April 2016 Super Geek Box Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Super Geek Box is a monthly geek subscription box that promises a new shirt every month or something 2x Epic.

First Peek
First Peek

It’s hard to tell what is in the box!

April 2016 Super Geek Box

J, age 7, could barely contain his excitement over the April Super Geek Box.

Theme Card
Theme Card

The theme is Destiny! I see a bunch of favorites in the April box.

Marvel Mystery 8-Bit Avenger Mini Bobblehead Blind Bag
Marvel Mystery 8-Bit Avenger Mini Bobblehead Blind Bag

There are nine different Marvel Mystery 8-Bit Avenger Mini Bobblehead Blind Bags. Too many words! J received Black Widow, who will be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War Movie. Is it your Destiny to watch the movie?

"Gotta Conquer 'em All!"
“Gotta Conquer ’em All!”

The Exclusive “Gotta conquer ’em all” t-shirt is J’s favorite shirt. It’s a take on Pokemon’s phrase “Gotta catch ’em all!” Darth Ketchum (Ash from Pokemon)  and Bobasaur (Boba Fett from Star Wars) are off on a great adventure! It’s an awesome mashup of Pokemon and Star Wars.

Trainer SnapBack Hat
Trainer SnapBack Hat

The hat is a great take on Ash’s League Hat. The lopsided L stands for the Pokemon League. J loves to play Pokemon and will be wearing this often. It also matches with the shirt.

Liht Force Lanyard
Light Force Lanyard

The exclusive Light Force Lanyard comes in red or blue. It looks just like a light saber!

Ultramus Prime Art Print
Ultramus Prime Art Print

The exclusive Ultramus Prime Art Print is more like a poster. The boys and I spent a little time trying to figure out the print and are stuck. We think Ultramus refers to the highest rank of the Prime hierarchy.

[Note from Brandy: I think it’s an Ultra Magnus/Optimus Prime combo]

Megabots Vs Terracons Decal Set
Terracons  vs Megabots Decal Set

Stickers! I am sure I will see them on a wall or a window somewhere. It looks like the Transformers logos.


Ash is being Ash by looking cool and hanging out with his Pokeball. Another big hit with J.

Ninja Squirtle Keychain
Ninja Squirtle Keychain

Squirtle is one of the three original starter Pokemons and is a tiny turtle. He is mashed with Leonardo from TMNT. It is so cute.

J is wearing a Youth Medium
J is wearing a Youth Medium

J is ready for a Pokemon battle. He loves the items in the April Super Geek Box. He is a fan of all the fandoms in the box and thinks the mashups are amazing. It’s a ideal box that is great for families, children, teens and the young at heart!

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  • Marty

    How do I go about just getting that shirt or that whole box just one time. The gotta conquer all shirt.