altogether. I use it on my hands and cuticles at night before bed. I like that it soaks in easily, and makes my hands very soft without feeling greasy! I keep forgetting to bring it to my nail tech as a potential product for her to use in her salon, but I need to do this, because she’s always looking for great products at reasonable prices, and I think she’ll love this.

  • Carla

    I’m glad you liked this months box. I personally found it to be a letdown. I didn’t appreciate the tampons. That was too personal of an item – seriously. I will use the snack bags & balm but they were not something I would buy myself. That in itself is ok as this is why sub boxes can be fun. However I am put off with the overstock item in my box. I don’t like this as some of these items can potentially be old. I do expect my samples to be recent, fresh & from a company that’s still in business. I received a face mask and the owner closed up shop. So, how old is this mask? Overall this box costs more than most boxes and yet a lot of the products look like a step down from artisanal at best. The tampons though… Sorry for the rant but this is a letdown.

    • Sara

      I thought the box was a bit of a letdown too. But I haven’t had a good experience with Kloverbox and think their customer service is atrocious. Aside from that, I felt like something was missing and then they just threw in the overstock item. My item was the mask from last month, RV $64. I do like the snack bags, the tampons just weird and the snack bar is a freebie. The miracle balm, I don’t know I just don’t like the packaging. It looks like some as seen on tv thing for some reason to me.