Love With Food March 2016 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon

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love with food deluxe march 2016 box
Love with Food‘s theme for March was Love Is Real! Love With Food is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: classic tasting box, deluxe/family size, and gluten-free. We purchase the Deluxe box, because we have a big family and more snacks = more fun!

Even though you can’t see it, there’s nothing more real than love – for family, friends, or even just for life itself. And what better way to show love in a very real way than with delicious all-natural snacks! This month, show someone you love how special they are and share these goodies. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself a little love and keeping them!

For 2016, each month of Love With Food will feature a “Love Is…” theme! FYI, you can see our reviews of all 3 varieties of Love With Food boxes here.

love with food deluxe march 2016 review

The March box was packed full of tasty snacks!love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7022

The information booklet contains both the ingredients for each item plus color-coded keys indicating which are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan!  Though they offer a Gluten-free box, it’s nice to have this kind of info handily starred for households with mixed dietary profiles.

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7023

Classic Cheese Cheese-Ups by Wellaby’s: Both our daughter and our baby were wild about these gluten-free puffy cheese crisps. The only way I can describe them is gouda Pringles except in that shape but not greasy (and all natural). Yum!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7024

Malabar Black Pepper Pork Clouds by Bacon’s Heir

Rosemary & Sea Salt Pork Clouds by Bacon’s Heir

We got the rosemary pork clouds last February. I tried one, then decided they were an excellent snack for my dog. My husband will eat these, and I think I like the black pepper ones ok. I have to really be in the mood for them, but I know some people are crazy about them!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7026

Sea Salt Roasted Broad Beans by Enlightened: I’m not too crazy about these, but they’re just broad beans, oil, and salt, and have protein, because they’re beans. This is a husband snack!

Orange Peach Fruit & Protein Pack by SmashPack: This is the most solid squeezy pack I’ve ever encountered. It uses a banana base, added whey protein, then flavored with orange and peach for a nice balanced carb/protein punch!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7027

Original Naan Crisps by Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads: From August 2015 Deluxe Box: I was expecting these to be cut up pieces of naan, similar to pita chips, but they were actually tiny little naan (duh… I should have looked more closely at the package).  Very good, but they are very similar to a water cracker and there is nothing aside from the shape to really distinguish them as a “naan” cracker.  Too soon for a repeat LWF!

Rice Chips by Lundberg Family Farms – Smoky Maple: Yum! I absolutely love Lundberg anything and alternative tortilla chips. These were unique and delicious!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7028

Roasted Edamame Crunch Dried Snacks by Sensible Foods: Oh no, not another bean snack! This was a different take on edamame, and nice and light!

Apple Harvest Crunch Dried Snacks by Sensible Foods: My kids love apple snacks of any kind. They plowed through this immediately!

The Sensible Foods crunch-dried snacks were both 100% 1 ingredient, non-GMO verified!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7029

Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee with Almonds by Brown & Haley: Buttercrunch toffee with chocolate and almonds. I usually let my husband eat these, but I’ve been keeping a bag with snacks that I take to work, and this is going in it!

Lemon Wafer Bites by Dolcetto: Ok, sometimes it’s not too soon for a repeat… in the same box as the Pork Clouds (Feb 2015) – light, crispy, and delicious, and filled with lemon cream. OMG they’re so good. Yes, also going in my work stash!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7030

Fruit Snacks by Horizon Organic: Organic fruit gummies. My kids think Love With Food is a big treat because there’s always something for them in there (but if you don’t have kids, they’re pretty darn tasty!).

Smooth Snack Pack by Barney Butter: A nice little almond butter snack pack. I’ve pledged my husband to buying zero nut butters until we use every single serving pack we have. But we haven’t tried this particular one in a couple of years, so it will help with our “next jar” decision making process!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7031

Milk Chocolate Organic Rice Bites by Mini Me’s: WHOAH NELLIE these are good! Like crazy good. Unfortunately we ate all of them before taking a photo. These organic non-GMO snacks are made of a really thin rice cracker coated on one side with milk chocolate. They make strawberry yogurt ones, and dark chocolate too. Look for the gluten-free box review coming up for Anna’s thoughts on those ones!

love with food deluxe march 2016 IMG_7032

As always a variety of inserts and coupons!

Another great box, full of snacks! We plowed through this box even faster than normal, because everything was so tasty (and also we decided to have “snacky dinner” and I just opened this box, so…). Good thing I already hid some of my snacks!

For a limited (unknown length of) time, get a 3 month Tasting subscription for $17.98 with code BUY2GET1FREE – $5.99 per box! Or get a 3 month Gluten-Free Subscription for $45.98 with code GFBUY2GET1FREE – $15.33 per box!

You can try out Love With Food by using this link to get your first Classic Size Box 40% off . You can also save 50% on your first Gluten-Free box by using this link. If you’re looking for a longer subscription, use coupon code HELLOSUB20 to save $20 off any 12 month plan! (That’s $6.32/box for tasting, $14.83/box for deluxe, and $18.32/box for gluten-free). As always, Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased.

Visit Love with Food to subscribe or find out more.

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  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    Smoky Maple sounds like an unusual flavor for the chips. I got Sriracha flavored ones. LOVE the Cheese-Ups – already ordered more with points I had. I’m fussy about cheese-flavored things, so when I find one I like this much I jump on it. And I love the pork clouds, too, although not really excited about the rosemary flavor (rosemary isn’t one of my favorite herbs). Good box, though.

    • Brandy

      ooo those sound good too. i get a little sensitive to rosemary in some of my food. tom has a bad habit of putting it in my eggs and i had to say no more!

      • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

        I just don’t much like rosemary. Or eggs, for that matter. At least not egg whites that I can see – long story of undercooked soft-boiled eggs when I was a kid, so visible egg whites are a no-no for me (even meringue). Don’t mind scrambled eggs or omelets, but I tend to want to cover them up with something like tomatoes or mushrooms (I know, I know, you don’t like mushrooms).

  • Kathy

    Also in the box is coupon for free tea or coffee have not checked it out yet so don’t know if have to buy something to get it.