April 2016 Taste Club: Snack Box Full Spoilers + 50% Off Coupon!

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Find out what’s in April’s Taste Club: Snack Box from Eat Feed Love!

In addition to the flagship Taste Club Pantry Box ($45 per month), Taste Club has introduced the new Sample Box ($22) and Snack Box ($35)!

Here’s everything appearing in the April 2016 Taste Club: Snack Box, although we’re not sure about the sizes of the items. Check for the 50% off coupon below – your first box is just $17.50!

NuNu Chocolate Lollipop

This heart-shaped pop is the perfect snack for the quintessential chocolate lover! Which isn’t me because I don’t particularly love super sweet things. But this lollipop is perfect for me, too, because it isn’t your typical Halloween candy choco-pop that kids love because it gives them a three hour sugar high. Its mellow sweetness allows just enough lusciousness to satisfy that desire for sugar after eating something salty. I also adore the fact that it’s in a heart shape because it’s just as pretty as it is scrumptious. It’s like a little taste of joy. I appreciate the handy grab-and-go size of it because, unlike most chocolate bars, you won’t eat the entire thing and feel guilty because there is just enough of it to quench the craving. You might want another one though because it’s so good.

Saltwater Road Taffy: Vanilla, Caramel, Mango Taffy (prob one flavor!)

These melt in your mouth taffy’s are the perfect snack! Salty Road has a wide variety of delightful flavors that will not disappoint. The Vanilla-flavored taffy is soft and creamy and tastes like a chewy milkshake. The Mango-flavored is a smooth and decadent tropical treat that resembles a fruity summertime drink and the Caramel Sea Salt delivers the classic tastes of sweet and salty with added notes of coffee and burnt sugar. Each piece is a little burst of flavored joy.

Vermont Artisan Rye Crackers

As a self-admitted fan of plain old-fashioned Saltine’s, these Vermont Rye crackers have added a whole new level of my love for this maybe-not-so-simple snack. I absolutely love seeded crackers and these in particular make me feel like I’m snacking on a little piece of nature. They taste wholesome without tasting “healthy” so you get the flavor of a savory snack without all the preservatives and heavy chalky flour tastes that come with most common crackers. They’re great on their own but adding a slice of havarti cheese on top or dipping them into a jar of Asiago or Olive tapenade is just plain crunchy goodness. The only bad thing about these crackers is that I ate them too fast and then they were gone and then I was sad. But super satisfied, nonetheless.

Pork Clouds

These Pork Clouds are hand-made with pork skin that has most of the fat melted off. They are cured with salt and then dried, followed by a unique Olive Oil kettle cooking process that gives them their fluffy, airy and tasty texture. The peppery flavor is just enough to get your taste buds going and the salt from the cure gives them that satisfying snacky feel you want when you grab a pork rind.

Meyer Lemon Cookies

These paper-thin cookie wafers are made with grated lemon zest and cold pressed lemon oil. They taste less like a classic cookie than they do a sweet cracker you might dip into a cup of hot tea or a tin of melted chocolate. They are perky in flavor and have an elegantly smooth texture to each disc. The fresh lemony taste leaves you feeling refreshed, making it a perfect light snack for a warm day.

Organic Cherries

These dried crimson red cherries are a bundle of juicy sweetness. Organically harvested from farms in Utah and Washington State, they are sundried and sweetened and are sure to put a smile on your face. With a dose of tanginess combined with the nuances of natural sugar, these cherries are the perfect snack for any occasion.

Parmesan-Asiago Tapenade

This rich and flavorful spread is made from a savory mix of Parmesan and Asiago cheeses. The cheeses are blended with garlic and spices and then fused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create this nutty and mouth-watering tapenade. Perfect for an appetizer with sourdough bread or crackers but it can also be used to stir into a bowl of pasta or to dip raw veggies into for a healthier treat.

Kitchen Sink Bar

It’s like someone took the standard chocolate bar and gave it a facelift, a tummy tuck and a nose job. It takes all the standard things we love about sweets – chocolate in the shape of a bar – and brings it to a whole new level of decadence! As someone who is partial to saltier things, the pretzels and the crispy balls of rice add so much in both texture and flavor for me. It’s also kind of a gorgeous bar. If you can take the time to not devour it in five seconds (it’s hard, trust me) you’ll see the intricate and deliberate layers of ingredients the artisans skillfully crafted when creating it, so that we would get that perfect bite with each mouthful. I mean, wow. I mean, love myself a Kit Kat Bar but seriously break me off a piece of that Kitchen Sink Bar.

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The Subscription: Taste Club: Snack Box
The Description: Tasty artisan snacks, no cooking required, just un-pack and enjoy. From chocolate fudge to caramel corn. The connoisseur snacker’s dream..
The Price: $35.00 per month


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