Caffeine Pack Subscription Box Review – April 2016

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Caffeine Pack is a whole lotta caffeine in a monthly subscription box.  This box is full of items that are caffeinated and not all of them go in your mouth (unless you’ve been saying bad words).

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You have been warned!  Make sure you don’t drink ’em all at once.


This is an absolutely wonderful bounty of energy.  Stuff to drink, stuff to eat and you can even keep yourself clean.  I’m highly impressed with Caffeine Pack.


Coffee, Latte and Espresso candy.  Made with actual coffee so, yeah, they’re caffeinated.

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Caffeine Soap by Patchwork Laboratory:  Don’t eat it.  Wash up as, according to the card, it’s actually good for your skin, exfoliating it and reducing cellulite. Patchwork Labs makes multiple scents for their soaps!


Get Up and Go Smart Energy Cookie.  180 mg of caffeine in this chocolate chip cookie.


Energy Gummi Bears.  Citrus flavored gummi treats that will keep you awake with 32 mg of caffeine for every 9 gummi bears.


Charged Chocolate Bar.  This 1oz candy bar has 150 mg of caffeine.


Spider Energy Drink.  Cherry Limeade flavored with real lime juice and 240 mg of caffeine in the 15.5 fl oz can.


CAF Fusion Vanilla Vortex Coffee Infused Energy Drink.  8 fl oz packed with 132 mg of caffeine.


CAF Fusion Mocha Blast Coffee Infused Energy Drink is also 8 fl oz with 132 mg of caffeine.


Monster Rehab – Tea & Lemonade Energy Drink.  The 7.5 fl oz can is made with real black tea and lemon juice concentrate and has 77 mg of caffeine.


OK Energy Drink.  Coming from Austria, this drink will pump…you up.  80 mg of caffeine in the 8.4 fl oz can.


AZ Energy Drink by Arizona Tea.  15.5 fl oz can boasting no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavor.  10% juice and 100 mg of caffeine.


Spike Shooter Energy Drink.  This can is basically a warning label.  I think the warning label has a warning label.  300 mg of caffeine and it’s only 8.4 fl oz.  Seriously, be careful if you’re going to drink this one.

Caffeine Pack blew me away with the amount of content in their box.  So many choices and so many different types of items.  If you like energy drinks and other fun caffeinated goodies, this box is awesome for you – just heed the warning they print in the box and don’t get greedy – it should actually take you an entire month to get through the lode of caffeine in this box!

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The Subscription: Caffeine Packs
The Description: Caffeine Packs are Gift Packs specially created every month full of all sorts of caffeinated products from Energy Drinks to Coffee and even caffeinated snacks like caffeinated chocolate bars, gummies, cookies, and, more! Every gift pack we make includes a wide selection of caffeinated products so you’ll always have a fun and exciting new way to try caffeine and get that extra boost to get you through the day.
The Price: $39.99 per month


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