Horror Block March 2016 Review & Coupon

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Horror Block is a monthly subscription box filled with some awesomely gruesome horror toys and collectibles.  I was excited to see this box on my porch today. My youngest son saw it and was excited to bring in the scary box as he calls it.  He then was not happy that I wouldn’t open it right away so he could get first picks of the goodies over his brother.  They have sense picked out what all they want and told me what I could have.


First look at all the contents.


Everything that came in this month’s box.  Each month you will get 5-6 horror themed items. I love the inner side of the box. It is a saying that any walking dead fan recognizes right away. Even my 8 year old knows what show its from due to the products he’s seen.


The front side of the information card.


Back side of the card and all of the descriptions. Make sure you read them since they are hysterical and really the way I would describe things.  Including exclusive items is also great since it feels more luxe and not like I’m getting something I could run to the mall and grab.  I love having things that not everyone has seen at every store around.


Rue Morgue April 2016 Issue ($9.95) – Horror box includes a monthly magazine from Rue Morgue.  I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve gotten so far and I can’t wait to read this one.  I actually like Rob Zombie’s movies that I have seen and I’ve taken my hubby with me to see some and I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m loony toons but I get all into the movies.


Zombie Hand Back Scratcher – Do you have an itch you just can’t reach? This is awesome and with allergy season here in NC right now something very practical.  I’m actually going to sit this in the basket of my stuff on the kitchen counter.  I’m sure to get some looks when people see it there and I love that.

Zombie Door Stop – Another exclusive item! While I don’t need a door stop my 8 year old grabbed this right up and put it on his desk. Its sitting right next to his creepy baby head from a couple months ago.


Walking Dead Blind Bag ($4.96) – Oh shoot I wish I would have gotten one of the characters but we got the headless zombie.  It is still pretty neat and my boys loved digging in the bag and helping me put it together.

Zombie Squeeze ($3.49) – I know he is a zombie but he is just so cute.  It looks like different versions of the same thing were sent out and ours is a cutie. My 5 year old ran off with this one for his collection.


Shirtpunch the Ring T-shirt (This is an exclusive but other Shirtpunch shirts go for $19.99) – This shirt is just creepy an I love it.  The Ring is a pretty spooky movie and now that I see this I realize its been awhile since I’ve seen it and I might need to watch it again.


Zombie Oven Mitt – In a weird way I kindof love this. I can’t wait to use it this weekend when I have a house of women over. They already know I’m a weirdo so this will just add to the fun.


Zombie Hunter Dog Tags- A BONUS item! Horror Block says they have had to make these available twice since they first sent them back in the October box and they are a must have for our next zombie hunting mission.

Another great Horror Block this month.  What I really like is that even if you aren’t a fan of a particular movie or show the items are still great for horror fans in general and as you can tell from my review even great for boys who have not seen any horror movies yet but I do need to prime them now so when they are older they are ready for the scary ones.

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The Description: A monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with gruesome horror toys! Every Horror Block comes with 5-6 epic items for you to tear into plus a custom shirt in every block
The Price: $19.99 per month + $9.50 shipping to the US
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  • Tricia

    Great review Jenny 🙂 I would love to give this one (Horror Block) a whirl but I just can’t bring myself to pay the $10.00 shipping !! Which doesn’t really make any sense. I ordered a subscription box for about 4 months & it was coming from the UK & u know how much Royal Mail & that process costs. Guess I’m just not dying for it yet. HaHa, dying… Get it lol. Sorry I just couldn’t resist. Seriously though, a pretty neat looking box. Thanks again 4 the awesome review.