Kidpik April 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Kidpik Box April 2016 box

Kidpik is a styling subscription box for girls sizes 4-14 that is offered with no subscription, styling, or and shipping fees. (It’s like Stitch Fix for girls, but with no styling fee!) You will be sent a box up to 8 times per year at no cost, and you’ll only be charged once you picked the items you want to keep. There’s also no return fee to send items back, so your daughter can ultimately decide which items are hers to keep.

Kidpik Box April 2016 (2)

Kidpik promises to always bring pretty things inside their boxes. If you don’t like what they’ve sent your daughter, they give you 7 days to pick the items your daughter want to keep or return. You’ll need to login to your account online to complete the checkout process within a week, if not, your credit card will be charged for the complete box. A 30% discount will automatically apply upon checkout.

Kidpik Box April 2016 (1)My daughter chose the colors and styles she wanted for her box in an extensive style profile that covered styles, colors, types of clothing, length of outfits, and complete sizing information.

The survey is simple and my 7 year old was able to fill out the entire thing by herself (and she was so excited about it!).

Kidpik Box April 2016 (3)The contents of the box is said to be worth an average of $75, with 5-7 high quality items included. If you decide to keep everything, each item will cost approximately $12.50.

Kidpik Box April 2016 unboxing

All the items are neatly wrapped inside.

Kidpik Box April 2016 (8)

The box includes a return label, information card, and donation card/sticker.

Kidpik Box April 2016 (9)

The instruction card includes the steps on how to complete the checkout process, as well as the individual prices of the items in the box.

Kidpik also wants to help other girls who are in need. You can pick the items you want to donate after completing the checkout process, and fill out the donation card/sticker included in the package. I was really impressed by this!
Kidpik Box April 2016 (12)

There’s also a small booklet that your daughter can color inside.

Kidpik Box April 2016 unboxed

Everything was packed really neatly and anything that could possibly snag clothing was packed in sturdy reusable bags!

Kidpik Box April 2016 review

All the items in this box! The total retail value was $100 – $70 to keep everything.

Kidpik Box April 2016 (5)
Kidpik also added other bonus items inside the box. My daughter loved these!

Kidpik Box April 2016 (14)

Kidpik V-Neck Tank (Bonus Item) A flowy tank with cute details on the back in a purple color that matched the shorts!

RUUM Rainbow Ombre Shorts ($19.50) These are stretchy denim shorts with a fun ombre pattern!

Kidpik Box April 2016 (6)

Kidpik Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet ($4.50) This matched my daughter’s style profile sparkliness level. She loves pink and glitter but isn’t a super princess kinda girl. I thought she self-evaluated a little low on the sparkliness scale, but she’s a thoughtful kid and we went with whatever she filled out!

Kidpik Box April 2016 (20)

She loved this outfit! To my surprise the shorts fit great, the shirt was cute with it, and she was delighted to stack the rhinestone bracelet with her Mickey Mouse rainbow bracelet for this outfit. It was a hit!

Kidpik Box April 2016 (17)

Kidpik Chevron Stripe Maxi Dress ($27.50) We both love maxi dresses for her – I think they’re so cute and mini me! I loved the trendy chevron pattern!

Kidpik Box April 2016 (21)

This was really a win! The dress is a little long but nothing we can’t work on together with her sewing machine (and certainly nothing unusual for us!).

Kidpik Box April 2016 (16)

Ruum Zebra Tee ($12.50) We actually tried this shirt on first and she didn’t want to take it off to try any of the other clothes on. She wore it to school the next day! Fun without any stupid slogans on it – my kind of clothes for her! (The words that we have seen on shirts include POW! Awesomely Awesome – all sorts of things that we like!)

Kidpik Box April 2016 (7)

Kidpik Kandiss Gladiator Sandals ($25.50) Shoes! I was so excited about these because she needed a new pair of metallic sandals for summer. These actually close via velcro, not by the buckles, so they were easy for her to manage by herself.
Kidpik Box April 2016 (18)

What a cutie! She is really looking forward to using the iron-on patches too!

Kidpik Box April 2016 (15)

Kidpik Cocoon Cardigan ($10.50) We were psyched by this and she’s worn it 2-3 times this week already. It’s perfect to keep her from being chilly indoors while still letting her pick out her own outfit.

Kidpik Box April 2016 (22)

Wearing it on top of the Zebra Tee (which by this point she’d paired with black pants).

I was totally wowed by my Kidpik experience and can’t wait to get another box. First of all – everything fit! My daughter is a bit hard to fit sometimes so we had a good experience right off the bat because everything fit and was comfortable for her. It also matched her style and her eyes lit up over everything in the box! She’s at the age where she loves new clothes but hates dressing rooms and trying on clothes, so this was a great solution for us. It was also relatively inexpensive (the tank and the iron-ons were bonuses and even still the price per item for the ones that purchasable was less than $11.75 each – including the shoes!) , and I loved the structure of the discount that if I bought the whole box but wouldn’t use everything we could donate it – that was the icing on the cake! That – and a fresh pair of shoes! I think 1-2 times per season is a great model, but I can guarantee you that we wouldn’t be upset if this box showed up once a month!

Kidpik isn’t available yet for boys – they launched with girls first but there are strong indications that they’ll expand to boys too in the future! We can’t wait!

Visit Kidpik to subscribe or find out more!

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The Description: Kidpik delivers personalized outfits designed exclusively for the girl in your life and tailored to your budget. Girls’ Size 4-14.
The Price: Free shipping, free returns, no styling fee!
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  • Tricia Meyerink

    Don’t do it! Subscribed for 2/season for two girls. Got one bix each in March. Then one daughter received a box in May. I asked then when my other daughter’s box would ship. Was told two weeks. It’s been over a month. Was told today two weeks is “just an estimate” and they have no control over when boxes ship. Two summer boxes, it’s almost July, none have come for my youngest. All she got was a runaround.

    • Jessica Salazar

      Try WeeBlessing. Same concept but better quality and better pricing.