Heck That’s Hot Subscription Box Review – April 2016

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Heck That's Hot Box April 2016 box
Heck That’s Hot is a monthly subscription box for those who love anything and everything that is hot and spicy! The subscription cost $30 per month, and you’ll get 5-6 products with the level of spiciness that ranges from mild to ghost pepper hot! The products  can be anything from hot sauce, salsa, chips, candies, dips, etc. and will be delivered right to your door step. The box shipped in an outer box.
Heck That's Hot Box April 2016 (1)
You can subscribe every month, but you can also cancel your subscription any time.
Heck That's Hot Box April 2016 unboxing
The jars and bottles are safely secured by bubble wraps to avoid spillage.
Heck That's Hot Box April 2016 review
Here’s everything in our April box!
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Salsa Señorita Hot Salsa ($8.50):  This all-natural salsa has loose consistency — the tomato is completely ground, but you can see the pieces of jalapeno pepper and the leaves of cilantro still intact.  Using jalapeno for heat, this salsa is hot, but not off the charts hot. Yum! We were excited to get this – we actually don’t get a lot of salsa in our subscriptions!
Cin Chili & Company Cajun Girl Hot Sauce ($7.99):  This sauce has a nice heat level — you can pour it on your food without destroying your taste buds, but it brings lots of flavor.  It has a slight vinegar tang and cayenne kick, but it also has really delicious notes of thyme, oregano, bay leaf, and black pepper.  Thicker than Tabasco, it has similar notes paired with what I can best describe as a beautiful blackening seasoning.
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Ass Kickin Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper Popcorn ($1.95):  This is not for leisurely munching, and you will want to either share this or break it into several servings.  The ghost pepper punches the heat to high levels, turning the popcorn into merely a vehicle for masochism.  Geared toward pepper fiends.
Ass Kickin Jalapeño Cheddar Peanuts ($0.79):  The relatively tame seasoning has a nice bit of heat and a pleasant cheddar flavoring.  Very snackable.  I liked the texture of the peanuts — they stayed crunchy and didn’t succumb to the saturated, soft texture that peanuts can get when spiced oil is applied.
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Primo’s Gourmet Food Co. Garlic Habañero Dip Mix ($5):  A step up from your ordinary dip, this combines onions and garlic with a healthy kick of habanero.  This can be mixed with sour cream or yogurt to make a dip, or mixed with cream cheese to make a spread for crackers.  I’m betting it would also make a pretty mean cheeseball.
Blair’s Sauces & Snacks Death Rain Jalapeño Cheddar Potato Chips ($1.50):  Blair’s After Death Sauce was one of my first run-ins with ultra-hot sauces years ago.  These chips don’t have quite that level of heat, but they are among the spiciest chips you’ll find that still have a flavor other than just hot or chili-“lime”.  I was impressed with the quality of chip, too — these are hot, but they are also a very well-made, crispy, kettle chip.
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Ass Kickin Chocolate Bar From Hell ($2):  This one is pretty spicy.  The chocolate is a Hershey Bar style chocolate, with perhaps a little creamier texture.  The pepper is completely dissolved in the chocolate (or perhaps is added as an oil), so the bar is very innocuous in appearance, but the habanero really creeps.  It is moderately spicy, but tame enough to actually be really tasty.
This was a really nice collection of spicy items.  The curators did a good job of targeting the heat to a very spicy, but enjoyable level.  The diversity of items was fabulous, too — we had snacks, a sweet, salsa, dip mix, and sauce.   The value of items came to about $27.73, very near the price of the box and actually very good for this style of box. Considering the time in finding all these items and the shipping cost in procuring, we’re very happy with the value! This box is a win for heat-seekers!

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The Subscription: Heck That’s Hot
The Description: Monthly subscription for those who like HOT and SPICY foods. Each box will have 5-6 products both from national brands to handcrafted local sellers or smaller vendors which could include salsa, hot sauce, chips, nuts, popcorn, etc. Anything and everything we can find that his hot and spicy.
The Price: $30.00 per month
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Heck That’s Hot

Monthly box with 6-7 products of hot and spicy snacks. Boxes can include hot sauce, salsa, queso, BBQ sauce, spicy chips, peanuts, popcorn, candy, etc. The products are full size and will include a variety of heat intensity including jalapeno, sriracha, ghost pepper, and habanero pepper.  Boxes include gourmet items or common brands for a great variety. We donate 10% of each box sold to charity.

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