April 2016 Bocandy Box Subscription Review & Coupon!

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Bocandy is a a monthly candy & snack subscription sending 7-10 different types of candy from around the world straight to your door!   Every month the box includes a pile of Bocandy’s recent finds – it is a subscription box of candy from different countries.

I received 6 different items in my box. Figaro Fruit bars, Karoake Microphone, Teddy Pops, Roundtree’s Fruit Pastilles, DIY Ice Cream, Hello Kitty Stawberry Pocky, Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind, and Draze O Smaku Smietankowym.

My box did not come with an insert for the items inside, so I checked the online list and it appears I received some items that were not on this month’s list.

Unfortunately, I had a camera meltdown and don’t really have any item pictures. We have a few below, but for the most part I had to insert stock photos for the pictures. We are so sorry!

Let’s start with the Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarindo Candy:  This a tamarind flavored push pop type candy. The candy originates from Mexico. This candy has a odd taste of prunes.


My youngest son tried it and was not enthused! I guess it is an acquired taste. I did try to get my oldest son’s opinion but he just ran away from me. LOL!

Figaro Fruit Bars (Poland) are fruit jellies covered in Polish Chocolate. I received the Banana flavor. The “Jelly” inside actually taste like a marshmallow fluff. The chocolate coating on the other hand had a strong after taste. The chocolate seems to be of the dark chocolate variety. I like this candy to a point.


DIY Ice Cream Candy (Japan) is a candy kit where you make a mini ice cream cone. The kit comes with the ingredients you need except the water.

P1030209 P1030210

My youngest was my guinea pig again. He said it did not taste bad but I had a hard time getting the mixture into the cone.



Teddy Pops (Japan) are hard candies in different varieties shaped like teddy bears. They are quite delicious and are one of my faves from this box.


Next is the Karaoke Microphone from Japan. This was filled with sweeties type candies. This would be a perfect candy for a young girl. The candies are delicious and you have toy to play with as a bonus.


Rowntree’s Fruit Patilles (UK) is a fruit gummy candy with a sugar coating. This was my favorite in the box. I wish they sold them here. There are different flavors in each roll.


Here is my ultimate favorite candy from the box, Hello Kitty Strawberry Pocky (Japan). This was a candy of small saltine cracker type sticks with a strawberry coating. I think I ate the whole box by  myself, shame on me. It has a great taste and comes in different flavors. Little girls will like this candy for the Hello Kitty picture on the box.


Last but not least is the Polish candy Draze o Smaku Smietankowym. This are little round chocolate candies with a super sweet center. The outer coating is hard but easily cut. The center has a sweet icing taste to it. I like the candy but you can not eat too much at one time. My sons enjoyed the candy also.

That was my box in a nut shell. I am looking forward to the next box to what countries’ snacks are inside. Let me know what you think of your box.

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