Groovy Lab in a Box Subscription Box Review & Coupon – “Keep on Turning”

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Groovy Lab in a Box
Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box sends everything your child needs to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments!! Plus, you get  “Beyond…in a Box,” with videos and interactive activities to help extend that month’s unit. Groovy Lab in a Box is based on Next Generation Science Standards and this is the box you need to get for your kids if their school isn’t meeting their needs with hands on experimental learning activities.

Product of Academics in a Box!

Groovy Lab in a Box encourages children to investigate, brainstorm, plan, build it, test it, and redesign it. It contains enough material for a month’s worth of fun! It’s everything that is in the box and more. There are extension activities, projects, and additional experiments online. There are videos on their website portal Beyond in a box that both my children, ages 7 and 16 (now 17) enjoyed.

First Look
First Look

The official Lab Notebook is on top with the materials underneath.

First Peek
First Peek

The box was full of supplies! J, age 7, wanted to pull out all the items.

All the items
All the items

Here are all the items needed to complete the projects. Groovy Labs strives to use materials that can be easily found to allow experiments to be repeated and enjoyed once again.

Science Notebook
Science Notebook

J, age 7, wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He was excited to have his very own lab notebook!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The booklet has tons of information in it. It also contains the password to access the online portion of the box. There is a lot of things to do online.  For example, there is a section titled  ‘Investigation’ that contains 5 videos. Another section has three extension activities that are in addition to the activities in the lab notebook.  Also included in the online portion of the box is a list of websites, diagrams, a reading list and much more.


The theme which is best described by Groovy Lab:

Engineering Design Challenge:
You live near a river where a lot of trash accumulates when it rains. Inside your Groovy Lab in a Box are the materials to design and build a river trash collecting machine. How can
you collect and deposit the trash into a dumpster using only
your Groovy Lab in a Box materials?

The projects are Investigate Water Wheels, Turbines, Paddle Boats, Conveyor Belts and Build Your Own Trash Collecting Machine! Detailed instructions are provided for all projects except for the engineering design challenge. The engineering design challenge is the opportunity for your children to use the skills that they learned from the projects and online activities.

Now for some pictures showcasing the experiment Investigate: Groovy Waterwheel! T, age 16 at the time, assisted J, age 7, with the experiment.


He is placing glue on the bowls to create the centerpiece of the project.


Will the rod fit?


He created a wheel!


It works! It stands up right! Onto the next part of the project.


T assisted J in stapling the small bowls onto the wheel. The small bowls became buckets.


The first project is completed. T and J tried it out in the kitchen sink. The first time they turned the water faucet on high, which made the water wheel turn fast, causing the boys to get wet. The second time they turned the faucet on slowly causing the water wheel to move slower, but no water outside the sink! They created a working mini water wheel!

J and T loved Groovy Lab in a Box. J loved the hand on experiments and the videos. He retained the information and pointed out examples of wheels, gravity, and kinetic energy. T enjoyed watching the videos and assisting his brother. There was enough activities in the box and online to keep J busy for the entire month.

Visit Groovy Lab in a Box to subscribe or find out more about this excellent STEM subscription for kids. Save 20% on your first box! Use coupon code  GROOVYNOW20.

The Subscription: Groovy Lab In a Box
The Description: Hands on science fun delivered to your door each month. Receive boxes full of everything you need to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments for ages 8+.
The Price: $27.00


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