Honest Sunscreen Relaunches – SPF50+, 19% NN Zinc Oxide

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Honest Company has relaunched its sunscreen line. If you recall last year there was a lot of complaints about the new sunscreen just not doing the job that the old one did.

Here’s what I wrote about it in an Honest Beauty Bundle Review:

Sunscreen Discussion (we have to have it, right?):  I have only ever used the first Honest Company formula and can’t comment on the new formula’s efficacy. What I think was that both the old and new passed the SPF 30 ratings with the old formula much stronger but only marketed at 30 (i.e., the old one was basically SPF 50). And I hope they go back – I used it on my kids and it worked so well. This (the Beauty Fluid) has 19.7% non-nano zinc oxide – the old sunscreen had 20% and the new sunscreen has 9.3% (or had – it’s been removed from the market).

The NEW (basically the third version) has an SPF 50+ rating with 19% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. That basically means that it’s back to the same amount of sun protective ingredients as the favorite FIRST one (the one I *raved* about protecting my babies’ skin). The mistake that Honest Company made in the first place was not putting the proper SPF rating on the first one, reducing the levels, and calling them both SPF 35. While the rating on both was accurate – the second version only had half the zinc oxide of the first.

If you want to find out more about Honest Company’s sunscreen, you can check it out here.


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